May 15, 2021: It’s Time to Get Over It; We’re Free People & Big Stuff is Coming [videos] ~ May 15, 2021

I’m sticking this update at the top just after press time. It suggests the “situation” may be heating up and you know what that means. Global unrest.

BREAKING: Hamas has issued a warning to residents of Moshe Aviv tower in Tel Aviv and instructed people to leave it immediately.

Apparently the loonatic left like Rachel Madcow are having a come to Jesus moment with respect to the  new unmasking protocols. You don’t even have to listen to her mad rant to get this update as it’s narrated.

Do the White Hats control the media? Listen to the “reasoning” here. There seems to be a very gradual shift to more dialogue about Covid, the crimes involved, and the way forward out of the strictly controlled year of mandated tyrannical health protocols and resulting paranoia of the duped masses.

What’s going on, the patriots want to know? This video should help. There is so much truth in television and movies.

I’ve been posting this for 2 years now… This is exactly what’s happening right now

HAPPENING NOW: We are in the ‘FINAL STAGES’ of the takeover

NEXT STEP: Banks go ‘offline’ using the ‘security upgrade’ as an excuse


— _CryptoManiac101 🅐 (@C_M_101) May 13, 2021

I hope you’re enjoying the show. It’s all smoke and mirrors. No matter what the deep state sickos do, the Earth Alliance will Trump them.

You know how the story goes
[DS]C_iA Creates fake Terrorist attack
[DS] Fb_i confirms the story & scene
[MSM] Plaster’s story everywhere,
Burying all other stories

( I said this last month > FF Terrorist Attack)/>ALMOST ⏰

/) Good news> after>activates NG <

— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) May 15, 2021

We hear the CIA needed to destroy some records and/or servers, so they demolished the buildings. Gee, that’s original. Have they done that since 9/11?


Is this a demolition? Look at the shock wave hitting the curtains right before the building crashes at free fall speeds.

That small explosion on front doesn’t have the kinetic energy to barely shake the building!! Anyone else see it?

— Zach Vorhies (@Perpetualmaniac) May 15, 2021

I found the most interesting meme on Friday afternoon. This date is passed and I don’t know if anything extraordinary happened but perhaps other nations will be following suit?

This development with the AZ audit is timely, too. Everything’s all locked up tight.

AZ Audit Paused For A Week After Massive Irregularities Found

CodeMonkeyZ has an interesting string of posts on Telegram, including the following for today.

CodeMonkeyZ, [15.05.21 01:11]
In a high-stakes game of hot potato, the vendor is now claiming that Maricopa County Supervisors DO HAVE THE PASSWORD.

CodeMonkeyZ, [15.05.21 01:11]
Please give us the password.

Maricopa County:
We never had the password.

Actually we gave Maricopa County the password a few months ago.

CNN is in the toilet so they needed a publicity stunt to boost ratings as the Liz Cheney and Bill Gates divorce distractions fade from the headlines.

Don Lemon Tells Fans He’s Not Leaving CNN After Panic Over His Tease That ‘Changes Are Coming’

A lot of traitors will be leaving. Charlie Ward said 4,000 banksters have been arrested at this point because they stood in the way of the QFS and getting everyone switched over. They’re masters of obstruction. Little has changed since 9/11.

Word is FAUCI’s Team has collapsed
& His directors from NIH& NIAID are singing like canaries & have been debriefing the last days & servers have been taken
MIL.//LOTS GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES> from UK>Germany>to Switzerland to U.S.

— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) May 14, 2021

And Canada, too. Mainstream news, no less.

Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin no longer leading vaccine campaign pending military investigation

It’s nasty in Nova Scotia, folks.

N.S. government granted injunction to stop anti-mask, anti-lockdown protests

In Toronto, however, Maxime Bernier has a lot of fans at this rally today.

Speaking to the crowd at the Freedom Rally against unscientific #lockdowns in Toronto. @peoplespca is the only party fighting for our freedoms and a return to normal life!

— Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) May 15, 2021

Despite the CDC etc. walking back the ridiculous and dangerous protocols, SOME retailers continue to stonewall the opening and freedom process and force people to wear masks.

“This is an exciting and powerful moment, it could only happen because of the work of so many who made sure we have the rapid administration of three safe and effective vaccines,” she added.

Powerful moment, my ass. Fake pandemic, masks that do nothing, experimental vaccines that are killing people… let’s celebrate.

Traitors, all. Lock them up! And boycott!

Report: Target, Starbucks, Other Retailers Will Still Require Masks After CDC Guidance Changes

My German friend from my retail days—a never masker—wrote and says many places she’s been on her side of the valley have increasing numbers of people without masks, so the people are gradually trying to get back to normal and the more people go maskless, the more it will spread.

We have to break them of that because for most of them it has become a mindless habit. It’s astonishing to me still at this point how many are compliant and don’t seem to mind at all. Does freedom mean nothing to these people? How can you like wearing a mask for goddsake? I must be cut from a different cloth.

I sent letters to the Arizona Dept. of Transport and cc’d Governor Ducey to tell them messages about covid, washing hands and getting vaccines have no place on our highway safety signs and to stop that immediately. This BS has gone on far too long and the People have to speak up.

We direct the government—not the other way around, is what the masses need to remember. Without our direction they’re a rudderless ship, as we know, and will drift into dangerous waters. It’s time to take the helm and set the coordinates for the course of OUR choice.

This sounds promising, but check out the fine print…

Two More Major Retailers Drop Mask Requirement

I may have some comms arriving. One moment please.

Here’s what I got via secure instant messaging and even managed to figure out how to email it to myself from this Android I don’t know how to use:BREAKING NEWS This is HUGE News! A good friend of mine went to her local bank yesterday and the bank said they were so excited. They said Nesara is happening tomorrow (Today)and all debt will be wiped out. All mortgages, credit cards and all debt. My friend said, I know about Nesara and they were shocked she did.  She asked through the years about the currency exchanges and they denied it. They said they were told to deny it. Yesterday they confirmed the exchanges of foreign currency are happening soon. They knew about the exchanges and all they could say is very soon. It was just a little local bank on east coast.  They said there would be a PSA (public service announcement or EBS)to let the public know what is going on. The one banker said the IRS is dead! Dead in the waters. They mentioned  the UBI and said people will get money and you don’t have to work anymore. She said they were so excited and jumping up and down! My friend was so excited herself! If you ever doubted about this happening, this is tangible proof this is happening now! The long wait will soon be over!

Interesting news continues to flow. Timing must be close. Take it for what you will. I don’t know that person, I’m just passing it on.

You can’t make this up, folks. The scamdemic is far more dangerous than we ever realized. I think I’ll stick to my alcohol-free, moisturizing oregano hand sanitizer spray, above. I rarely ever use it, though. I have a slobbery dog and don’t get hung up on that stuff. Funny though… I’m almost never sick.

Maryland car erupts in flames after driver smokes cigarette while using hand sanitizer, officials say

From the crew… a peek at what the future holds. Have a boo at this priceless video. Love the Russian accent—and get a load of that sexy fractal cucumber! There is boundless Human creativity on display here. 4 min.

While we’re waiting…

People seem to be either in a tizzy over the “news” (including White Hat disinfo)… or just relaxing and waiting for the inevitable.

Mike Pompeo’s recent message with a time stamp of 5:23 points to this on the Q map:

523 Jan 13, 2018 10:36:29 PM EST

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 000000 No. 11  CHECKMATE.

A relatively awake friend is coming for a visit later to see what we’ve done with the house she helped us buy so I have some chores to do. Signing off for now. I hope you’re feeling the excitement as big stuff is obviously brewing and could break at any moment.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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