the FEAR chameleon ~ May 17, 2021

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes! Fear presents as an insidious presence in any shape, any size, and in any manner in which it can present itself. This calls on all who know and exist in Quantum LOVE to simply BE…and let all the rest dissolve as we observe the expansion of our world, leaving us to remain and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


It’s been quite some time since writing. There are many reasons for the lapse – some personal, some professional. It seems that writing is only useful when it is also helpful. You could say that until right now, there hasn’t been anything helpful to say. It is hoped that at the end of this post, you’ll feel that it has been of some assistance. If not, well, be assured that no offense is taken. Those of us who share in this format are often mostly talking to ourselves anyway. (smile)

Most of you know I enjoy regular contact with a being I have come to know as One. The series of books that began in June of 2020 continues, with the fifth volume set to be available by month’s end. Those conversations occur regularly. Lately, due to either the frequency of them, or the frequency we currently occupy, it is pretty much a constant conversation. We can connect anytime. One’s favorite time to tap me on the shoulder is around 3:00 in the morning. For obvious reasons, this is not my favorite time. So, we connect pretty much day and night as the moment requires and both of us are willing.

This constant flow of broader truth has changed me. It has altered my perspective. Many things look different than they once did, way back in the early months of last year. You remember that time, don’t you? The world seemed simpler then.

What today’s writing hopes to do is act as a reminder. For this broader perspective has made for a simpler view. Here is what is meant by that…

What I see with all the rhetoric/publicity around the virus, masks, jab, political players, etc., is a monster-mash-up called FEAR. It looks to be the dying gasps or desperate grabs of some make-believe creature. Its whole point is to make-YOU-believe that it is both real and important. As well as to make you afraid. That is what it looks like from here. A FEAR chameleon.


To pay attention to it is to feed it. It requires energy to survive. To produce content about it only reinforces it as valid. This feeds it, and this is the sustenance it requires.

It is as valid as you believe it to be. If you follow this work then you are aware that we are right now in the midst both an ending (which is guaranteed) and a beginning (which is also guaranteed).

Life will only be more of the same if you hold onto it that way with your focus.

What you are here to do (with this current onslaught of FEAR) is to let it go. You are actually here to usher it out of here.

You can do that by holding onto just one thing. Your light. Hold onto your light, and let the rest of it go.

Remember, it is merely a FEAR chameleon, using its best camouflage to fit in anywhere you are looking.


Focus your energy onto the world you want.

Hold the light.
Hold the light.
Hold the light.

A special location is not required.
A special job is not required.
Special equipment is not required.
A large bank account is not required.

All that is necessary – is you.

The release of Heather Ann Tucci-Jaraff is a pivotal moment. We can support and amplify this moment with love. We can illuminate it with our light.

Fear dampens, constricts, kills.
Love amplifies, supports, rejuvenates.

We came here for this time and this doing. It is happening now. Turn on your light, and hold it steady. Keep it on until our arrival is assured.

Let go of fear.
Hold on to the light.
Refuse the fear.
Say yes to the light.

It is there where you’ll find your deepest truth.

It is there where love’s essence rests.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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