May 3, 2021: We Are the Answer [videos] ~ May 3, 2021

First, the bad news.

Sheesh. Next thing you know it’ll be Catturd. Can you believe they have censored a satire account??? They’re grumpy because they’re losing. BIGLY.

Now for some GOOD news. DeSantis is a hero, and a Marine comes through for the People again.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Marine

BREAKING: all remaining local government executive orders related to COVID will be SUSPENDED today in an Executive Order by @RonDeSantisFL

Florida has now *FULLY returned to normal!

— Rep. Anthony Sabatini (@AnthonySabatini) May 3, 2021

When the People en masse realize their innate power—and exercise it with conviction—it’s over.

Just say NO. They have no power over us when we are united in our stance.

— Robert – Take off the Diaper, Use a rock instead (@Poisonflats) May 3, 2021

WE are the wayshowers.

Ain’t it amazing how all the people who know this virus narrative is bullshit ain’t been ill and we’ve all not worn a mask ever.

Funny ain’t it.

— Andy (@AndyBird21) May 2, 2021

We, the awakened ones got up off our knees and stood as examples to others. It’s spreading faster than the virus.

So many have given their lives for this liberation.

Breaking at 1 p m Pacific. Incident at Langley.

‘Security incident’ regarding ‘intruder’ reported at CIA Headquarters in Virginia

Here’s a decode that just came in. See more on Telegram.

More comms for today. See the Telegram post.

We can take down evil politicians and global corporations.

We have to know our rights and demand them, while facilitating the restoring of our group power any way we can. Trump showed the way. He said fight back; don’t back down; and never, ever, ever give up.

Trump couldn’t openly lead the world, but he did, implicitly. The Lightwarriors everywhere responded to the call.

Trump and Q are global phenomena; that’s why the demonic ones attack them, and why we support them so vociferously. Trump did it HIS way, and we’re doing it OUR way.

All President Trump has to do is say, “If you please, vote for __________” and the Patriots respond accordingly.

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Please explain to the Democrats and RINOs that the reason Texas-06 completely shut out Democrats in Saturday’s Jungle Primary is because of my Endorsement of Susan Wright, who surged last week after receiving it. The Democrats were shut out and now it will be a contest between two Republicans, a very big win. It would be nice, however, if the pundits and Fake News Media would state the real reason for this unprecedented (Democrats have never been shut out before) victory!

No more election interference!!!  We have a QVS. (Quantum Voting System) got a new server rack for rapid processing and I hear from this post that the audit is 97% done, and every camera is working.

Link to Telegram.

Scott McKay just put this out before press time. Not sure if it’s about the live event coming up or something else. Link to Telegram and join the Trump Family channel.

Trump Family 🇺🇲

This is urgent.

We are trying to gather every Real Patriot in @DonaldJTrumpFamily – We will share very important news here!

Join us if you are part of our Family 🇺🇲

Here we go again. They’re under attack down under. I hope these aren’t all the venues where questionable (Human cells) were detected in the food supply.

Urgent health alert in Perth as 76 venues are exposed to coronavirus

Aha! Whiplash347 is suggesting something here.

Type “McDonalds”
In Search Bar.
See how many McDonalds across the planet have been shutdown under Covid.
They all do.

I believe Human flesh was marketed through McDonalds.

The global control system isn’t going to hand us anything willingly. We have to take it from them and find better ways.

The wanted a docile population. Hence: The junk-food, the beer, the smokes, the porn, the bread, the circuses, the TV, the pathetic left/right paradigm, & the seventy-five injections full of formaldehyde before age three. Get rid of all that shit. AND IT’S A DIFFERENT BALLGAME.

— jeff sekerak (@jeffsekerak) May 2, 2021

I doubt if this is what it seems.

Quiet 18 month project complete in Berlin/Underworld Boys city Tunnels closed/SEALED
Ongoing Ku’damm church tunnels ops Conn>.Old airport Schöne Airport ops Contin. > C18 clone factory< 1957 DRen Lab
Boys Town connection

— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) May 3, 2021

There’s also this:

One of the largest child porn platforms on the Darknet has been blown up!

