June 8, 2021: Laying the Tinder for the Fire [videos] ~ June 8, 2021

No question, odd and interesting things are going on and some of it’s “cyber”.

No other way to describe this. “Boom”.

RT reports these anomalies early June 8. Must have been Russia. It’s always Russia. They can do anything. (this is sarcasm)

Several websites around the world, including major media such as the New York Times, Le Monde, the BBC, the Guardian, the Financial Times, as well as the Reddit platform, were inaccessible on June 8 at around 12 p.m. French time. The situation was resolved soon after.

Major newspaper sites displayed messages such as “Error 503 Service Unavailable” or “Connection Failure”. The message “Error 503” indicates a problem related to computer servers. The specialist site for detecting internet access problems Down Detector, for its part, reported information “which could indicate a large outage at Fastly”, an American provider of cloud computing services. The latter – whose site was itself inaccessible at times – let it be known that it was investigating “a potential impact” affecting its CDN (Content Delivery Network) services, that is to say its distribution networks. content. A content distribution network consists of a set of servers that cooperate to make content or data available to users.

Skynet? Russians? Twitter jesters have field day after #cyberattack trends amid massive downing of popular websites

Issue behind mass internet outage ‘has been identified’ & is currently being fixed, says Fastly

Marjorie Taylor Greene had her Boom! too. It’s quite the circus.https://lockerdome.com/lad/9983089980152422?pubid=ld-6490-6798&pubo=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.starshipearththebigpicture.com&rid=&width=580

Marjorie Taylor Greene Drops Big Bomb On Bannon’s War Room

Dave’s X22 Report was great on Monday.


People are fleeing CA for AZ, AZ gained 66000 new taxpayers and most of them are from CA. Watch CA. BOE is now moving toward their own digital currency. FBI is reporting that they tracked down the crypto that was paid by Colonial Pipeline.Trump says that Bitcoin seems like a scam and the dollar should be the world currency.  The [DS] is now preparing for zero day. They know the election audits are going produce the cheating, it is going to show that Trump won the election and the [DS] with the help of the fake news/big tech took it away from him. The energy secretary has already started the narrative saying the cyber hackers are attempting to hit the power grid. Is the [DS] preparing for the zero day?

Of course. Tunnel-related.

Giant sinkhole swallows cars in Jerusalem hospital parking lot

The White Hats are going in for the kill. Even Fox is outing the Rockefellers’ long range pandemic plan. But don’t listen to us conspiracy theorists. We don’t know a plandemic when we see one. The patented virus is doubtless just hearsay.

Nicholas Veniamin shared his conversation with former SEAL/CIA Michael Jaco addressing many current issues.

Former CIA Michael Jaco Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… election audits are selling like hotcakes.

Of course the whole world knows the truth. Except for a few overly programmed souls who are a little slow on the uptake.

You have to scroll waaay down on the page to see the video.

[VIDEO] There’s a New Phenomenon Happening, “Trump Won” Banners Unfurling All Over the World…

Eyes to the skies! This was prior to a major league UK soccer/football match.

‘World knows Trump won #MAGA’ banner flies over Everton vs Manchester United game

The people got in a good one before the gendarmerie swooped in a moment too late. It was almost as funny as the pie Bill Gates got in the face a few years ago. Q was right. They can no longer walk down the street, and we don’t need no stinkin’ guns. Some patriots are ready for hand to face combat.

In the Great White Gulag, the control and manipulation is off the charts.

So we went to Walmart this morning and apparently you can shop the entire store for non-essential items. We then were told to bring them to electronics and they will take your name and items and hold them. Then you exit the store and meet them in the garden centre and purchase them there (rather they have a checkout outside the store). How can Walmart get away with this when everyone else is forced to stay closed? One big Show.  Source: Link to Telegram

Romana Didulo posted a video of Premier Ford outlining the tax-free perks members of the corrupt government get in Toronto and thereabouts in addition to their 100K+ salaries. She says these political freebies will not be a part of Canada 2.0.

Watch this revealing video here at the Telegram link. 5 min.

And that insanity in Ontario leaves me speechless, so off I go. Thanks to the crew for all their contributions.  ~ BP

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