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Editor’s Note: Love is a wondrous and beautiful thing who full realization can only be ascertained as the emotion, and vibration, of fear is contained. How to do that in our lives?

The personal expression to become joyous in our lives happens through the recognition of a choice we each make as a basis for our BEing! As you make the choice to view fear (fractals educing another reality) as a distinct entity, actually loving this entity (fear) allows both you and your fear to experience freen-ess as fear is now able to go exist elsewhere, leaving you to exist and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


All the hatred in the outer world is a reflection of the evil that is in ourselves, and that to the heart of love there is nothing that is hateful, and therefore nothing that can injure.
The average man is usually a centre of agitated vibration; he/she is constantly in a condition of worry or trouble about something, or in a condition of deep depression, or else he/she is unduly excited in the endeavor to grasp something. They are always in a state of unnecessary agitation, generally about the merest trifle.
Although they never think of it, he/she is all the while influencing other people around them by the condition of their astral body.
Other virtues which we should build into ourselves are courage and determination.

The man/woman who has love can walk unharmed through the jungle, can walk untouched through the cave of the carnivorous brute, or take in his hands the serpent; for there is nothing that has a message of hate to the heart that has in it only love, and the love that radiates to the world around us, that draws all things in to serve and not to injure, draws all things in to love and not to hate.
The feet of a Master, the tiger will roll in friendship, as the wildest will bring their young for shelter and for helping, and all living things will come to the man/woman who loves, for they are all the offspring of the Divine, and the Divine is Love, and when that is made perfect in man it draws all things inwards to itself.
What are the words of another, that you should let your serenity be disturbed by them?
They are merely a vibration in the atmosphere; if it had not happened that you heard them, or heard of them, would they have affected you?

If not, then it is obviously not the words that have injured you, but the fact that you heard them.
It is you who is responsible for the disturbance created in your astral body, and not them.
This astral body is a vehicle with which the man has clothed himself in order that he may learn through it and act through it. It cannot therefore fulfill its purpose unless he has it thoroughly under control.
If a disturbance arises within your astral body in reference to the outside world, that is merely because you have not yet gained control over that body; you have not yet developed the calmness which enables you to look down upon as a soul upon all this and go on your way and attend to your own work without taking the slightest notice of foolish or spiteful remarks made by other men/women.

If you attain this calmness and serenity, you will find that your life is infinitely happier than before. The higher reason is that fact that we then have work to do for our fellow-men/woman and that we cannot be fit to do it unless we are calm and serene.
Unless we evolve ourselves we cannot be a fit and perfect channel for the Divine Power and Strength.
That should be our motive in our effort; yet the fact remains that the result of this effort will be greatly increased happiness in our work. The man/woman who cultivates calmness and serenity soon finds the joyousness of the divine life pervading the whole of his/her existence.
Let us look at ourselves carefully and thoughtfully, examine ourselves and see what there is in us that stands in our way, that prevents us from being perfect characters?

Billy Rood / Creator of FIFTY8 Magazine

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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