I’ll Meet You There… June 20, 2021

In the understanding of Rumi, you may get that he, when writing about love and many things, from my ability to grasp, always spoke about his own interpersonal relationship. So when he says I will meet you there, he speaks of a place inside of him. When he speaks of love, he speaks of a place inside of him. When he speaks of things not working out, he says, maybe wrong in right from a different perspective that’s all. What’s to say upside down isn’t a bad thing.

Also for example, Samari, speak of a place of “no mind”, is this not a state experienced inside, when one doesn’t allow external information distract ones ability to remain in the moment.

There is no time like now, not to get distracted by external information. A computer is only as good as the information that is feed into it. Our mind is only good, if you observe what information is being feed it.

I have no doubt, currently their are some whom are feeding information into the collective. For their own personal gain. Such a small human seeks to control the outer world.

The greater battle is on the field inside each human. A place we meet inside, at the half way point….imagine a pyramid. As it goes up to the point. The closer you go to the tip, the tighter it gets. The mind, is working out problems all the time, using only 10% . Once you understand this, you realise it actually stops you experiencing , no mind. I love my mind…it has its moments… however as I’ve become an observer of my self…I also see when it struggles with the information it’s processing. Because no matter how hard it tries, it will not be able to work out what comes next. Time related.

If you dive deep enough into this concept, you will find yourself at the tip of that pyramid. If you settle in this place, you will invert the pyramid. Now it goes up and expands the further you go away from the tip. Endless possibilities. No time, no mind.

So back to our physical realm. There are controllers whom only grasp on power is to feed people information. Bad outcomes., Climate hoax, covid hoax, world ending hoax, they are in control hoax. Basically filling your mind with, “stuff”. Mind is soooo busy attempting to work stuff out.

If you “Remember” whom you are. You step aside from the “bull-Shit”. Meet yourself in the field of rightdoings and wrongdoings. A place that deals only with what is right in front of you, on a moment to moment basis. Trust in something greater. An unseperable connection. It will meet you in this field, a half way point. That information is all that is required. Everything external is fluid.

How do the controls create their reality? They feed mushrooms bullshit and keep them in the dark. Feeding of their energy by plugging them full of information that only creates their reality. Only good for them, not for anyone else.

It’s a task not to get swept up into what’s going on externally at the moment. All I know is you will not get answers outside of yourself. That field is systematically corrupted. With information and disinformation. For a reason. A trap.

I have noticed for myself..sitting in this field, makes the mind part of me, uncomfortable. It wants to do something tangible. The very second it does it steps “Me” outside the field. As soon as I let go of the grasp on the steering wheel, I am back in the field.

This leads to ” right action”. You let right action flow through you. It’s a moment to moment concept. The will of thy will, flows through you. That my fellow travelers, is where true power is. The ability to step aside (inside job) from personal gain and allow the will of your maker flow through you. How do you distinguish this from your own personal interests?

Well only you know! If your in the field of rightdoings and wrongdoings.

Enjoy this paradigm shift.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. Thankyou for posting. I felt I needed to express this because of what I was feeling here in Australia. The controllers are, as if following a script straight out of our past. “Mandatory check points as you enter a shop”. Getting the people used to this as they continue down their path. Following their script.
    Personally I continue on my day, living freely. I enter these premises as a free human would. Bypassing the check points.
    On the field of rightdoings and wrongdoings…this isn’t an easy task.
    However all I can say, if I don’t do it..what world will our children grow up in?
    If you follow the play book in Nazi Germany….after check points. It only gets worse for humanity. Let’s end that right here.


    1. Here in Australia ” mandatory” is not a law. It’s just an intimidating word, nothing more, nothing less. It also turned up in the movie “maize runner.”. Mandatory check points for a virus… You think Hollywood knew something prior?!


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