According to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the “Boystown” portal had more than 400,000 members. The main suspects: three German men.

German Police Have Busted the Boystown Child Sex Abuse Platform with Over 400,000 Members

Small victories are empowering; big ones make us unstoppable.

We can be crafty and wiley, too. We are creative. We are brilliance and passion and blinding Light.

Arizona will culminate in a dramatic victory for the People.

TGP EXCLUSIVE: What I Witnessed on the Arizona Auditing Floor – The Ballots Are Scanned, Tested and Documented – The Process is Well Organized and VERY Secure

Here is LT’s May 3rd update from And We Know.

Many doctors have bravely spoken out now and should be recognized. How about nobel prizes? Link to Telegram.

America’s Frontline Doctors, [30.04.21 19:37]

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, an early adaptor and pioneer of the HCQ protocol, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

This is the same doctor Twitter censored & banned from its platform.

His treatment has saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Well deserved, Dr. Zelenko!

Good news for New Yorkers, but from the comments you can see there are either a lot of trolls or morons who know nothing about viruses and vaccines.

NEW: @NYGovCuomo announces the elimination of state mandated capacity restrictions in New York City on Wednesday, May 19th. That means restaurants, bars, retail, salons and live performances including Broadway can all reopen.

— Zack Fink (@ZackFinkNews) May 3, 2021

In the near future (or the present, if you wish) we will be a lot more hands-on when it comes to our health. Check out the Tesla technology available now.

Tesla BioHealing, where the future is now! Sorry, that just popped out. It sounds like a commercial. I do not benefit monetarily if you use these products. I’ve never used them and just happened to see it on Telegram and thought it worth sharing.

By now we should be aware how frequencies can affect Humans—mind and body—not to mention our pets, who are also under siege right along with us from toxic food, water, air, and vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

True “healing” is the way forward. We will leave the poisons and butchery of Satan’s healthcareless system behind. They were not about ‘healing’, but our suffering and their financial gain.

This could be something, or nothing, and it’s currently a developing story. The plane belongs to Phoenix Police, but what is the objective? We’re watching.

EXCLUSIVE: Spy Plane Identified Circling the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum Where the Election Audit Is Taking Place – What’s Going On?

Canucks! If you’d like to register for the next webinar from the Common Law guru and Lightworker Chris James, visit this link. Registration is simple and just gives them an email to send the link to so you can listen. It cuts down on interference that happens when links are broadcast freely over the Internet and helps secure the session. Takes but a second.

BROADCAST TO OUR WORLD | Christopher James – Mon/Wed/Thurs 8pm ET
Christopher James has critical updates to deliver to and for our world to save it.

REGISTER HERE for this evening’s presentation.

Probably related to the Global Currency Reset, yes.

These Canadian dollar bills are set to lose legal tender status on New Year’s Day | CTV News. Is this the priming towards the elimination of fiat currency as scripted by the WEF and other globalist criminals?

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) May 3, 2021

You probably heard about this Chinese rocket. They’re making a big deal out of its “uncontrolled re-entry” and using colourful language like “crashing back to Earth”. My first thought was about using it to justify an Internet outage or some other event they need cover for.

US Radar Tracking as Massive Chinese Rocket Plummets Toward Earth in Uncontrolled Re-Entry

And right before press time, what does Dan Scavino channel on Telegram post?

I will leave you with this delightful responso from Il Donaldo Trumpo, also featuring Catturdo. The Patriots always have the last laugh.

Have a special day, possums, and never let them see you sweat.  ~ BP


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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  1. large numbers of people have died,but never forget, the environment globally has begun to show signs of hope, all to do with the lack of human movement, and it’s true, humans are the greatest threat to the welfare of the planet,while extreme groups try to take control of peoples minds, amen


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