Intense continuous Source Energy Waves ~ July 1, 2021

Editor’s Note: Now we see why local ER’s are crammed, as more and more of humanity experiences changes in their “normal” body function they do not understand.

And these physical “happenings” listed below will and do occur for each of us as we are cleaned and cleared for an even higher level of BEing regardless of our current spiritual perception. Both my twin and I are experiencing symptoms listed below, mine are more heart-based, his more digestion-based.

So…go to the ER when your symptoms are life-threatening, yet also remember that your body function changes may actually be a good thing, as we are all in the process of learning to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Intense continuous Source Energy waves shooting through the mind/body/soul of us and the planet focusing on and affecting ALL the chakras on all levels. This energy makes its way through the entire body causing multiple issues at random as it clears stuck energetic blocks that have been holding most of us back from our full potential as Sovereign beings of Love. One may notice more pain or cramping in the feet, legs, hips, pelvic area, or lower back. You could also experience lower upset abdominal issues, cramping, kidney issues, UTI, bladder, or bowel issues like constipation/diarrhea or hemorrhoids.

Lower chakra work (Earth Star, Root, Sacral) is also known to cause feelings of sexual arousal and high creative energy with lots of vibration and movement down below. Solar Plexus clearing you may feel your stomach vibrating, moving, gurgling, or notice you are burping or releasing more gas than normal. This can cause nausea, indigestion, or an upset stomach that comes and goes at random. This also stimulates our vagus nerve and at times can cause us to have the sensation of our stomach spasming or having what sounds/feels like we have a 2nd heartbeat. With the heart and higher heart chakras, one could experience accelerated heartbeat or palpitations, upper back pain, chest pressure, or discomfort along with possible pain in the arms, shoulders, clavicle, sternum, or whole chest area. This can and will cause strong random feelings of excitement or anxiety along with intense feelings of love, acceptance, compassion, and empathy of self and others.
With the upper chakra work (Throat, 3rd Eye, and Crown) that has been occurring you may have noticed total random symptoms of migraine headache/pressure, tooth/jaw pain, coughing, painful neck/throat, sinus issues, sharp pain, or stiffness in the neck, ringing ears, watery eyes, and vision issues among other things. Now energetically since those specific chakras are focused on being cleared and opened many will notice some others things changing.
With the throat chakra work speaking and standing up for yourself and others will happen more often. This is known to cause others to be triggered or get upset when you speak/stand up to them in your power. Please know this is needed at this time for self-empowerment not to intentionally hurt others.
With the 3rd Eye work being done it is known to help awaken our spiritual sight by being able to better tap in and see the energetic world more clearly. You may notice very very intense possible lucid dreams during sleep, becoming aware of the astral world, have clear seeing/hearing/all-knowing visions while awake. Many are now able to see Orbs or sparks of energy regularly.
Crown Chakra activations can cause headache, and dizziness, and possibly some confusion at times. This helps assist us by opening us to higher dimensions and levels of consciousness. This will help you to remember Oneness as our God/Source/Creator self and will help to remind us what our true path is at this time. There will be other strong noticeable changes or symptoms that may occur randomly with this deep purging causing tingles, rashes/hives, or cold sensations on the skin. Hormone changes will be noticeable as our bodies release toxins in the form of sweat and tears. Each of us is different and will experience these changes in our own way. Please remember this isn’t to punish us but is occurring to free, empower, and help us experience more love and levels of awareness as we remember who we are. If you vibe and are of LOVE feel comfortable scheduling a personal intuitive healing session. Much Source Love, Acceptance, and Balance to All on their journey.
Source Guidance By Chrissy

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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