The Oracle Report ~ April 28, 2021

Hello Wise Owl- The Full Moon Phase has ended. What did we see while we were paying attention?

The “women in pastel colors” revealed themselves. I did not watch it, but I saw the pictures and reports. Do an image search and you will find Kamala wearing nothing but black, navy, and grey, much less pastel peach. Nancy was in pastel blue.

Complements, in all regards, the little pillars flanked the “pretendicy.”

No “suffragette white,” no politically correct purple, no Millennial dark pink – just pastels. Pastels.

The things women wear to weddings. Remember also, as I have discussed in the past, since ancient times, pastel blue is long associated with women priests. Cinderella and Elle from “Frozen” are always in pastel blue, as are most of the heroines in Disney, etc.

Nancy is the Alpha; Kamala, on the opposite side of the color wheel in orange, is lined up after, in this case.

This is only relevant to see who will be the ones the nwo are pinning things on and who will be rolling out the plans. They have no idea they are the “women in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable, yet veiled, load” who are tasked with the “load” that everyone will see.

Remember, the Illuminati know what we know. They know who will “fall” from this. They like it. Bringing a woman up and watching her fall — all to see if she will get back up again — is a favorite game. We know for all intents and purposes, this is a man’s game, even when they have to answer to Queenie.

What we see here is symbolic ritual that kicked off with the Spring/Autumn Solstice and that ends this weekend with May Day/Beltane/Orthodox Easter.

They plan to loot and rob us. That’s the plan. As always.

These two Queens won the nwo lottery!

The mighty will fall.

Here are the things that are more important about Friday and Saturday: 1 – NO SURPRISES – On Friday, 3:33 pm EST, the Sun will conjunct Uranus. Changes. Surprises. Shocks. We are not surprised when the Sun conjuncts Uranus. We know there is a good chance that there is upset or changes in course. So we are not surprised.

And when you are not surprised, it is easier to keep an even keel.

Good things always come out in the silver linings with Uranus transits.

The conjunction occurs at 11 Taurus, “a woman sprinkling flowers.” The spring-ness continues, and the seeds of New Moon in Aries are still ripe for planting/intending. This is the perfect energetic to “fuel” your intentions for yourself and the world through re-envisioning or anything else you desire.

2 – NOON TO MIDNIGHT – Between noon and midnight, EST, the Moon will be transiting opposite Mars. The exact time of the exact aspect is 7:51 pm EST, with: The Moon at “Indians – some rowing a canoe and others dancing a war dance in it.” Mars at “an automobile wrecked by a train.” Saturn at “a train entering a tunnel.” Mercury at “an Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps at his belt.” You see? Take extra caution on Friday. Be careful with electricity and fire. Pay attention with driving or in any type of transportation. Also. emotions will run higher.

3 – THE WHITE WINGED DOVE – As you can see above with just about every “violent” Sabian symbol there is, whatever the energy is what it is. Venus and the Black Moon will make conjunction Saturday, May 1, at 11:00 pm EST at 22 Taurus, “a white dove flying over troubled waters.”

Peace! There is no way around it. This is VERY good. Because Venus will retrograde later this year, this cycle between Venus and the Black Moon will be the primary directive of these two planets together until July 27, 2022. That is a very long cycle for them because Venus moves quickly. So every time the planets become 45 degrees apart (move to another phase) this energetic is triggered again.

Also, this should bring a positive influence on relationships. With the Sun-Uranus and the Venus-Black Moon aspect, issues that are not resolving within relationships are more likely to surface. There will be endings and beginnings with these aspects.

Venus and the Black Moon are getting extra with this one, as Neptune is in sextile. Here is where things start turning into a fairy tale for me. “All you see and seem is but a dream within a dream.”

Neptune is discharging “a materializing medium.”

What is manifesting? What is manifesting for you? All of the energies are swirling around you. I will leave off with that.

Much love- L

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