Your Sunday Digest for June 27, 2021: Behind the Curtains We Find the Wizards [videos] ~ June 27, 2021

I warn you—I’m having difficulty maintaining a serious demeanor today.

Trump certainly is back, and a lot of people are referring to him as “President Trump”. Yes, the magic man with the wand is back in black, this time, rather than his traditional dark blue suit and he lit up overflow crowds in Ohio with the flames of patriotism and resolve to take back their country.

The revolution IS televised and if you missed the awesome Ohio rally last evening, you can watch it on Trump’s brand new Rumble video page at this link.

I grabbed this awesome meme from Telegram.

It’s really not much of an exaggeration, folks.

What the rest of the media won’t show you: President Trump’s overflow tonight at his first post-presidential rally! 🇺🇸

— Liz Willis (@LizWillis_) June 27, 2021

He went there. He said it. The President made no bones about the fact that the lunatic left stole the election and used the scamdemic to do it. This (below) was one of my favourite lines from the evening, however. He tells us the truth in a way that only the awake would understand.

“Nancy Pelosi had the biggest mask on that I’ve seen on a human being.”

— Larry Kutcher (@LarryKutcher) June 27, 2021

I told mi Melanita i’m going to whisper into el mic like creepy Joe and this is the look she gave me…

— il Donaldo Trumpo (@ilSharko) June 26, 2021

Queen Romana of Canada had some things to say about the actors and masks.

How are the….

1) Doppelgangers,

2) Body Doubles,

3) 3D printed Mask wearers Actors/Actresses,

4) CGIs, and

5) Green Screens, at their Provincial/Territorial and Federal Movie Sets/Studios doing these days?

All those Crisis Actors and Actresses – acting as Patients, Doctors and Nurses inside empty Hospitals.

Not to forget the dead coronavirus Actors and Actresses stacked/piled up in one area…Some still smoking cigarettes while playing dead.

Lest I forget, the paid coronavirus Actors and Actresses, at the injection sites line up.

And, the Oscar award goes to… the People who were manipulating the death certificates…Someone dying from car accident or cancer, etc, etc, written as coronavirus…

We have everything PISSOSITOS!

We have the guiding lights of the days of our lives. As the world turns 😊

She is indeed “our Donaldo” but I’ve yet to see her in a sombrero. Link to Telegram.

It is a crazy world we live in, and if there’s any doubt, we now hear about John McAfee’s many body doubles. It’s a video he posted on his Twitter account.

There was a protest in New York yesterday, as well. Video on Telegram.

It’s nearly July and only days until the Independence Day celebrations will ring through the US of A. Trump kicks off the weekend with another rally in Sarasota, Florida.

The awakened Brits have been growing their movement and their persistence culminated this weekend in a classic unified performance; another peaceful protest from an awful lot of people who are amused to death by the outrageous and see-sawing lockdown measures. I don’t think Pink Floyd ever sounded better.

👏👏👏👍👍👍💪💪💪Another brick in the wall crowd singing today in London Freedom March amazing sight💪👏👍

— Primordilian Frenso🎹🎼🥁🎤 (@Primordilian) June 26, 2021

From David…

Hundreds of thousands on London Streets in MAGNIFICENT peaceful protest for freedom – and this was the headline in the Establishment arse-licking Guardian … ‘Three arrested and three officers injured at anti-lockdown protests in London’. You are a disgrace to humanity and your own families

Out of the frying pan, into the fire?

NEW – Former Home Secretary, former Managing Director of Deutsche Bank, and ex-JP Morgan adviser Sajid Javid appointed as Health Secretary after the resignation of Matt Hancock.

— 🚨 (@disclosetv) June 26, 2021

Speaking of fire, when you see a weather map of America there are rain storms and showers across the eastern third, and nothing in the western third. We could use some of this water on all the fires burning here in the West. I suppose it’s too late to build a canal?

Metro Detroit area flooded after intense storms drop heavy rain – #OANN

— One America News (@OANN) June 27, 2021

😭At least there’s a chance of rain in our upcoming forecast – so there is hope! Everyone stay hydrated and be safe.

— AZ State Forestry (@azstateforestry) June 27, 2021

There is a lot going on that we don’t know about.


