Portal Still Wide Open! ~ May 7, 2021

I share this with you Beloved Hearts for you to know and experience if you choose. The Gateway is still open. Wide open. I have never experienced anything quite like this ‘portal’ for it is not only relegated to a date. This particular portal is also not limited to the Pleaidians (which I felt and spoke about at the Gathering,) though they hosted it, it is open to the entirety of the 5th Dimension and beyond. It is a Multi Dimensional Portal that can be seen and experienced now and more more vividly since the 555. It’s Presence showed up experientially for me about 3 days prior. It lingered all day after our Gathering and has, as a result of experience tonight, remained wide open and pouring rather gentle though poignant and steady Light Streams, Light Codes, and even bringing down Beacons of Light. And the activity on the other side of it is amazing. And, uniting with us where we are as we lift ourselves Up and open wide our hearts. Some are showing their full lightbodies, conversing through telepathy, exchanging code with the engaged and they are having a great time playing ‘magic’ with us as are the skies, stars and sky. Once you get a glimpse of something magical its followed up by something else we call ‘magical.’

This does not exempt anyone from going through the Ascent and Descent We are all going through or earthly heartaches or grief though with this open portal it so greatly shines a Light on what is Reality in Truth and what is not. It so greatly shines the Light on chaos and its destructive nature, particularly any chaos within ourselves. In that Light beaming through that wide open portal, we recognize the absurdity of the chaos outside of ourselves and in that Light we recognize the preciousness, the sacredness of ourselves and our courage and commitment to an entire humanity and a Planet. And in that Light we feel the Love and Oneness so profoundly with our Families of Light and the magic of it all. It makes the heart soar and at the same time it can bring up deep sadness and a longing. Though the longing is good if we see it through another lens of perception and realize we can use that emotion to not feel trapped though to aspire more greatly to BE who we truly are, to experience so much more than what we think we are limited to.

We have worked hard and taken down so many veils of our own consciousness till a portal such as this can stay open by our spotting and bypassing the ‘imposters’ within ourselves, by using our consciousness to move things forward or Higher… or by inducing our consciousness whether through silence, music, a candle, light language, nature, water, animals or whatever means we choose to purposefully and without expectation for anything other than to bring our selves into a balanced, neutral state of consciousness that allows Higher Consciousness to enter and Higher Vision to open.

I share this with All of you to encourage you, or remind you, or to put it in writing here and not just in my journal. It’s not important that I share the particulars only that I share this Truth and if it is in resonance, that any and all may Know that no matter how challenging it is here (and God knows I know about challenging,) though Above All Else, Higher Realities, Higher Aspects of ourselves, Higher Wisdom of ourselves, telepathy, physical and non-physical multi-dimensional experience is all Here and Now to partake in and with. With much more on the way!

Long ago Source said to me Maureen you will teach/share by experience. And I have had to tow that line to finally be able to say it has all been worth it (to greater or lesser degrees,) to Be Here Now and share this not as a labeled ‘wayshower,’ or labeled anything other than a Human Soul realizing and experiencing it’s own Divinity and the power and humbleness and Love that brings.

Eternal Love and Respect to All,


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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