Your Sunday Digest for May 16, 2021: The Escalating Battles [videos] ~ May 16, 2021

The battles Humanity is engaged in all over this planet should be evident to everyone now. There are battles foreign and domestic. War has been declared on Humanity and We are fighting back in a variety of ways.

An interesting correlation arose between Trump’s comms and the Q map. Link to Telegram.

It relates to this Q post, and as you can see, at least some of the dialogue is interesting and possibly relevant at this time.

988 Apr 02, 2018 11:45:09 PM EDT Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 491f56 No. 875265  April [A]. IG report. Sessions public attack. RR problems. Seals broken. [A]rrests. Why was Huber made public? Why now? Everything has meaning. [A]wan. Tarmac. Iran. NK. U1. FBI. DOJ. Mueller. Election Integrity. Immigration Bill. Border. Wall. Military start. BIG month. Q

I watched Jetson White’s recent video again about the time travel and what’s unfolding under the dome as it said “remastered” and at the very end referenced Q drop #3339 and the enigmatic “##FLYMAYFLY## and I’m wondering if it is related to our exit from the Matrix/construct in May.

This concerns the battle for truth and comes to us from a California couple, Andrew and Rebecca/Becca whom I check in with now and again. I just happened to see this video and it got my attention.

“Boogie and Bex” had a fascinating video update shooting a dome of a different sort and the astounding images they discovered using a unique setup and telephoto zoom lens. Some reminded me of the images in some of the Yellow Rose for Texas videos long ago with a giant thumb next to the sun, etc. and support the theory that we are in a simulation.

If you’re an intrepid researcher, I recommend having a look at this one to see how it might fit into your “worldview” of where we are currently.

As you are probably aware, quite often things show up in photographs that we didn’t see at the time the shutter clicked. Boogie is using a dome setup to photograph what shows up there, because it’s different than what we see with the naked eye and by looking directly at the sky. It’s a reflection he explains in the description below the video.

The title links to the video on YouTube if you want to read that and you probably need to. This is mind-blowing stuff and if it doesn’t at least show us that our world is not what we think, then perhaps nothing will. It might prompt the very valid question: “Where the hell are we?” You may or may not agree with his analyses of all the elements captured, but regardless, it’s quite an education and probably rules out the myth that we live on that little blue marble. 25 min.

Skydome Atlantis: Sun Simulator, Blue Kachina, Red Planet Nibiru, 2nd Sun: Nephilim & Fallen Angel

We continue to get news and research on the scamdemic; specifically treatments. I listened to this short video clip on Telegram of Dr. Urso of the America’s Frontline Doctors team revealing some facts about Hydroxychloroquine the cabal tried to hide. The studies showed HCQ protected healthy cells and attacked cancer cells. We told you these ghouls have buried cures for probably every disease—because they create diseases to take us out.

What do you suppose they did with all the trillions of dollars supposedly allocated for cancer research? What happened to all the money We, the People donated to the Susan G. Koman breast cancer funds, etc., etc.? Hmmmm? And no cure for cancer—just cutting, burning, and poisoning to prolong the suffering while it enriched Big Pharma, hospitals and doctors and the New World Order psychopaths.

Who is getting sick after a vaxx? Is it really because of the vaxx, or something else?

Terry Dahl posted this as well as some Telegrams about spirit cooking and it reminded me of our discussion previously about who is really dying. Next she posted the article linked below. You may recall Q repeated, “These people are sick” and we heard that the White Hats tainted the adrenochrome supply. Connect the dots.

Too Bad!!
Everyone Who Went to Pea Dough Island will Get Sick!

These People Literally Are Sick!!!👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

‘WORRYING’: Princess Michael of Kent, 76, ill with blood clots after having two Covid jabs

They may be using the jab as an excuse, but if the adrenochrome was tainted it may have been a “vaccine” of a different kind that is taking out the pedovores, yes?

Wearing a mask after being vaccinated and restrictions are lifted is like wearing a diaper after you’re potty trained.

— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) May 16, 2021

It’s always good to hear Juan O’Savin’s perspective on this historic process. Here’s a new interview.

Juan O’ Savin Exclusive Interview with Nicholas Veniamin

With respect to  the election status, we have breaking news from yet another state. I think we all know where this will lead, don’t we?

It may be about America now, but all nations need to examine their election protocols and laws to ensure the integrity of their voting systems because a lot of people the world over are going to learn their votes never really counted for much. Their leaders were often not elected, but installed.

Breaking: The State Of Wisconsin Authorized An Audit Of The 2020 Election!

Here’s an update from Patrick Byrne.

Here is the latest And We Know update from LT.

5.15.21: The ENEMY is losing LEADERS, LEGAL battles, DEMONIC TV shows and MORE! Hold the LINE! Pray!

For those trying to reconcile the Joe Biden character posing as POTUS, here’s a Telegram video clip of the REAL Joe Biden quite some time ago. Obviously not the same guy. So where is the original, you might ask? Probably the same place as No-name McCain and Poppy Bush.

It’s clear that some big and much-needed changes are underway in our society as a result of the information that has come into the public eye from President Trump, the Q Team, and Patriots paying attention. When will Planned Parenthood be fully exposed?

Texas Governor Expected to Sign Bill Banning Abortions When Fetal Heartbeat Is Detected

A friend sent this for residents of Olympia, Washington. The People believe their vote was stolen and want to recall Gov. Inslee. If you live nearby and want to lend your support, be there tomorrow. URGENT URGENT URGENT
It was just announced tonight they are officially filing to recall Inslee on Monday 5/17 at 1 pm in Olympia. They’re wanting a strong presence of 1000+ people to be there to hold signs and rally. The next step will be collecting signatures (will need 1.5 million physical signatures to recall). Start spreading the word to all your small businesses and likeminded friends!! Let’s get him out!!!
If you’re able to be present for filing the recall, it is happening at the WA Secretary of State’s Office. 520 Union Ave SE Olympia WA 98501. All this info was announced tonight in the Facebook live in the Washingtonians to Recall Inslee Facebook group.

We try to make a habit of ridiculing the loonatic left.


— il Donaldo Trumpo (@ilSharko) May 16, 2021

I am currently working on some things in the Human Health realm that require my attention so I am going to sign off now and I’ll get back to you later with some exciting news. Enjoy the rest of your day.  ~ BP

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