May 26, 2021: Take a Walk In the Woo-Woo [videos] ~ May 27, 2021

All the signs are pointing to a stark attitude adjustment for Humanity. We’re getting a tune-up—ready or not.

Today we have a lot of fascinating material to dabble our toes in so without further ado, let’s get trekking.

Recalculating: Before we do that we have breaking news of another false flag event that took place this morning. The cabal is going to do their worst in their final days. Expect it.

8 killed in San Jose railyard shooting, suspect also dead

It’s difficult at times to work here on the bridge and I understand the crew is having problems getting Starship Earth to load, as well. Thanks for letting me know. I don’t know what’s causing the error messages and disconnection from the host servers. Perhaps it’s symptomatic of the times we are in. Nothing is normal at the moment, and I think we can expect worse. It’s been almost three hours since the backup saved this post so I hope we don’t lose it. Until I get the “publish” button back, this will have to wait.

Update: 8:56 pm Pacific May 26: Now that I can actually access the blog again, I can tell you this post is loading very slowly for me. Major issues today with losing contact with the host, etc. I will have to see what the problem is.

In the interim, I may be posting at our satellite ship, The Captains’ Blog . You can follow that WordPress blog if you like to read in your WordPress reader.

We innerstand the dark will be doing their utmost to keep us from freely sharing the truth.


JUST IN – Facebook to limit the reach of all posts from users who repeatedly share “misinformation” flagged by “fact-checking” partners, hand-picked by the social media platform.

Here are recent posts from Q The Storm Rider. Get ready. Click in the box to launch in Twitter and read the full post.

EVERY NATION will be exposed after the Greatest Events thus far in the 21st century takes place.
Always remember Q U S MIL. was a world wide Sting Operation.22 NATIONS
To take down the CABAL [DS] (all other nations will follow)..
_have FAITH

— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) May 26, 2021

NEXT steps of the PLAN will be the HARDEST moments that ANONS & Patriots will go through.This is where all HOPE Lost This EVENT was planned >It had to be this way<it’s all connected>Near DEATH CIVILIZATION EVENT<
We come closer

— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) May 26, 2021

[DS] getting ready to Trigger WORLD mass riots Against Police in major Nations& create the largest race WARS to take place among society

— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) May 26, 2021

Check out this remarkable footage from the ECETI Ranch in Washington. Fresh upload for this week. 5 min.

And if that’s not enough, check out this footage below. Our friends upstairs are very busy indeed.

I’ve been looking for new material from Jetson White and all of a sudden last night there were half a dozen or so new videos—all of them excellent, and most, short. Much of this material is in alignment with the information provided by Yellow Rose for Texas.

They tell us JW is now on Rumble, in case these videos disappear. ThemTube may force them out.

3 Nights @ WaMo

This one about Starseeds is good, too.

The 144,000 are Starseeds

I have wondered why, if we are to have high-speed Maglev trains in underground tunnels in our future, why the military would blow up the tunnels, flood them, fill them with lava, create earthquakes, destroy the DUMBs, etc. If, as JW suggests, We, Humanity are relocating and the satanic ones will be left here to endure the extinction level event (like the Atlantis event), it would make sense that they would be forced to endure what they created and the justice they deserve. They thought they would have their DUMBs to hide in until it was safe to come out. That would be incorrect. There is no escape for them. “Nothing can stop what is coming.”

Humanity Never Had a Fair Chance Here

Life Under the Dome 1

Just before press time I stumbled upon a brand new upload from Jetson. Some of you don’t believe we live in an artificial construct. IF it were true, and you yourself are in denial, how do we break it to the rest of the world who are deep in the programming and believe everything they’ve been told? These are said to be real images of the “sun”.

ISS Adventure -Ep 3

James Gilliland has another Gene Decode interview for us. I’ve not yet had a chance to listen.

Gene Decode show #2 – As You Wish Talk Radio

Here’s an interesting update from Jason Shurka with an extraterrestrial bent. Some are under the impression that the Pentagon is going to make some sort of ET-related announcement on June 1, and beyond. Some state the purpose of this disclosure is to distract from the election crimes, the new Quantum Financial System, RV/Currency Exchange, etc. and possibly circumvent what the Earth Alliance has planned. I guess we’ll find out.

