WipeOut!!! ~ June 27, 2021

Whenever High Frequency Light uses our physical being as bridge for anchoring into Gaia or direct transmission from the Heart Space to the collective , it somewhat resembles a High Voltage Current Running through our Physical Bodies…..resulting in a short circuiting of our Energy / Electromagnetic circuitry . And this can result in a Physical Wipeout….zero energy levels and extreme fatigue, sleep simply does not rejuvenate you…and the body need more and more rest, great deal of ungroundedness resulting in temporarily feeling a of lack of motivation and Purpose ie pointlessness of Existence and need to Escape it All ( release all burdens and responsibilities and escape).

If this is You Presently, then it is confirmation that YOU have served as an Anchor Point for the Grounding and Anchoring of The High Frequency Light of The Silver Opalescent Ray of The Lunar Sun Portal. This has entered us via the Mouth of the Goddess/ Medulla Oblongata at the back of the skull behind the 3rd eye, so you may experience it as heaviness in the Crown region and a heavy head at the back which demands a pillow!! This then enters our Womb/Sex Organs which then anchors it into the crystalline grid via our root and earth star chakra.

This Portal began its unveiling with The Eclipse gateway and Finally Opened and Released its Light for Anchoring on the Solstice Full Moon Gateway of 20-24 June,2021.The First time I interfaced with this Light was during a CoCreation channeling Session with Araceli @shesoftheriver (whom I had mentioned in my last post and was also instrumental in the opening of this Lunar Sun Portal in the Eclipse gateway ) and the intensity and frequency of Light was so great that I began having difficulty breathing. It is a Silvery +Pearlescent Opalescent Light with a Crystal Laser Intensity. It has Not been anchored on Gaia since Lemurian and Pre Lemurian Times …such is its Vibration Frequency. It has been released once again back to Gaia and one of its main Purposes , apart from its Laser like Purification Function is the integrating the Nature World (Plants, animals, crystals etc ) and The Intuitive Creative Flow of the Right Brain into the Mainstream . It forms the bedrock of birthing the Divine Feminine and The Divine masculine at a whole Level of New!!

The Silver Opalescent Ray has been anchored in an Ancient Lemurian Temple of the Serpent Water+ Earth Shamans Of Telos as the 8th Flame. From here the Serpent water Priestesses and Earth Shamans act as its anchor points at various grid points of the Flower of Life Crystalline Grid.

So if you have been feeling extreme exhaustion, spaced out, momentarily without motivation or passion …in other words Wiped Out…. know you are serving as a Lightning Rod for this High Vibrational Silver Opalescent Light to anchor across the crystalline Grid.

Your Electromagnetic circuitry, once it’s attuned to this extremely high vibration, will level up and you will Be “on-Line” once more…with a renewed sense of Motivation, Purpose and Creativity ….In the meantime your body may need extra nutrition (feeling the need to eat more than usual ) or no hunger at all. Listen to your body and it’s Best to hydrate lots . I chanced upon a beautiful Nursery this morning and bought lots and lots of Flowering Plants ( after being in lockdown for the past 2 months)…and working with the flowers, plants and earth has rejuvenated me in just a few hours…something that a coma like sleep the whole of yesterday could not achieve…bottom line…do whatever engages your attention and brings you Joy and the reboot will take place faster!!

To a whole level of new pathways, purpose , Creation and manifestation!!!

Art credit Danielle Noel of @daniellenoel.art@ Link to Light Language Activation of Silver Flame at Telos


EnLight ,



Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Nahttps://isischannelings.wordpress.com/

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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