Hunaitarian’s Call to Think Big, by Ron Giles 2-4-21 ~ July 2, 2021

Editor’s Note: Thanks to my good friend S for this article! Are you ready for the RV? Good, but why will you be thrilled when this happens? We all want “stuff”, but the real purpose of the RV is to provide economic freeness for ALL of humanity!

So…imagine yourself with absolute freeness, then imagine yourself with absolute power over yourself (personal sovereignty), and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!



If you are not intent on doing humanitarian projects with the funds received from redeeming Zim Bonds, then why do you think you are entitled to redeem Zim Bonds? Put another way, if you are not a humanitarian in your heart, then sell you Zim and go buy some Dinar or Dong and make your money on the Exchange of these active currencies. Zim redemption is only for the Humanitarians.

Why do you think that Tiers 1-4A are exempt from redeeming Zim? It’s because they are not Humanitarians. Tiers 1-3 are government officials, Royals, and large corporations, that have purchased devalued currencies. They purchased currencies so that when they are revalued back to the approximate value that they were before they were devalued, they will make a profit. Plain and simple, they were in it for the money and NOT humanitarian interests. Tier 4 A are whales (purchased a large amount of Zim with the hope of getting Trillions of dollars) are also not humanitarian. They will go through the redemption process and receive Safe Keeping Receipts (SKRs) They are not Humanitarians and they too not be funded.

Along the way, Zim Bonds were introduced in the revaluation process. Then the starving-for-profit-people said if we can buy these defunct Zimbabwe Trillion dollar notes, even if we only get pennies on the dollar, we will be rich. Greedy fools, all of them. The redemption of Zim is only for humanitarians. Anyone can buy Zim, but only Humanitarians will get the liquid funds.

The Cabal Shills have had a feast in their fraudulent activities to lie and cheat and “Herd” the real humanitarians away from the real value of the Zim Bonds, and have destroyed their opportunity to get large funds for humanitarian projects.

The Shills focused on the need for large sums to do humanitarian stuff and began a calculated effort to lower the expectations for true Humanitarians to get large redemption rates. They instigated a large campaign so that Humanitarians would not expect higher rates and settle for Chicken feed instead of the Banquet that is prepared for them. IE $12 Million for a 100Trillions dollar note, or, you will get 6 zeros lopped off the face value of the Bonds and then get one-hundredth of a penny for what’s left.

Humanitarians need a full tank of gas to get to where they can be effective in solving humanitarian needs, but the Shills only want to give you enough gas to barely start your engine and then putter out in the driveway before you even get to the road. The Shill bosses don’t want people to have money; they can’t control and enslave us if we have money. They think we need to be poor and borrow their money so that debt slavery can take place.

We may be the Meek of the world that are meant to inherit the earth but we have been dumbed down and put to sleep by Common Core education conditioning. Ask your children if they know the difference between a debit and a credit? See if they have been taught in Junior or Senior High School about money and how it is to be used. One out of a hundred might know that Debit and Credit are accounting terms not just cards used to purchase things. Our education system was designed to dumb us down and, boy has it worked.

The revalue-of-currency-funds are supposed to come from a bank. If you have heard of a Contract Rate guess who the contract rate is with, a Bank. Right? The revalue of currency was supposed to take place 21 years ago. Get a grip on reality. THE BANKS WILL NEVER LET THE REVALUATION OF CURRENCY TAKE PLACE; ESPECIALLY NOW THAT THEY ARE GOING BANKRUPT.

Shills talk about banks and quote all their information from bankers; have you noticed that? Getting information from a banker, the ones that want to destroy us, is absurd; like asking the guard how to break out of the prison. We are the enemies of the banks because when we get our funds, our work will destroy them. Bankers lie, and banker’s Shills lie, that’s just what is going on. If you want to see liars at work, read the dates and fictitious Intel from the guru network on IDC. They “Quote” what a banker told them. Same way with the DoD supposed Intel leaker. They’re all over the place.

The $500,000:1 Zim Redemption rate.

