Lunar Sun of The Silver Portal ~ June 12, 2021

If you are still recovering from the Eclipse hangover ( read extreme tiredness and fatigue and the need to Just BE) it is because the eclipse has opened doorways to the Extremely High Vibrational Lunar Sun of Silver Pearly Efferverance!!

As I connected with the June 10 eclipse at its peak I was shown that as the shadow of the Dark Moon ( cauldron of new possibilities) began to recede the Sun that was then revealed was Not our usual Solar Sun BUT a Lunar Sun of a Pearly Silvery efferverance ie it had the glow and luminance of Pearls and Silver but a laser like penetrative ability of Lemurian Quartz crystal.

A while back , in this eclipse gateway itself in a client Co Creation channeling session, we were introduced to the “Silver Portal” . As I connected to this Silver Portal (associated with The Lemurian Timeline) the energies proved to be so high vibrational that I began having difficulty in breathing , channeling and speaking simultaneously in order to relay to my client the information that this Portal had for her. I had to stop channeling for a few minutes as I asked for extra assistance to be able to withhold the high Vibrational frequencies of the Silver Portal .

We were also told that these energies have NOT YET anchored on The Earth Plane ,as the Vibration is simply too high for Earth n her inhabitants in this Now( and indeed I was given a first hand preview of that) but people like my Client ( Soul Purpose Identification- Silver Rose ) are Now in the process of activating the crystalline Grid to be able to anchor this Silver Ray. As the Silver Pearly Lunar Sun was shown to me during the meditation I was simultaneously shown the number 144.

Later I Made the connection to the 144 Crystalline Grid which was shown for my client !!!…. and hence I feel that channeling ( of the Silver Portal ) and this Silver Pearly Lunar Sun are the SAME and it’s unveiling at the Eclipse Moment means that it is Now ready to begin it’s Anchoring into the Crystalline Grid…Anchoring the High Vibrational Divine Feminine Energies of the Lunar Sun!!! (Remember before the May 26 eclipse I continuously mentioned that the Earth Shamans and Wise Woman Wisdom Keepers (portal openers and grid keepers) would be playing an important role during this eclipse Gateway.)

We were further told that the Silver Ray of the Silver Portal works specifically for the protection and well being of all of the Sentient Expressions of Gaia’s Life Force Energy eg Plants, animals, crystals etc and their integration and interconnections with the Collective!!So if you have been hit by a tsunami of exhaustion and Fatigue….it could well be that the Silver Portal/ Lunar Sun has finally been unveiled for the Collective!!! ( we were only instructed how to “prepare “ for the Silver Ray in the channeling session which we did, and Actual interfacing with it was deferred to the Full moon of June 24 !!

In a happy coincidence, this New Moon that has unveiled the Lunar Sun , Conjuncts Venus (embodiment of the Divine Feminine) as Evening Star at the 2nd gateway of Ascent in her Shamanic journey of rebirth and Empowerment as she ascends the 7 gateways for her ultimate Coronation of Queen of Heaven and earth.

This Second gate at the The Sacral Chakra is known as Gate of Creativity where Inanna/ Venus retrieves her ankle bracelets symbolic of regaining her Self Worth and value and hence her ability to partake Pleasure and of her ability to Create (bear fruit) with joy and passion. For New Creation to be aligned with its highest potential it has to be supported and held first by emotions of Trust and Safety and then further propelled by emotions of Passion , Joy and Pleasure…..the very Blocks that the Sacral / Womb Space has endured for centuries on account of Sexual trauma and forceful sabotage (self or external) of Creative Expression.

Hence All indications speak of New gateways and Pathways opening for New Creations to unfold, that which no longer operate under the shadows of a Patriarchal regime which has engulfed us for eons.

I was also shown many butterflies in my vision…the ultimate symbol of Metamorphosis, leaving behind the lateral life of a caterpillar and the dark claustrophobia of the cocoon to ascend to new heights with new wings in beauty , LIGHTtness of being and joy!!

This is the New Path that is unfolding…each will align with it in their own timeline…..meanwhile be gentle and patient with yourself, allow the metamorphosis into the Higher vibrational Lunar Sun frequencies to unfold as they may….rest and be receptive to the New insights and let go of the old with grace. This intensity of shifting timelines spearheaded by this eclipse could well last right through this month as we have the Solstice followed by the Full Moon (mentioned as an important marker for the Lunar sun in the channeling session).

Look out for Venus as it Conjuncts the New crescent Moon on 11 June in the evening western sky.Much Gratitude to the Mighty Beings of Love and Light without whom these CoCreation Sessions would simply NOT be Possible ❤️🙏❤️EnLight ,InGrace, InJoyBe The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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