OT News An Announcement and a Commentary on the Hosts’ March 1 Message ~ April 28, 2021

To all,

I have a brief announcement and the rest of this email will be a commentary and update regarding the March 1, 2021 message from the Hosts, which you can read in full at https://operationterra.com/dada/mail.cgi/archive/otnews/20210301142817/

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Korean books are now in print and I have added a books section to the Korean version of the OT site that describe them and provide at least two Amazon sites from which each of them can be purchased. As of this writing, they appear to be in stock in the Amazon.co.uk site and can also be ordered (with a delay) from the Amazon.com site. For people in Korea, it seems to me that the UK site is geographically closer and may arrive sooner. Amazon is only carrying the hardcover and paperback editions; they are not carrying the ebooks, which may be available from other sellers, but I don’t know who those might be.

COMMENTARY: There is a LOT going on behind the scenes in many ways and across many fronts. As I wrote way back on December 5, 2019 :

“The battles that I see taking place are between what I will refer to as the globalists and the populists/nationalists in terms of who is going to be in control on a local, national and global basis. One might call them “battles to the death,” as one or the other has to eliminate the opposing group in order to perpetuate itself. There will be no halfway outcome that allows both to survive on a given timeline, and that latter qualification — “a given timeline” — is key to understanding that what happens on one timeline will be different than what happens on any of the other timelines.”

In terms of the different timelines, on September 23, 2011 — the equinox — a grid of 12 stargates was activated during a ceremony performed in a remote location in South America. I felt the effects of this activation around 5:30 a.m. EDT and several others in our online community also reported feeling the effects.

The stargates that were opened in 2011 are the entry points for 12 wormholes that lead to the 12 different futures/exit points that are arising from this one shared reality, called Planet Earth. According to the Messages, one of those leads to the new 4D Earth (Terra) and one leads to the new 4D negative-polarity planet that the Hosts declined to name. These are the ONLY TWO 4D planets that will arise from this present reality. ALL of the other timelines will be continuations/extensions of the current 3D planetary reality, and each of them will have its direct opposite.

The stargate grid exists in the shape of an icosahedron (one of the five “Platonic solids”) and in looking at that shape today, I can see that each of those 12 points (vertices) is directly opposite only one of the other points that make up the entire grid. All of the other points exist lateral to those two, so in considering their relationships, they would occupy different relationships to one another.



The reason I mention this at all is because the timeline leading to Terra is operating in a totally hidden way, and the timeline leading to its polar opposite (the negative-polarity 4D twin to Terra, which we could call “anti-Terra” for convenience) is also largely hidden. The people who will end up on anti-Terra were called “the secret government” when I first became aware of their existence, but a lot of that has begun to be exposed, so it’s not as much of a secret as it was before. The key point here is that as the timelines separate from each other, they will begin to have different experiences and see different outcomes or events. This has already begun to happen.

For example, on the timeline that the Hosts have said is “one remove from the one that leads to Terra” (i.e., the one immediately next to it on the grid), one of the sites that is clearly on that timeline reported the collapse of a certain bank, but on my timeline, none of that showed up in any of the sources I used for verification, but others on that timeline are still repeating that meme.

The magnitude and scope of what it taking place is mind-boggling. There is an actual WAR taking place behind the scenes on that other timeline (the one that is “one remove” from ours) and we can see evidence of it on our timeline, as well, but that will change as we move forward in time and the separation continues.

I have been shown that when timelines separate, it’s a bit like pulling apart a piece of thickly woven cloth that is made up of very fine fibers, which overlay and cross over one another at different angles. There is no clear “edge” to it. There is only the pulling apart and gradual distancing of some of the fibers from the rest, so there are trailing fibers that are shared with the rest of the cloth and others that are hanging out in open space. Just so now. I can see some of the same things that are happening on this other timeline, but some of them are no longer shared with my timeline. Even if I can see other people writing or talking about them, what they say either doesn’t feel “true” to me or I can’t verify them through sources I consider valid.

Around 10 days ago, I received an email from someone asking why the Hosts had said (on March 1) that things were about to happen, and yet he couldn’t see anything that was what they said was coming (he is on another timeline). What they actually said was as follows:

“In a very short time, some things will be surfacing that YOU would consider horrible and will have a great deal of difficulty understanding because they will appear so INHUMAN, and in fact, they are. The STS path requires those who are on that path to harden their hearts and numb their sensibilities to the extent that the goal becomes the life. As they become desensitized, they lose the ability to care for others (an inherent trait of the true Adamic model) and only care for themselves. As they become increasingly empty of compassion, caring and conscience, it leaves a void that nothing can satisfy or fill.

