Freedom Within and Without is The Choice Love Absolute Is Offering…What Say You ~ April 23, 2021

Each one of us is moving through change after change… catapulting every fiber of our being through a hyper accelerated evolutionary ascension where we will become a totally new Being. Never been done before of shifting out of the mind and the false construct and into the heart being the unstoppable power conduit for love absolute. All that we are coming into physical embodyment a total merge of our IAM/Soul/Higher Self with our “linear being”.

Absolute freedom ! is the offering… We’ve Only to Choose that or Not….

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Would you like to come play in conversation…

You are the expert for you.

Only YOU can make the choice to move from fear to knowing.

The time has come to connect with you and tell you The whole Story so that you release fear, embrace Love to walk through the gates that have opened into a New Virbational Earth. Nothing will stop this unfolding.

You can find the IUV website here

You can find information and videos to help you navigate in waking up to what’s really going on under the Quantum Playground right hand navigation menu or you can click directly on link below.

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