21.6.21 -THE SIXTH SUN-NOW ~ June 22, 2021

The Sixth Sun

The Shift from harm to harmony


As we ride the Krystal gateway.. we are now entering the Solstice doorway.. 21/6/21 the MIRROR OF TIME illuminates both shadow and light frequency octaves..


Each solar wave bringing us higher frequency. This can be manifested at sub atomic levels, as packets of quantum energy spin faster within the cell. This frequency then illuminates and eliminates any anomaly (disconnected or discontinued information which shows in old stories, emotional baggage, stuck energy, dis-harmony, dis-ease) within the atomic field in order to create SPACE for the cell to acquire more light/frequency/information. This is key to our ongoing Light-Evolutionary journey. 🌎💫The current planetary grid (Kathara Grid) is no longer a closed looped Matrix which we were (and still are at many layers) connected to.. it is now an OPEN SOURCE of information which allows our DNA to access codes, directives, information and upgrades DIRECTLY from the Twelve grid Star Access point located 1.2meters above our head… ✨This access point has a direct link to the “seat of the soul” Pineal portal which, in turn, when active.. is able to download higher realities into our consciousness, allowing us to experience first hand higher dimensions (usually up to 13th level). ⚛️The HIGHER heart access point located between the thymus and the physical heart is the navigation dial, the main compass where we can connect to any point in space above 6D. The SIXTH SUN (dimensional portal) is the mid point between 3D and 9D and allows us to connect to our higher self-galactic self-personal-Akashic records (our soul memory since the time of our inception from God Head -Prime Unified Field-) directly and without interference. ⏩The pathways are now there, available for us to locate, connect and activate (restore). Once we access these, we will be able to receive and transmit light encoded energy which will trigger higher waves of energy. 🌊These waves will and have the ability to eradicate old and lower, outdated programs.. liberating the planet from its shadow self (control-life sucking-fear generating-recycling-loop matrix/grid/template) ▶️We have the opportunity NOW to become access points, beacons of TRUTH-LIGHT-high diamond pristine frequency by re activating the highways and access points within. This is now our most important mission. 💎🌞We are the new SUNS awakening and creating the NEW DAWN, the new era of TRUTH (SAT YUGA) May we then allow ourselves to align, shift and become children of the SIXTH SUN 🌞💎 H’Ashtar’astan 12.44.88 ~Miri Naad #sixthsun#katahragrid#ascension#planetaryevolution#lightcodeactivations

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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