Features of Andromedan Star Seeds ~ May 4, 2021

Editor’s Note: Found it…this IS me! how about you? Please read, it’s very exciting to BE from my future, leaving me to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Here are 10 Signs You Are Andromedan Starseed And Their Personality Code: You have a good balance between your male and female energy We all have both male and female energies within us, but most people on Earth are out of balance.

For example, if you are male and are in contact with your emotional side, it is a sign that you have a good balance of energies.

The reason why Andromedan stellar seeds usually have a good balance is because most Andromedans are twelve dimensional, and when the soul has risen so high they have a very androgynous energy.

You want freedom Freedom is something you value in life.

Spending your days locked up working for someone else makes you feel trapped and possibly called to start your own business.

You’re not a big fan of government and how the government is formed. You believe that most governments are corrupt and that it is better to give citizens freedom to choose their way of life.

You believe that no one should pay high taxes and try to minimize your tax bills as much as possible.

Because you value freedom so much, you may have moved a lot in the past, changed friends and changed partners.

However, as you ascend, you stop moving and moving from partner to partner because you realize that true freedom comes from INSIDE and you settle down.

You seem confident, but you can fight self-love Like the Pleiadian Stellar Seeds, you can struggle with self-esteem issues.

You seem confident in the outside world, but you can fight self-love. You may be concerned that no one cares what you have to say, so you are afraid to speak.

However, by continuing on your spiritual path, you will eventually overcome it and achieve full power.

You are strongly connected with nature and water You are one of the people who could never live in a landlocked country (unless it was full of lakes).

You also love dolphins and other ocean animals as it reminds you of your home world which is mostly covered with water.

Therefore, it is a good habit for stellar Andromedans to listen to the sounds of nature and dolphins, meditate to the sounds of the ocean, and visit the beach and nature to revive their energy.

You love to travel The reason why Andromedan star seeds love to travel is because they love freedom and because it reminds them of returning to a spaceship, traveling at the speed of light.

Many of the Andromedan star seeds are long-term travelers and nomads.

You are an innate teacher and guide

You are good at inspiring others and deeply wise.

The galaxies are of different ages, and Andromeda is one of the oldest. Therefore, they are very wise and want to share it.

You love reading and learning new things, and you constantly want to develop and improve in every area of your life.

The Pleiadians visiting us are our future s

You are both creative and logical Like the star seeds of Pleiadian and Sirius, you are very creative and always full of ideas.

You are drawn to acting, writing and other creative work in which you can freely express yourself. You can decorate and combine colors. However, the Andromedans are not only creative but also masters of science.

Therefore, you, as the Andromedan star seed, are also very analytical. This combination means you have a good balance between your left and right hemispheres. This is a very rare but good thing and much needed today.

Ancient civilizations attract you You are drawn to one or more ancient cultures such as Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, and Sumeria.

You may feel called to travel to high energy spiritual places such as Machu Picchu or the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

You’ve probably watched documentaries and read books on these topics. The reason you feel attracted to these places is because you may have had previous lives in these civilizations.

In fact, it is speculated that the winged people in Sumeria, depicted in reliefs and statues, were Andromedans.

You are not selfish Yo

You just want to serve and you want the best for humanity and the earth. If you are (or will become) a public figure in the future, fame won’t come easily to your head.

The Andromedans are extremely union-conscious, much more so than other races, and that’s because it’s so far away from other places (no enemies or conflicts).

So they are very spiritual and loving without much ego. “You don’t have to brag to everyone that you are a star seed, but just have this inner knowledge and see that you are unique, talented and have an important mission on Earth.”

Would you like to live off the grid Sometimes you feel like living on Earth is really frustrating.
Most of the people around you seem to be brainwashed by the media and blind to what is really going on on the planet.

The reason why life on Earth is extremely difficult for Andromedan stellar seeds is because Andromedans are the worst enemies of reptiles. So living on a planet that is literally ruled and enslaved by the Reptilians is very frustrating for Andromedan souls.

The worst thing is when people are silenced for telling the truth and warning about the dangers of 5G technology, vaccines, etc.

