April 20, 2021: Running of the Rats [videos] ~ April 20, 2021

I’m beginning the dialogue with a W.O.W. That is an indicator of what is below.

In scanning Telegram I can see it will probably be a big day. The jury in Minneapolis is beginning their deliberations on the guilt or innocence of Officer Derek Chauvin.  A Q aggregator site is down (QAGG.news) and there’s this from Whiplash347

An hour from now Mike Lindell is going to release the voter fraud. Tune In folks! And STAY VIGILANT!! It’s about to get bumpy!!!


Today is Very Significant like i said..
If you have understood the Act of England reversal then that is why Mike Lindell is releasing Election results.

As we know, Mike’s new Frank Speech site was blocked yesterday, and President Trump’s interview on Hannity was ripped off the air mid-stream, as well. Sean addressed him as Mr. President.

45 joins @SeanHannity in 20 minutes on @FoxNews—enjoy! #MAGA https://t.co/bSwDndgnWd pic.twitter.com/GBHkv4l3sn

— Dan Scavino🇺🇸🦅 (@DanScavino) April 20, 2021

Mike has some material up there now on Frank Speech. I don’t yet know what else is working or if we can join the platform yet. Later, but the election conversation will not be welcomed by the psychopaths.

Former Trump Adviser: Dominion and Perkins Coie are LOSING THEIR MINDS Over Upcoming Maricopa County Audit (VIDEO)

Richard Citizen Journalist took this video at 10 pm on Monday night and can’t figure out why all the police are staged in DC. There are Capitol Police cruisers, vans, and huge buses everywhere and they won’t talk to him. Link to Telegram. More to follow, he says.

Simon Parkes posted this a few hours ago… W.O.W.

Royal Bank Of Canada

Canada’s largest bank collapsed Friday after hours, dropping 64%

Canada’s largest bank, the Royal Bank of Canada or RBC, with $1 trillion in AUM and the largest stock in the TSX, crashed 64% after hours on Friday with no explanation.

Today, customers en masse were locked out of their RBC accounts and RBC is closed.

Trudeau and Freeland release the budget tomorrow. Rumours are that RBC is insolvent, has begun seizing customer’s bank deposits to stay solvent and that Trudeau and Freeland will bail out RBC (and other banks) with their budget.

Canada is Collapsing.

@RedPillPharmacy 💊


Here’s more…

Look at this, citadel buys royal canadian bank at 4pm Friday, by 6:30 the price has gone from around $94 to around $34. I’m super confused as to what happened here. https://t.co/TYTHQJd4Wc https://t.co/9zlqA8tGhO

— Nathan Hancock (@Helirapeller1) April 18, 2021

Whoa! In the North 40, the People are feeling the pinch. Upside-down flag—the distress signal—flying in Niagara Falls and morse code signals, too. Wow. The “show me your papers, komrade” routine is not going over well.

The True Defender, [20.04.21 07:45]
BREAKING: Canadians Asking Americans For HELP! SOS Signals Across U.S. Border!

You might want to check out the series of global news events posted here. I can’t keep up so it’s interesting to see it listed like this. I see Haiti is having their problems, too.

Haiti’s PM Resigns Following Kidnappings, Violence and Protests

Social Justice is not true justice. https://t.co/80MD0qjbeZ

— Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) April 20, 2021

Covid is certainly the event that got the world’s attention and the White Hats used it to their advantage. There are many painful lessons to be learned.

LT did another video in rapid succession and it’s fantastic, as always.

On a lighter note, I agree. Best Trump impersonation I’ve seen. Link to short Telegram video.

This might turn out to be the early edition, with more later. Time for walkies and who knows what will happen with the comms today?

We’re hoping the Earth Alliance is truly at a point to take that leap and break the bad news to the snoozers. It would get intense, but we’ve never been more ready.

Is the crash here?  ~ BP

Canada Down
EU down(hiding figures)
Uk down
India down
China down (hiding figures)
U.S. fall finally showing up in Mainstream news (told you weekS and weeks ago they were sharing false figures on false app figures)
+GPMB pic.twitter.com/JRv0C2ADOh

— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) April 20, 2021

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