The Great winds of Change ~ June 16, 2021

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes yes! We love Ramptha who is the agent of the breeze! Winds of change for me are the winds of Quantum LOVE sent from my Quantum core to yours. This is an example of the “do” field where Quantum action indeed takes place.

This action stems from the Quantum Magnificent Heart, leaving All to BE in and experience the peace and Balance for existing in…

Quantum Joy!


…are prevalent in many geographical areas at this time due to the huge transitioning/transmuting of past lower density energies, to a higher purified state. The Purification of the energetic value itself, is ongoing, in an upward spiral, upon the surface of the Human Playground. With every Purification, comes a higher high, as the speed of Change becomes exponential. Remember, wind is a powerful construct of energy on this planet, although NOT seen by the naked eye, it exists, and has Great influence.

Like the wind, Your increasing Prowess in the NOW, affects the most smallest particles of Creation, which also reside in the wind, a stream of flowing particles. As the polarity of the smallest particles change, it causes action, a side effect of this change, is wind. The Greatest movements of wind in this NOW, indicate the most significant changes.

Your years of Divine Service, of cleansing the geographical locations of Gaia of the lower density energetic imprints, like those left after war, after satanic sacrifice, has paid off. The focus has NOW shifted to Anchoring in the Light Energy Spectrum, which has 13 applications in this dimension as of NOW. This Light Energy NOW purifies and automatically condenses and brings to the surface, any lower density residue to be cleared and transmuted, in preparation for this next prominent upward Shift You are currently amidst. You are more effective NOW than ever before at the transmuting process, two of the most powerful ways to transmute is to calibrate Your Energetic Field and Being to the Love and Gratitude states of Being, which quickly transmutes density in Your proximity, in the least. The immediate effects You have upon Your current surroundings, depends upon Your Purity and empowered state that You have achieved. You are forever becoming stronger, therefore, Your ability to transmute also has become more powerful.

Three of the most common levels of transmutation, and in chronological order are; within You, by doing the inner work, from the Collective, Humanity, where You act as an Empath to transmute on a larger scale, and of course, the transmuting of the dense/negative geographical energetic imprint. You typically progress out of the inner work level into the wider field of transmuting for the Collective and then more consciously the geographical areas. You actually, depending upon the individual, have been transmuting on various levels at once, and perhaps unbeknownst to You. Once consciously Aware of what type, or at what level You are transmuting, You become more powerful working with the energies and innerstanding more of how it actually works. Knowledge is Power.

We request and encourage You to focus on Anchoring in the Light Spectrum NOW, enough density has been manually cleared, at this point, as for the powerful Co-Creators You have become, if You think there are more areas to clear, You may keep Creating that scenario for You, and find You may have distracted Yourself from Creating areas of Light, which will make You more happier and will lift You higher in the consciousness states, to see even more powerful Light applications You can do, to Create even Greater Winds of Change, until everything is changed, and it becomes Calm.

Love and Light


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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