Cosmic Gateway ~ June 10, 2021

Hey Soul Tribe,We are now in the countdown before the Solar Eclipse & New Moon!

Ring of Fire & the sun has released a massive sun spot! Not Earth facing however no doubt certainly feeling the effects of this one!Today has been such a weird day, I’ve been incredibly dizzy, light-headed, spacey, tired yet unable to sleep!Who has been connecting with children in dream space? I was dreaming about Hybrid Children preparing to come & integrate to live on Earth all last night!It’s definitely been a big squeeze in the lead up to this Eclipse! Remember the Sun is connected to our Masculine aspect & energy so that might feel quite frazzled right now.Clearing away & clearing the path of what’s to come over the next phase.Finding connections to similar patterns that occur back in December 2020? At the moment? Themes coming back around to revist?The Sun is expanding and preparing to dance with the Earth & Cosmic Energies 💖🌎💫☀️Symptoms & Sensations might experience with Sun Spots 🌞▶️ Solar Plexus activity ~ feeling anxious, uncomfortable & feeling lots of ‘fear rise up’ for no apparent reason ~ the solar plexus is directly connected with the sun energy 🌞▶️ Tingling sensation on the lips 👄▶️ Huge inspiration, insights & downloads ~ this is a time where our conciousness has the opportunity to expand to greater heights and next level▶️Energy influx in the body ~ feeling the vibration energy charges as our bodies are adjusting to higher levels of frequency▶️ Little or no sleep, also very heightened dreams & lots of dream space activity▶️ Headaches ~ Intense head pressure in crown & third eye as our conciousness expands▶️ Aches & pains in the body especially legs▶️ Pain in the spine as the energy channel clears and opens➡️Heightened Emotions➡️Heightened Mental patterns➡️ Broken sleep & intense dreams➡️ Heightened spiritual & psychic phenomena➡️ Irritability➡️ Triggers coming up for release Things you can do to alleviate these symptoms:✅ Drink plenty of water✅ Rest, Rest, Rest & more Rest✅ Meditation & Balancing your energy✅ Connect with nature✅ Be gentle with yourself and others Sending so much love and blessings Alisha Braché 💚🙌😍

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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