Dimensional (Quantum) Shift is Happening NOW! ~ May 31, 2021

Quantum shift is happening NOW!

Its all all-ready happening peeps! We’re doing it!! Strong message / confirmation coming in since last night that we’re shifting dimensions!! It’s happening NOW!! This is the frequency we align with now, that of celebration as we keep merging with our future Selfs and future Earth, which in truth all exist right NOW and here, all time/ dimensions run parallel, outside of time and space.

Once we get that there’s no future date or past, that ALL IS ALL-WAYS ALL-READY HAPPENING NOW, we transcend time and space altogether which is what we do by embodying Zero Point Consciousness where other dimensions and timelines become accessible. We become acutely aware now that all is already right here, right NOW. THIS IS ALL ABOUT FREQUENCY, time and space are part of the 3D consciousness that is based in separation, division and compartmentalization. When we go quantum we can see the interconnectedness between all things and their correlation. We see everything as ONE as well as separate yet intricately interconnected, all-ways applying multi-dimensional awareness.

We’re undergoing a powerful Transformation at atomic quantum level! My inner being is celebrating and dancing! The physical is tired and wired, sweaty, achy and nauseous 😅 Remember, non of this is linear, this is quantum. Think energy, frequency and vibration and transcend time and space all-together! We have to transcend these concepts to assist this epic shift, to keep flowing with whatever arises, to stay in the flow in NOW ‘time’ where everything becomes possible, non attachment to anything or any outcome are key! 🗝️ I’ve been guided to tune into the higher dimensional layers of reality and merge them within my morphogenetic field, merging my physical, mental, casual, emotional and spiritual bodies, unifying all within. I recommend doing this yourself if you feel the call and tune into the inner knowing and wisdom of your Christ Avatar Self on how to do this. We’re healing the rip/ wall in time, the 2D/4D split, the dimensional split as we do this! Work with your Merkaba also and ask for the correct spine rate to be applied and for it to be aligned to your highest Divine Blueprint along with your Blueprint. Ask your atomic structure to change your carbon atoms to crystalline (by increasing the number of electrons) and remember, the whole of Creation is inside of you! ALL IS AN EXTENSION OF YOU, that’s where our power lies, in our own self Transformation that affects all of life! 🧬 Another super strong message is to keep connecting to your own inner Wisdom, Intuition and Knowing above all else. No matter what your logic says, the Higher Heart-Mind does know better. We have to forget to the most part all that we’ve learned and go beyond that which we think or have been taught is possible!! Our Hearts and Minds merge and UNIFY as ALL starts to remember itself as ONE MIND, ONE BODY, ONE SOUL, ONE HEART 💚💚 ONE CONSCIOUSNESS 💚 In Love & reverence for ALL LIFE EVERYWHERE! DIVINE LOVE IS THE KEY & THE SHORT CUT THROUGH! It transcends the laws of the Universe, dissolving the illusion of seperation, transcending time and space! To infinity and beyond the beyond!! 🛸 The ‘LOVE IS THE HIGHEST TRUTH TSUNAMI’ is starting to shift and transfigure all life forms across all of Creation! Hearts are opening wide! 💚 “The whole universe is inside of you. Ask all of yourself!” – Rumi Let’s do this! 🥳🥳🥳 Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona 🦋

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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