Like Lyran’s star seeds, you HATE authority and sometimes you just want to break out of the system and live off the grid.

Perhaps as a nomad, or in the mountains or in the countryside, growing your own food.
Julia Lundin

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. I don;t know which I am, but THIS starseed want to GO HOME!!!!!! And in THIS lifetime!!!!!

    Also….please…address the subject of TRAUMATIZED starseeds, like ME. NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT THIS. Not all starseeds sing rainbows and unicorns. It’s akin to be like a war veteran with shell shock. Come on, SOMEONE talk about this.

    This is from a dialogue that me and another poster on Cobra’s blog had, recently:


    See, ALL my life, I have TIRED to help people wake the HELL up, that the world is not as it appears, that what we been taught in school is a LIE, the govt don’t give a shit about you or me, and all that other stuff. What do I have to show for over 20 years of trying? A balding head since age 16, tons of ridicule, viewed as ‘the village idiot’ by nearly everyone…broken teeth from fists slamming into my face. Even my own so-called family disowned me, for all this, and not accepting their dogma, nor their bigotry.

    I want something FAR better to show for it.

    And to anyone saying “but the experience you had IS the reward! the aliens are so envious of you experiencing these hardships!” SOD that CRAP!

    IF any alien is both DUMB enough and MASOCHISTIC enough to WANT to experience this, I’d be GLAD to let them trade places.

    I don’t want to be the equivalent of a war veteran who did his or her part, only to end up either living in a cardboard box in some alley, or the poor sod with shell shock, or like when Rambo had his breakdown at the of “First Blood”

    I’ve HAD meltdowns like this over the past 20 years or so, having been treated like a mutant or an outcast by society as long as I can remember. COUPLED with the fact my soul is trapped in the WRONG gender body…..you would too if the real you is like Kim Bassinger, and you see in the mirror Golum from Lord of the Rings.

    Other person:

    Rambo’s breakdown in First Blood made a mark on me as well, and similar thoughts have crossed my mind. Everyone will need healing after the Event, and some starseeds might end up needing it even more than normal unawakened people. If they aren’t properly taken care off and treated like common folk, they could end up breaking down just like Rambo did. Are traumatized starseeds going to receive the same unfair treatment Rambo did in First Blood? I doubt it. Is it going to be enough? I hope so.

    Sorry if that sounds ego oriented, but starseeds currently partaking in this liberation DO deserve to receive a nice retirement package and be received as heroes wherever they go, after this is over. Hold on and hang in there.


    Yep, the starseeds and those who TRIED to wake the masses/sheeple up are DEFINITELY going to need a LOT of help. Otherwise, many of us WILL go crazy like Rambo did in that town. Remember the lyrics of the classic Black Sabbath song, “Ironman”?

    It’s amazing I did not take a gun to school and do a Columbine, several years before that one happened, or go around, blowing up shopping malls. Speaking of school, I was often called “Charlie Brown” many times, by some of the teachers….

    And, over the years…from my teens, to now, my early 40’s, I DO have breakdowns like Rambo, even talking and screaming to myself, and folks who are not even there.

    And no, ego has nothing to do with needing a lot of help and healing, and it’s not egotism in saying those who suffered the most deserve a DAMN GOOD reward for their services….pffft…service is too conservative a description…..sacrifice is more of a proper word to use.

    Let the ET’s pick me up, and let me undergo emotion and gender healing, as well as whatever they can do with DNA…I want to remove as much human elements from my own. All I need is 5-10 minutes notice to get myself presentable, and grab a single, small suitcase to take with me, and tell the cats who live on my property, the only friends I pretty much had over these years, good bye. And sit in the observation port to see earth, aka Plant Gulag diminish as the ship warps, jumps, or whatever the process is, and realize, “No more Gulag, hooray!”


  2. Love that, may be I am but I do not fancy growing my food. Alex Colier’s book “Defend Sacred Ground” based on information from the Andromedans made some impression.


  3. raise my own food…..oy…..no.

    I need to explore the STARS…become ET again….NOT stay HERE and raise CROPS for god sake.


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