THE ORACLE REPORT ~ April 26, 2021

“Just Bee” taken by Wise Owl Neslin
Hello Wise Owl! The Full Moon enters at 11:31 pm EST tonight in Scorpio, while Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is stationing retrograde. Everything about this Full Moon indicates to STOP and observe what is happening around us. Here is why:
1 – PLUTO ACROSS AND UNDERNEATH – The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is 08 Scorpio – “the moon shining across a lake.” A Full Moon brings this symbol into the fullest light possible at night. We see where we need to go when it is “dark” at night or in consciousness. Like now, with the jabs. Dark. Scorpio. Heavy duty. Underworld. Secrets. Plans. The Moon, in this symbol, tells us to stop and watch because it is lighting up across the lake — the wider horizon or spectrum. It is very easy to cross or go across dark consciousness when the Full Moon and its energy is enough to empower the planet. The HIGH LIGHT is Pluto stationing retrograde. We know to watch what happens when a planet stations retrograde or direct, to include whatever is happening in that planet’s home sign. In this case, the Earth and the Moon are in Scorpio’s home sign. Pluto takes “the Moon shining across a lake” and the plight of looking at what is happening under the lake. It looks across the lake, but it also looks underneath the lake because Pluto is the God of the Underworld. This is its nature. So we watch what is happening and understand that much more is happening under the surface. And we understand that much more is happening in consciousness also.
2 – TEN STARS ON THE FULL MOON – In the tzolkin, which is a calendar meant for humanity (13 x 20 – humanity – 13 joints and 20 digits), this Full Moon occurs on 10 Star. 10 brings destruction or manifestation. “Star is the multiplication of all things to abundance…As each sun in the sky, Star persons shine equally in all directions.” ( So we have the Moon shining across the lake and 10 Stars shining all around. This is good with the keywords for the Full Moon phase – “revelations, epiphanies, enlightenment, fullest view.”
3 – TAKING A RIDE – The Sun is located at the symbol of “a sleigh without snow.” Do we want to take a ride in a sleigh without snow, at night? No. This energy says to stop. It is better to re-evaluate, adjust, or improvise. This is not the time to “drive” things forward during the Full Moon phase because more important things are being shown to us to direct our course. You would think that with the impetus of the New Astrological Year/New Moon in Aries, the wisdom would say “do not stop.” But it is critical at this point to see what else is on the field (“across the lake”). Sometimes the energies are like that. When we want things to be moving forward, we find that there are times when it is better to wait. Sometimes, we are surprised with how things can actually be that good or better than we thought.
4 – “X” MARKS THE SPOT- The Black Moon is discharging the last day of the energy of “a moving finger points to significant passages in a book.” There is some sort of text — a book, something online, a letter — that is trying to be pointed out to us, collectively and individually. Pay attention to impulses to check things that come to your mind. Like all energetics at the Full Moon, this is in effect for the next two weeks (even though the Black Moon will move on Tuesday). Again, we want to pause and pay attention to what is pointed out to us.
5 – THE FLOWERS OF URANUS – The Full Moon is in opposition to Uranus. This means that changes and surprises are in store for the next two weeks. We are never truly surprised when Uranus is in effect. Remember that Uranus is discharging “a woman sprinkling flowers,” and how this “honors” or “ritualizes” or “sanctifies.” What do we want to honor and sanctify?
6 – LOVE AND FEAR – Mercury is discharging “a symbolical battle between swords and torches.” At its core, a “symbolic” battle is taking place for each of us — love and fear. Swords are fear for violence, and torches are love for illumination. Of course, the nwo is instilling fear, so as long as they can keep the fear going with the vax, there is more damage to the collective. This requires us to stabilize ourselves and “ground” with the Earth. What can be understood in the full light of the night? We have the perfect opportunity to find out what wise owls can learn when we stop and observe at the right time.
Happy Full Moon and Much Love- L
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By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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