Lord Maitreya: Working with Your Third Eye ~ July 2, 2021


Our third eye is the lens through which we create our perceptions of the reality we choose to live on Earth. The third eye affects our pineal and pituitary glands. The pineal gland is the gateway to the power of our light and our inner world. It gives us our direction and supports our creativity. It assists us to be enthusiastic and determined and helps us to grow and be flexible so we can flow in life.

Your power is your beinginess – the pineal brings you to your BE-ing.

The pituitary gland helps us to believe in ourselves and to find the right action for what we do and say in life. It governs all that we share and project into our outer world.

It also affects how we choose to perceive or ‘see’ our world and the many multi-dimensional worlds around us. It affects our beliefs, our dreams, our visions, and our view of things in general. Whatever filters we have created that are sitting in our third eye colour any view we have of our reality, no matter whether we are viewing our third dimensional reality or another dimensional reality.

If these filters are not aligned to the divine truth then they need to be cleared and renewed regularly because they affect our point of view or how we ‘see’ things on all levels.

Lord Maitreya has shared with us that we have seven filters over our third eye. He likened each filter to a pyramid of consciousness that sits over the third eye. He offered us an activation to open our third eye and our mind to a higher potential.

He said that while we chose to continue to ‘see’ our reality only through our third eye and our minds then we were unable to open to the higher power of the Universal soul mind.

The first filter is a pyramid filled with gold and green light. This filter connects us to the ancient stories of humanity’s experiences on the Earth and colours our view of our current reality based on these old experiences, which may no longer be relevant. This filter affects us on many levels. Lord Maitreya asks us to release these old stories or ‘records’ of the Earth experiences and to choose not to live our lives through what has been but what is now.

The second filter is a blue, silver white pyramid. This filter shows us the mirror of ourselves through the eyes and needs of others. Lord Maitreya asks us to clear this filter so we may see who we are – the BE-ing – through the mirror and power of our divine light. He asks us to look deeply into the mirror of our own divine light so that we can see the power we hold.

The third filter is a pyramid of yellow, red and green. This pyramid holds the filter of the power of creation energy and how we wield that power. This filter may be a distortion of our creation power and conditions us to use control and manipulation instead of our divine light. Lord Maitreya says this filter shows us how we choose to create both ourselves and our life. It shows us what we choose to manifest as our truth through all that we do. We are asked to see how this distortion affects our perception of our reality and ourselves through all dimensions.  Lord Maitreya asks us to see all our creations and the gifts they bring to us through what this teaches us and to also see the power the this filter holds over us. He asks instead to allow the creation energy of Source to flow through us and to fill all our creations with its power and love. He asks us to call to the Mother of Creation and allow all the Creation Mothers to bless us and move through all our creations and align them to our Divine Source light. He asks us to be aware of the creation power that we hold in ourselves and to receive the blessings of this power from Source and not from what we ‘see’ in our third eye and our minds.

The fourth filter is a pink, white and silver pyramid of receptivity. He says that many waves of energy flow through this filter and they come from the many parts of us. These are our emotions. They are waves of energy – messages from ourselves to ourselves. They flow through us again and again. These messages guide us, stimulate us, provoke us, trigger us and motivate us. Our third eye and mind is always receiving messages from ourselves. These come from many parts of us. Some are filled with love and some are filled with need and desire, some are filled with anger and frustration, some ask you to dance and be in joy and some tell you they are lost and cannot find your way. Each message that is received in your third eye creates a reaction within you and causes you to speak, act and view your reality through the message you have received from this filter. Lord Maitreya asks you to listen to the messages that are sent to you from this filter. He says each one wants to be heard. They come like waves of energy flowing through this pyramid of your third eye. Whether you listen or not, it affects how you think, what you believe, how you speak and how you choose to act and above all how you perceive your reality.  Lord Maitreya asks us to honor all the parts of you that wish to be heard, received and included in all that you choose to create in your reality.

The fifth filter is a pyramid of light that is turquoise and silver light in colour. It is the filter of your joy and love. Lord Maitreya asks you to focus on the joy within you and to bring all that cannot see its joy to this pyramid. He asks you to sit in this pyramid and to connect with the light of you and acknowledging it to find your joy. Are you ready to acknowledge the light of you? Are you ready to open your heart and dance with the light of you? He asks you to become one with the light of you and dance with the light of you. Are you willing to dance with the light of you? This pyramid of light is filled with abundance, with light and has no need of creating separation because it understands that separation consciousness does not serve you or any other being. If you are not dancing with the light of you, Lord Maitreya asks you to ask yourself what energy are you dancing with. He asks you to let go your need of separation and to focus on the joy within you by dancing with your light. He asks you to find where you have put your joy. Where is it sitting within you?  Is it in the core of you, the centre of you, in the heart of you or have you hidden it in another part of you, while you dance in the shadows of you? He says if you have hidden your joy then you have created something else to replace it with. He asks what is this? What is your dancing partner if it is not your divine spirit of light?

The sixth filter of your third eye is a pyramid of silver white.  This pyramid activates the pineal of your being and connects you to the many parts of you that dance with the spirit of light and holds your wisdom. These parts of you know the light within you and come from many dimensions of light and they call to you to come and sit with them and to receive from them. They ask you to let go all limitation that you hold in your mind that sees yourself as small and limited. They ask you to let go all that cannot see the potential of your being and that creates separation within you. They ask you to lift yourself into a higher vibration and to open to receive from your higher selves. You are asked to reach out to a higher vibration and to choose not to sit in limitation and separation. Reach to this higher place. It is not outside of you it is part of you. It is the higher part of you that offers you love, guidance, light and wisdom. Reach out and receive.

The seventh filter of your third eye is a pyramid of golden light. You are asked to walk through this golden filter to your Divine Spirit and to stand in the pure white light of your Divine Spirit. It calls you to open your heart and connect to the divinity of you. Open to the pure light of you.  Choose to open your third eye and sit in the divinity of yourself and let all else drop away. Leave behind all that is in separation in this golden pyramid – all attachments, emotions, limitations, and old stories. Leave all behind and simply sit unburdened, naked and alone in the pure white light of your Divine Spirit and breathe in the pure light of your Divine Spirit and allow it to fill you on every level of your being and become whole again.

**Channel: In’Easa mabu Ishtar


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. Cindy, I apologize & ask your forgiveness for being a little straight forward here, but Lord Maitreya’s “Working With Your Third Eye” was akin to telling us how to build a clock when we don’t even know how to tell time. So much of the lies & deceit from our environment we lived in has blocked or greatly diminished the capacity of our Third Eye. Perhaps a greater entry article (or follow up now) would be how to cleanse / restore / activate / enhance / our Third Eye.
    Is this not essential to waking up of who we really are? And once this awareness is achieved or “quickens”, it is then we begin to recognize the lies of self we have been taught thus enabling us to reach for that beautiful KNOWING that opens untold gateways for us.
    Just my humble opinion, and again, I’m sorry for being so blunt. There’s no need to reply & I hope this is food for thought.


    1. Yes, indeed,Michael! “Quickening” IS the the gaining of awareness for our true reality! This is a passion for me which I would like to take beyond my blog. To create a (global)communications portal aiding in personal empowerment, I have created a Go Fund Me page, https://gofund.me/dc31ee1c. I intend to “quicken” humanity and welcome your help through any means or intent! Thank you for your support in any way possible! 🙂


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