Solstice Full Moon Portal 24th June 2021 ~ June 25, 2021

Opalescent Flame

Entering The Lunar Sun Portal and Activation of The Silver Pearlescent /Opalescent Flame in an Ancient Lemurian Temple of Telos I had mentioned previously that the Solstice Full Moon of 24th was the date given in a previous Cocreation Session as the Time for the ReOpening of the Divine Feminine Lunar Sun Portal of the Silver Pearlescent /Opalescent Ray for The Reinstatement and Coronation of The Shekhinah/The Sophia/The Shakti with her rightful Crown, Title and Power of GoddessHead. This Lunar Sun had been unveiled on the occasion of the Crown of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse of June 10th 2021.

So today , on 24th June, Araceli del Rio of @shesoftheriver (Instagram handle) from Hawaii/part of the Ancient land of Lemuria and I joined Forces in a Second CoCreation session to finally enter The Silver Opalescent Lunar Sun Portal and create the Rainbow bridge for It to anchor into the Crystalline Grid of Gaia to assist in Clearing with Crystal Laser intensity that which we can no longer carry forth and for preparing the Grid for The Birthing of the New Golden Age of Gaia.

Araceli played the Role of Key Bearer ,Portal opener and Gridkeeper (Earth Shaman+WaterPriestess). We were supported by the presence of the Cosmic Akashic Guardians Thoth+ Seshat, Anubis + Bast, Cosmic Goddess Isis, Sekhmet/ Kali and Hathor and a multitude of Divine Beings of Love and Light like the MerBeings, Whales , Dolphins , Grandmother Turtle to mention a few.

After this session, I was further Guided to anchor the Silver Pearlescent Opalescent Light of the Lunar Sun via the Activation of the Silver Pearlescent Opalescent Flame in an Ancient Temple of the Water Priestesses and Earth Shamans in Telos (Mt Shasta) .

The following Light Language Video is the Activation of The Silver Pearlescent/ Opalescent Flame of The Lunar Sun (The Eighth Flame) of The Reinstatement and Coronation of The Shekhinah/The Sophia/The Shakti with her rightful Crown, Title and Power of GoddessHead at The Ancient Lemurian Temple in Telos of the Serpent Water Priestesses and Templar Knights Earth Shamans on the occasion of the Solstice Full Moon Gateway of June 24, 2021.

The just concluding Solstice Gateway, June 20-24 ,of the Sun at its Peak of Strength and Power brought in transmutation and clearings of Old Timelines that have run its course which brought to the surface wounds and pain caused by the trauma of abuse and disempowerment inflicted by the Distorted Patriarchal Energies to be released. And Now it is time to align with the Rebirth , Creation and Manifestation Energies that the Solstice Gateway Gifts us . The Capricorn Full Moon of the Sea Goat on June 24 , provides the perfect Grounding Energies to Anchor our Rebirth via the anchoring of the The Silver Pearlescent/ Opalescent Flame of The Lunar Sun . The Capricorn Sea Goat (half Goat,Half Fish) energies embody qualities of The Steady and Sure Footed Earthly Goat ( The Earth Shamans) and The Deep Wisdom of the Spiritual World brought forth via the Intuitive Flow of the Sea Fish (Serpent Water Priestesses).

EnLight ,



Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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