TLS MISSION UPDATE: “Operation Water”

Remember the viral podcast Jeremy Elliott did a few months ago? He’s back, with more.

I suspect that a number of people who didn’t quite get what has transpired or were in denial, may have identified with this “real” guy and realized they need to pay attention; that a plot (conspiracy) really was underway to destroy America, and that Trump and his team were here to prevent that.

Communist Subversion 2 | Episode 1

Here’s Part 2.

Communist Subversion 2 | Episode 2

You may also enjoy exploring Larry Hannigan’s version of truth from down under at this link where he says…

There are 5 words people are going to hear a lot soon concerning Vaccines, the Deep State and just about everything you thought you knew.   They are: “We tried to tell you”

Uh-huh—we did.

Frontline Doctors File Motion to Stop FDA Authorization of COVID Vaccines for Children

Hear that, doctor Fraudci? Thats el sound of big, beautiful walls closing in on your asso…

— il Donaldo Trumpo (@ilSharko) May 26, 2021

I’ve not had any intel on what is happening in Canada other than the video from a woman who says she is now the Commander-in-Chief of the Republic, which I shared yesterday. Who do you WANT to represent you, Canada? Isn’t it time to go with who is responsive to the country and the People, rather than slick-talking politicians?

We are hearing rumours that the US/Canada border is completely closed, and it sounds like a shakeup since Trudeau has not been seen in almost two weeks now.

Simon Parkes isn’t talking much and Scott Mowry and team will probably be on a well-deserved hiatus at least for awhile until the waters calm so we’ll have to take our intel as we get it.

Kevin Annett brings us his update. It seems Canadians will be getting their own flavour of ice water as their wakeup call. He encourages us to resist the hysteria and psychological operations the deep state loves to promote to instill fear.  14 min.

A Time of Judgement: On Reaping what we have sown

For those who like digging for nuggets of gold, below is a new Juan O’ Savin interview with David Nino Rodriques.

As Q The Storm Rider stated in the Tweets above, Juan is saying these next moves in the months ahead are going to be hard to handle (esp. for Americans) and we’ll have to toughen up. It has to be so painful we will never want to go through this again. “A total gut-punch.” He says what is coming will be almost impossible for people to grasp and understand how it could have come to this. He says there will also be some great rallies.

What David asks Juan is, will Trump be the first shocking arrest. Wow—that would wake up America, wouldn’t it?


In this discussion with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and David Nino Rodrigues, they discuss whether Juan O’Savin is JFK Jr. or not. We have it on good authority that John is a master of disguises and has been working on the Trump team all along.

There is some fascinating information here. What is it with people having dreams about JFK Jr? I’ve had two dreams that I remember, myself, but not the same as Kerry’s. Video at the link below.


In the very near future, the American people will have to accept that their nation was hijacked and almost destroyed. It was brought to the brink of destruction and saved at the eleventh hour by Donald Trump, the Patriots, the military, and the Earth Alliance.

They will have to learn that they never had any choice in direction. They weren’t paying attention and almost lost their country, and their lives.

IMPOSSIBLE: A Sample of 950 Military Ballots Were Recently Audited In Georgia and All Went for Joe Biden

This is today’s update on Audit AZ.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer’s Method of Validating Votes by Concentrating on the Paper Ballots May Save the Union

We know what they did, and justice is being served all over the world.

Breaking: ex foreign minister of Italy who “introduced” me to Joseph Mifsud has been indicted in Italy

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) May 26, 2021

Are these comms?

There are lots of colors on the flight deck! This helps differentiate between rates and positions, so what might seem like chaos is actually a perfectly orchestrated evolution. A thread. #GreaterEachDay #WeLikeIke

— USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (IKE) (@TheCVN69) May 26, 2021

Just for kicks and giggles, what’s Q drop #69? In case we’re to mirror it, what was #96?

Q knew.. And so did ANONS..
Merk.el ROTHSCHILDs, Rockefellers
C_a Kaz.arianMossad

White HATS in control
Trust the PLAN
+You have more than you know

— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) May 26, 2021

I told you it was a walk in the woo-woo. Some might believe it’s a walk in the poo-poo. They might step in it.

Hope you liked it, my friends. Exciting things are on our doorstep. Keep fighting back.  ~ BP


— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) May 25, 2021

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