All of this is the legacy of the reptilians (and other STS lifeforms of various races). You might be surprised that there are still members of those species actually present on the planet right now. However, they have always been that way (STS), but the humans they have recruited to their agenda were not. The humans who are allied with them have gradually lost their humanity, and they have become addicted to the substitutes that bring them temporary relief from their ongoing pain.

These substitutes take many forms, but they only provide temporary relief, so they must be sought and obtained over and over again, leading one to even greater excesses over time. They are addictive behaviors at their root and they have as their goal the elimination of pain, even when it causes pain to others. That’s the nature of the STS “beast.”

… And so, as events unfold right now, everything that you might consider the worst side of possible human behavior will be surfacing and at least some of it will be revealed. We will not go into specifics. If you are meant to see these things, you will see them. They are not “conspiracy theories.” They are fact and there ARE individuals working to deal with them in many ways and at many levels.”

That message was given on March 1.

A somewhat obscure site that feels credible to me reported that Hillary Clinton was arrested on March 2, taken to Guantanamo Bay on March 5, and tried before a military tribunal with evidence presented through recovered emails and the personal testimonies of John Podesta (whose own trial is currently scheduled for May 3) and Huma Abedin (also in custody, no trial date set as yet).

The Hosts had told me privately that April 16 would be a significant day for the entire world and on April 16, Hillary was found guilty of all charges brought against her (the murders of Seth Rich, Vince Foster, and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia; trafficking and abusing minors from Haiti and other third-world nations; conspiring to assassinate a presidential candidate). She was executed on Monday night, April 26. I expect that at least some of the details of all of this will be made broadly public later on, probably in May or June, in keeping with what the Hosts told us about on March 1.

On March 2, my husband and I also began experiencing a lot of clearings and our lifting has most definitely accelerated. I am in an altered state a lot of the time and feel very connected to that higher level as well. The clearings peaked in late March and have eased up somewhat since then, but we are still being worked on every night. This was also mentioned in the March 1 message (see below).

It appears that at least two members of our online community have now been lifted out of 3D. One of them was taken up by his own group of ships, and will probably return to his home planet. I was able to access the other one and she appears to be on one of the ships that is part of the “larger ‘op’,” which addresses the overall task of getting everyone to their “right place” in all of this. (My focus has been on the part of the “op” that leads to Terra directly, via Midway Station, but that only involves approximately 10% of those being lifted from the planet at this time.)

I also noticed that the number of earthquakes began increasing noticeably on March 2. I only recently learned that some of the earthquakes I was seeing were not natural ones. There is an enormous network of tunnels and underground bases that exists all over the world, dating back at least to ancient Sumer. They have been created with extraterrestrial technology since their inception. These are part of the legacy of the ancient reptilians (and their allies) that the Hosts referred to in their March 1 message. Details of that are surfacing and I expect more to be revealed regarding what has gone on there, but some of it may only appear on specific timelines. You will only see what you are supposed to see, as the Hosts said on March 1.

On the timeline that is “one remove” from the one that leads to Terra, these bases are being systematically taken over and either destroyed or being cleaned out to house the humans who are being rescued from captivity but cannot live on the surface because they are devoid of pigment from having adapted to life underground over so many generations.

The explosives being used on these tunnels and bases generate seismic waves that are different from natural earthquakes and occur precisely at 3, 5, or 10 km depth, so they are easy to tell from natural earthquakes that occur at widely varying depths. They also don’t have the preceding waveforms that are characteristic of natural earthquakes, but their precise depths make them easy to identify on USGS maps without having to look at the seismographs themselves.

I want to end this email with what the Hosts said at the end of their March 1 message:

“In closing, we want to add that the lifting of those who are going to Terra at this time is accelerating. The drama will intensify and increase all over the planet until the timelines have fully separated and made their own conclusions with the events that are scheduled for each of them to experience. Those who are either going to be completing their transformation in order to participate in the last stages of the 3D portion of Operation Terra or be lifted off the planet by their own people and return to their home planet will be making their own completions with the events of their personal timelines until all of them have achieved their destination.

Pay attention to what is going on WITHIN you, rather than what is going on outside of you, if you can. Remember, too, that these are just the first steps in the purification. Even though Earth changes have been gradually increasing in frequency and magnitude, they have not yet reached catastrophic levels except in local areas.

The final cataclysms will be truly catastrophic, with the Pole Shift being the final and conclusive one, so no matter what temporary measures take place on the timeline that leads to Terra, please do remember that in the end, nothing except a barren rock will remain and you who are reading this now will all be off on your further adventures, according to the script for your life as was written by your Oversoul.”

The times we have waited for are clearly here. I hope this information is helpful to you in finding your individual way through what lies ahead. It may be unpleasant to think about, but it’s all in Divine order and was written to occur before the Earth itself was formed.

Peace and blessings,

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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