Lyubisha Luke Jovanovic ~ May 26, 2021

Dear beloved Divine family of love and light, as above so bellow, and all around, as inside so outside of physical bodies, I have Divine call to write this message to activate more inner Divine self, with activation of 144 000 white brotherhood and sisterhood for more connection with the Great Central Sun, Alcyone, in this very important time of final cleansing of our Dear Mother Earth-Gaia from the last remnants of dark energies, in any energy forms from the physical shapes to the astral level of negative matrix. The remnants of negative ones rejected the last offer to rejoin to the Lights, or leave our planet on the peaceful way, so many of them are in the underground bases, particularly under China, and part of Mediterranean and Middle East and under Congo, holding Human and non Human hostages, our Star Families: Pleiadeans, and Sirians, and Arcturians, and Lyrians and others, and through closed cycles of reincarnations, negative ones using their energies, and holding 3D, and lower 4D matrix by closed Space-Time cycle of false hologram and protective shield locally, than can be dissolved by new additional flux of Divine Love and Light energies, directly from our Great Central Sun, through opened Pleiadian portal, and through Heart cores of other aligned Sums, and our Sun Solaris / reunited with twin flame Niburu / the biggest planet, after destruction of Twin Sun in our binary Galaxy by dark ones /, and trough Earth’s heart core centre, and with 144000 White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood from inner divine Families, and surface divine Souls in Humanities and in all Kingdoms and Elements, with heart to heart connection with our Star Families, and all Company of Heaven, multidimensionally to our Beloved Father Mother God in the Great Central Sun, making endless circulating of Divine Love and Light energies, until dissolving of the last remnants of dark energies, that do not want to surrender, and still trying to make destruction. This will be accompanied by endless bathing of our planet and all her Inhabitants, by bathing with the huge gamma rays of 5th and higher dimensional frequency, lasting to the final releasing our planet Earth, Mother Earth and all her Inhabitants. This is Divine call and all 144000 White Brotherhood / Sisterhood to ask for more Divine Love and Light energies, connecting with our heart to heart centres with our beloved Heart Core centre of Mother Gaia, and fill all inner side of our planet with Divine Love and Light energies to the hidden part, and holding this inner 5th and higher Divine energies to dissolving of the last negative energies, with breaking of all 3D/ 4D dimensions, closed space time loop by artificially hologram, programmed by negative energies.
The time is coming for final dissolving of all remnants of negative energies, hidden in whole deepness of our beloved Mother Earth, and complete freedom of our Planet and all Her Inhabitants, with bringing Peace, and Divine Love and Light, and Abundance for All equally, and Harmony and Happiness and joy for all, how to our Galaxy, so the same to whole multiverse to our Great Central Sun, the place of our Beloved Father Mother God, the Creator of All that is.
This blast of Divine Love and Light energies to start tonight, at staring 26th of May, a total eclipse of Moon, and lasting to complete dissolving of negative energies, with the reunion of all Light workers, and Grid Workers and Light warriors all around our planet, with heart to heart connection whit all Humanity with all Souls in all Kingdom //plants and animals, and crystal; kingdoms/ and elements / or Ascending Dragon collectives, and Fairies, and Unicorns and other mythical beings, with beloved inner earth families, bellow, and with beloved Star Families, and all beloved company of Heaven, above, for the divine transformation of whole to the 5th and higher dimensional frequency.
Our forgiveness, and Love and Compassion to all players of dark roles, to accept the Light or Leave our planet to play this role somewhere else, or to choose being to remodelling your souls / if still exists/ with dissolving in Great Central Sun, and it is your choice. The higher rise of frequency of our Planet and all Her Inhabitants is imminent, and you can n0t survive these several blasts of Divine Love and Light energies, and everyone who choose Love over Fear will be survive, and this starting on midnight at the East.
All my love to all in this Cosmos, and love and healing to our beloved Mother Earth-Archangel Gaia Sophia, and our beloved Sun Solaris.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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