All this to say, we have been conditioned to be slaves. Why is it so hard to stand up and put on our mantle of Sovereignty? Because we don’t believe we are Sovereigns, we’ve never been treated like one. So, when we go into our redemption appointment our conditioners have taught us that we should never ask for more than what they offer us, and if we don’t like the rate, go get a wealth manager and your banking team to help you get a better rate on your 2nd redemption appointment. GEEZ, what a sting that was. Oliver said. “more, please.” Is that what we are supposed to do at the redemption? BEG for what we need?

Who, on this glorious earth, do we think we are to ask for what we need? And even more insane, do we have the brains to figure out what we need and then even ask for that and more to have some in reserve? The Shills want us to take what they say we are going to get. On the other hand, the Alliance, who is in charge, wants us to ask for what we need and it will be given. Shills don’t speak for the Alliance and never have. If someone gives rates or predicts dates, they are a Shill. Period. Really, it is not that hard to see what they are trying to do. Don’t let it happen.

We are the only Sovereigns in the Kingdom of our Father. That’s because we are the children of God. The Kingdom includes the whole earth and its people. There are no other Princes and Princesses around to inherit this wonderful world. We are the ones that were meant to rebuild the earth as a place worthy for the Sons and Daughters of God to dwell. This is our Kingdom and we are taking it back. We don’t ask for a bow and arrow to go fight this war against the dark souls who have oppressed and destroyed it. We need the firepower of our God to take back what is rightfully ours by inheritance; we can ask for and receive the real power of our Sovereignty to come and gently settle down on our shoulders. That mantle is over there in the corner waiting for us to reach out and put it on. If you don’t have your mantle on, then you don’t have your own personal power. Come, Excalibur, we go to battle with the only enemy we have and that is the shackles and chains of the dark ones embedded in our minds. (Be careful with the ears, I’ll need them). We have been conditioned to be slaves. Beg and see what you get, that’s what slaves do.

We won’t need the $500,000 per Zim rate if all we are going to do is build some homes for the homeless somewhere. We won’t need $500K if we just want to feed those who hunger in the local food pantry. We won’t need $500K if we just want to build health and wellness centers in our towns and cities or to grow organic food. That won’t take much money. Leave that to the few thousand who will accept the lower rates. That will give them something to do. but when they run out of money and can’t go to the next town, the next city the next state, the next nation where there are still those who need these things, their money has dried up and the humanitarian work is left undone by those the Alliance and God have depended on to do the work. If the ones who are called don’t prepare for their calling by simply getting what they needed, then who is left to finish?

But if we are going to repair the earth, clean up the oceans, pour money into our communities all over the world, and rebuild the world economy so that it works for everyone; and then put into place the structures that will sustain it and make it last, we need the $500K. And what about the 6000 patents that have been kept from us and the other thousands that are just sitting on the shelf of the inventor waiting for funding? If we don’t ask for the $500K redemption rate then we will have to say we can’t afford that.

NOTE: There may be an assumption that the Alliance can just pull money out of the QFS to solve problems, this is not correct. The digital gold certificates in the QFS are not active as money until a transaction is done by redeeming bonds or exchanging currency. When we sell our Zim, etc. to the QFS, that is the transaction that activates the certificates and they are put into our QFS accounts. Then it is active and can be used. The Alliance can not do that unless they have a transaction to make with the QFS. It is against Universal Laws associated with the QFS. The purpose of the redemption is to put huge funds in the hand of Humanitarians who are the meek of the world. This is our inheritance. Our job is to be sure that the whole earth and all of its people come out of slavery and the influence of the dark side and come into the full spectrum of the light where the TRUTH resides. We are the ones who will fund the Alliance and their work. Have you put some for the Alliance in your plans? How much? If we fail to begin all that needs doing and enough to sustain our work, we failed.

The Alliance wants us to have the money. They want us to ask for the higher rates, so that at the very least, we will get the money out of the QFS and into Sovereign QFS accounts so that it is available when the funds are needed. There is no value in having Quintillions of digital gold certificates in the QFS if they are just sitting there inactive.

Stop thinking that you can do just a little when we have so much to do to right this ship and get it sailing again. Please get the higher vision of what is going on and stop thinking that your projects are only the ones you can see if you go driving around your neighborhood. We have the whole world and all of its people to change. We need to think bigger – and plan for it.

Trying to stretch our thinking

Ron Giles 

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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