Are you being challenged? You might be about to LEAP! ~ April 28, 2021


(Ascension process – 4th Phase Update – over the super pink moon)

We have dropped deeply into the solar plexus energy in the 4th Ascension Phase (from 4/26 – 4/29) with the pink, super moon in Scorpio and so much more…. This will now blast open and clear our solar plexus with the powerful descending energies from the great central sun. It is the flame that does not consume, but enlightens. This time will also open our throat chakra with the elevating energies from the core of the Earth, so we can express pure truth that has always been within, but have been holding back. Yes… we are out of the shallow end now, and into a deep dive into some very deep work … and it is so GOOD! We know you are soul tired, and more work on your overflowing plate seems like overwhelm. But we have learned that when we can’t take one more step, we do … that is where we learn even more.

So I had an intensely detailed dream … and not to bore you with all the details, I wanted to share the lessons in this dream, because I knew they were for all of us. The back story is … beside travel dreams, I also have house dreams . How the house shows up is how I am doing on my path.

In this dream, I was shown that we have not been fully inhabiting our houses (our sacred temple body). We have been giving much of our presence / energy away in various ways and in many repeating old themes. It was clear, at this special time in these core days, that the current energies will assist us in removing much of the draining energies and presences that are not part of our ascended, awakened self. It is time to clean very deep now. In my dream, I was told to get ready because the owner of the house in my dream was coming home…. and … get this …. the owner was ME! And it is YOU. You are coming home. Your God self is returning to your temple. Then I could feel that this was a a pillar of new light coming into us ALL.

We are taking another leap. When we are about to make a big leap in our evolution, it can bring some tests. So abusive and self destructive patterns, energy draining patterns, etc… and even the people that they are connected to, will try to resurface. We are going to BE more of the TRUTH, LIGHT and LIFE of who we were meant to be before the confusing contamination of the physical world threw us off track.

It is time to remove drains and create loving boundaries. The drains would be those who prefer to farm and feed off our energy without an energy exchange … those who scapegoat us, so they don’t have to be responsible or conscious of their own actions … those who gas light us and manipulate us in an effort to confuse us or harm our self-esteem and inner power … and those who repeat apologies without any change in behavior is now seen as manipulation.

Your body and soul is your house and your space. No one is allowed there but you, your light, truth and purpose. To have boundaries for certain energies is still loving when we realize that allowing them to farm our energy not only drains us, but also slows their progress and awakening.

This is where the Earth’s energy will begin to knit together with the energy from the great central sun with timeless shamanic-like wisdom. As I said before, this is also where the real work will start to kick in. Our human relationships may feel unwieldy, but this will also bring us great clarity. New tribes are beginning to form as we soar with wider vision about our service in the world. Our new boundaries will help us rise up to a higher standard free from judgement and expectation.

If you have them already, remember to use your Sacred Site Essences and Egyptian Oils to assist in this process. For the ascending Throat Chakra, use Amber Cashmere Oil. (And / or with) For the descending Earth / Universal Chakra, use Nile Flower Oil. You also may need more rest and more water as we surf the 4th phase of these 20 core days.

My original, full post, on this Mayan Ascension process from 4/14 – 5/3, 2021, is posted here

Download your Mayan calendar forecast here. It is free or by donation … this is up to you. Sacred Site Essences and Pure Egyptian Oils can be found here.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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