The Oracle Report ~ April 30, 2021

Second Renaissance Question: Frequency & Now
Hello Wise Owl –
I received an email from a longtime wise owl with the subject line “I don’t want a crystal ball; I just want to know how to cope with this energy!.”
I knew what he meant; it was not to disparage me. This is the exact kind of question I wanted to address in a show with Christine and Phoenix, but this will do.
Here is the question:
“…I just lost one of my close friends to a stroke. He was a hard-charging businessman – multi millionaire, self made. We “some of his friends” asked him to enjoy life. He claimed he enjoyed working. I know it was self programming with high goals. He is paralyzed on the left side and he can’t speak. He can now swallow, but can’t enjoy his life! A vegetable.
Is this the Shumann frequency or are we experiencing the “pulse from central sun?” It is very intense at times. I continue shedding or forgiving all from this life, and past lives that I am aware of. I can’t describe all this intensity, but it is draining all energy levels and I am not one to sit or sleep during the day.
I go outside in nature — this is calming. I guess I could move into my back yard?”
Living in this wise owl’s backyard would not be a bad experience because, from the pictures I have seen over the years, it is pretty nice! How much beauty could someone with five planets in Cancer (nurturing) care for? A lot.
What is our wise owl friend expressing?
Loss. He feels he has “lost a friend” and that we are “losing the Battle.”
This is the territory of the Black Moon in Taurus/Scorpio. Remember the Black Moon will ALWAYS work on polarities. It always involves both signs – the sign it is in and the opposite sign.
The core fear of the Black Moon in Scorpio is fear of losing. This owl does not have much in Taurus or Scorpio (except a massive Saturn exactly opposite the Chiron Point), but this is in effect for everyone, not just the Taureans and Scorpios.
I am going to get real here. We are going down the shadow side of this question, and then we will come up — high above where we started. Ascension. That’s where we aim.
What is happening? We are slam in the midst of the deployment of a hybrid nano-bioweapon with 5G connectivity all inside of us. There is no doubt about this.
It is happening in concert with the “global reset.” It is all about FREQUENCIES – our own personal frequencies (and its DNA) and the frequencies of the electro-magnetics.
Compliance with the vaccine is according to free will, but this is far beyond that. Who has the vax and who doesn’t is not going to matter because the vax is transmittable. We are ALL being systematically exposed to the nano-bioweapon and 5G takes care of the rest. We are talking about the transmission and reception of signals.

What is different is the rate at which someone has the various DNA sequences that have been under siege in a long term endgame. This is not new. For some, they have had many such attacks. How high up on IBM’s database/target list is how much you have received so far. It is this complicated and it is old hat for the nwo.
The primary things that are happening are miscarriages and menstrual issues (sterility) , stroke, and heart attacks.
If you haven’t been following this as closely, this is definitely sci fi. This is RFID transmissions and the ability to affect these on the cellular level through frequency.
That is what we are dealing with. So in a physical way, we are trying to protect our bodies from things we cannot see with our own eyes. This produces stress on the body, excites the endocrine system, and engages flight or fight –even when we aren’t aware of it. It is happening at the level of FREQUENCY.
At the same time, we are dealing with the psychological horror of war, and most people do not see this yet.
We can understand why our wise owl friend is trying to make sense of things because we are all there. Now we are at the bottom of the shadow. Now we reframe and rise.
1 – SIGNALS CAN BE OVERWRITTEN – A more powerful signal will cause less powerful signals to entrain to the stronger signal. That is what is happening within us and within the energetics of 2R/Schumann Resonance/Pulse from the Galactic Center. All of these things represent what is happening with consciousness and its effect on frequency. One human’s energy field can go a very long way. We are only beginning to understand this.
2 – WE ARE IN THE FIRST 20 DAYS OF A NEW WORLD/SECOND RENAISSANCE – 20 days. We haven’t even begun to fight. We just completed the Full Moon phase of the “cycle that foretells the future” – a crystal ball! – and haven’t even seen what we have in store. We always come back to the phases. Judging from the way this Aries has gone, I say we will have another sweep of awakening with the Cancer cycle in July, and much wider awakening with the Sagittarius cycle in December. Venus will station retrograde in mid-December and this will bring VALUE to life. What is the purpose of being here? FREQUENCY! It is our own frequency that let’s us “lead our chart,” ground the energies, transmit love, perseveres through strife, disrupts darkness, stands its ground, lives from the center point, transforms vortexes, forms bonds, and seeks wisdom. A unification is happening; we just can’t see it yet.
3 – WE CLAIM WILDLY TO LIFE/WE ARE HARD TO KILL – Let’s address our wise owl’s friend. He had a stroke. Maybe it was a regular stroke or maybe a novid stroke. Coming back from The Land of the Stroke, your friend is still here for a reason. FREQUENCY! He could have slipped out. His frequency was needed. People who work very hard and tend to be more self sufficient, like anything, follow haplo groups in genetics. They are usually leaders. They seek purpose and meaning. This haplo group is high on the target list. It is because their energy fields are strong enough to affect far and wide. A person who just had a stroke is not necessarily going to be in the same place they were after the stroke happened. Things come back naturally. He may not recover use of his left side. But then again, he very well may. I couldn’t read, write, or speak and here I am typing three months later. He is there.
4 – KEN/KIN/KENNETH – What’s the frequency, our wise owl friend? Who are you? If you recall, my “main mission” since the stroke is to remind us to go to God and start walking toward this way.
This goes a long way to answering the practical matter of “how do I cope with this.” Since this wise owl has almost all of his planets in Cancer and opposite in Capricorn, what is happening with the signs? Mars and Pluto. Mars has just entered Cancer.
So now his Jupiter, Mercury, the Nodes, Venus, Uranus, Mars, and Chiron ARE ALL BEING ASPECTED BY MARS. Mars wants action. It wants to move the energy into productive forms. This is his one opportunity every two years to be stellar. His painting, his garden, his family, his friends are a GIFT to the world and are an expression of FREQUENCY — if he feels empowered.
With Pluto opposite in Capricorn, he may not feel so much like the Warrior Mars. In those times, it is the inner world where he hones his craft of the spiritual warrior he is. He is powerful and works with other powerful people to affect change. Big mojo. It is a lot. It is ok to be overwhelmed by the process.
But, let’s keep in mind what we are doing. We need your frequency, wise owl. We are just getting started. Much love- L

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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