Exploding underground water pipes, LOUD BOOMS 20 MINUTES BEFORE TORNADO WARNINGS…

>Largest human trafficking, pe.d.o, DRENO, lines into NW Canada <
>Jb’s money line< 💣 💥🧨

It’s ok MONKEY you don’t need to confirm 😉 ( wink wink)

— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) June 27, 2021

What kind of a Canada Day will the Canucks have this year? It’s depressing to think of it but we have to get through this rough stretch.

“[The certificate is] also what’s needed as proof of vaccination in order to travel *between provinces*.”

You guys have any travel plans for Chinada Day? 🇨🇳

— Bret 🍁 (@Bret_Sears) June 27, 2021

We used to go to Kalispell, Montana on a long weekend sometimes and now you can’t even travel freely between provinces in Canada never mind go to the States.

Having said that though… there are operations ongoing which will require travel restrictions even more than what we’re seeing now. The military needs to do what they need to do.

We’ve always expected our countries to be completely shut down when the mass arrests take place. Borders closed. No airline traffic. Locked up snug as a bug in a rug so the criminals can’t flee. Communication interruptions.

With tunnels destroyed the globalists can’t hide underground in their bunkers and with the Space Force patrolling the skies they can’t hop in their space craft and leave, either, or they’ll be shot down, as many have.

They’re here for the duration and they’re going to face the music. If the vaccines didn’t get them, the military and law enforcement will. There’s nowhere to hide. What was the final count on those thousands of sealed indictments?

I suspect if people think there’s a world war on the brink of going kinetic and a nuke could come flying overhead at any moment they won’t mind staying home for a bit. Is that when the tellies come on and the videos start playing to explain what has happened on this planet? Can we tolerate 10 days of that?

With the recent airline cancellations supposedly as a result of sick, vaccinated pilots, I’m thinking the White Hats are easing everyone into a fully grounded situation for the near future. The Plan is quite brilliant.

On the clock

— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) June 27, 2021

“It’s not about science anymore. It’s about compliance,” said Maxime Bernier, a Trudeau critic and leader of the new People’s Party of Canada.

Cut off from loved ones in Canada, locals demand border reopening@TheBuffaloNews

— Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) June 27, 2021

This post is long with all the Tweets but I really haven’t said much, have I? Of course everyone realizes that rigging an election to overthrow a sitting President is treason, and the penalty could be death? Just so no one is surprised when all is said and done.

The final count from Maricopa County is liable to mean prison for some people.

— David J Harris Jr (@DavidJHarrisJr) June 27, 2021

There really is no comparison in the mental or physical vitality.

All is not well on the financial front. Somehow, irresponsible people stay afloat and just transfer to the next ship they’re going to sink. They just close one chapter and begin anew.

Citadel has been losing billions of dollars since the rise of retail investors in the AMC and GameStop saga. For this reason the community speculates Citadel securities is a sinking ship.

Deputy Global Treasurer Michael Kurlander Resigns From Citadel

The establishment is not pleased that the People, their employers, are delivering messages stating they are not happy with their performance. They are getting lousy report cards and the People must continue to stand up for their rights and freedoms. The leftists will continue their pitiful performances but the People must not stand down.

Parent arrested during school board meeting ‘chaos’ speaks out on ‘Tucker’

Romana Didulo of the Great White North also said on her Telegram channel

What would you do IF you knew we’ve already removed your corrupt Governments?

And, to those who wish to sow doubts, confusion, destruction and division amongst the We The People govern yourselves accordingly.

Unless, you are Volunteering to get the attention of:

1) The US Military,

2) #CIA – now under Whitehats,

3) Black Ops,

4) Secret Service,

5) Global Allied Forces

6) Federation of Earth Defense Forces, etc, etc.

If you knew that, would you be able to “enjoy the show”? I know I am. From a psychological standpoint I can’t wait to see the reactions of the world when they learn the truth about everything. Some get it. Many don’t.

That concludes’ our Sunday Digest for this week. Things are definitely amping up and July will be coming in hot in most places. Before I go, if you have a Telegram account you will like this Hitlary Clinton interview clip.

And this is another excellent mini-vid about the current apocalypse. “My fellow Americans…” in case you haven’t seen it.  ~ BP

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