Solstice MidSummer Solstice; Change of Trajectory ~ June 21, 2021


As the Sun Stands Still at the Solstice Midsummer Gateway before changing direction , we too are experiencing a standstill of sorts where past timelines/ experiences/ individuals come up for review. We review these from the Higher Perspective we have gained since, clearly seeing the veiled truths/ red flags of these experiences/ scenarios/individuals and how/ why they bifurcated onto a different trajectories than our own. And while there could be a sense of sadness,grief, isolation, loneliness or even anger and abandonment, it is important not to re-engage with these timelines / experiences/ individuals in recognition of the fact that their Trajectories are simply no longer in alignment and our Path is aligning with the Frequency dictated by our unique Soul purpose.

As the Sun will now begin to trace a new trajectory via this Solstice Gateway, we too are being placed on a New Trajectory…That of The Pearly Silver Lunar Sun of The Goddess Head/ Shekhinah/ Sophia/ Shakti. This Divine Feminine Lunar Sun carries the Crystal Laser Fire whose ability of Transfiguration which is many times more powerful than the Solar Sun ( acts with a Laser like focus). This transfiguration requires us to Now move past the Union of Polarity/masculine and feminine ( which has been our focus for many many years now) and strive for achieving the Divine Trinity Within ie union of Mind , Body and Spirit/ energy, matter , antimatter/ mind,heart,soul/conscious, subconscious, super conscious. In other words moving past our old version of Time and Space , Light and Dark or Masculine and Feminine distinctions and moving into the The Liminal Space Between!!!

… This “Liminal Space Between “ , achieved ONLY under the navigation of the Lunar Feminine Sun is the Bedrock of CREATION…the New Creation of a New Age that we are all moving towards in our own unique ways…via the Trinity of Thought , Words and Action. It is in this Liminal Space Between that we will be able to gauge the distortions and omissions in the Information and knowledge that has been handed down to us and replace it with “inner wisdom “ born from this Liminal Space Between.

It holds as its Potential The transfiguration of ‘indoctrination’ into “wisdom. The Transfiguration of Distorted Patriarchy into the Divine masculine. It holds the potential of transfiguring the Gateways pain and suffering which have so far served as the breeding grounds of higher Wisdom into gateways of Self Worth, Confidence, Sovereignty , Freedom, Passion and Pleasure. And it is precisely from these that is born a Power that is Fierce yet tempered with Wisdom which is capable of birthing a whole Level of New Beginnings for the Creation of a New Age!!

As the Sun is Poised to change its trajectory, keep your intentions sharp with respect to the Transfigurations you wish to achieve via this change in trajectory, how are you going to embrace the Holy Trinity within and what you wish to birth/create for the Greater Good via this Union, that which steeped in Grace, Inclusion , Honour, Justice and Protection of All Sentient Expressions of LifeForce Energy and their interconnections.

EnLight ,



Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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