Ascension to 5D new earth is a physical ascension process ~ April 17, 2021

We must support the body. As the DNA is being upgraded ensuring that genetic health is being restored we are transitioning from a carbon-based physical vessel to a more crystalline based.

But a body that stores a lot of toxins, acidity, inflammation, degenerated cells, and lacks oxygen will not only have a hard time but drastically reduce the chances of physical ascension. This is where many will check out of the physical reality.
As tremendous amounts of photon gamma light waves are continuously blasting the earth and piercing through the physical body they facilitate the molecular structure changes needed for ascension.
Many experience ascension symptoms. These are mostly due to a toxic overload and a less than ideal environment within the physical body.
We must aid in the body’s restructuring. It is not a simple process and it’s not true that every being on earth is just going to automatically ascend without doing anything at all. This is a delusional fairytale designed to trap you into 3D.
When you do nothing what do you get? Nothing.
This is a simple universal truth. In order to energetically manifest anything, you must be in alignment with the vibration of what you desire!
We must detox on a cellular level. We must adjust the dietary regime, drink sufficient amounts of water, and upgrade the quality of water we consume.
Eating plenty of raw fresh food, smoothies, and juices is crucial. It reconnects us to mother earth and facilitates the emotional healing process. But at the same time, raw food delivers the density of nutrients required by the body which plays a big role.
I have personally spent the last decade studying and testing a gazillion different tools, techniques, therapies, and methods that upgrade the body and aid in emotional, mental, and spiritual upgrades.
I have taken the best and most expensive supplements, superfoods, medicinal herbs, infrared therapy, fancy saunas, ionic detox baths, different diets, endless many protocols, and every modern scientific gadget you can imagine. Most of these are great and have proven to be beneficial to my wellbeing and ascension vibes over the years.
However, there’s one thing that tops everything else. We are going to cellular restructuring during the great ascension from 3D to 5D. A drastic DNA upgrade is required to establish the creation of the Lightbody without blasting the body system.
But how in the world can we aid the body in this tremendous and unprecedented task when everything in this world is perfectly designed to avoid just that?
All their devious frequency control systems and electromagnetic pollution is aimed at destroying our cellular communication capability which actually is exactly what we need to repair in order to master the frequency shift.
I have found the solution.
My personal experience with this product has brought me to the conclusion that THIS is The Ascension Supplement! Discovered, developed, and made accessible to humanity by conscious scientists.
After testing this product on my self and loved ones who had issues to address, I have cried many tears of happiness since.
How does The Ascension Supplement work and what are the ingredients?
The Redox supplement has only two simple and 100% non-toxic ingredients: demineralized water and sodium chloride!
But these two humble ingredients are not what makes the difference. It’s the patented technology behind it that creates a magic elixir.
Redox signaling molecules are a combination of reductant and oxidant molecules that our mitochondria make during the production of ATP (energy).
Scientists have been able to create a stabilized balanced set of the exact combination of these molecules – bio-identical to the ones our cells create.
These molecules are foundational to cellular communication and health. They are responsible for the protect, detect, repair, and replace mechanisms of our cells. They also are necessary for activating antioxidants such as glutathione – allowing them to increase their efficacy by 500 – 800%. This in turn reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.
These molecules also open NRF2 detox pathway allowing the body to detox more effectively.
A multi patented process that takes several days recombines atoms in the formulae known in science to be redox signalling molecules. The bottle is independently certified by BioAgylitix Laboratories, to contain trillions of these molecules.
Redox is the liquid supplement and Renu28 is the topical gel that contain redox signaling molecules bioidentical to those made by our mitochondria.
The liquid (drink) looks and feels like water but has a slightly salty/chlorinated taste.
There is also a concentrated gel called Renu28 that works well in promoting detox by applying to soles of feet, back of neck, and on the abdomen for gut health as the molecules absorb transdermally too. It’s twice as concentrated than the drink and promotes detox and healing to those sites. Applied to the face and neck it facilitates incredible rejuvenation and skin tightening!
Make sure you watch the video and if you’re interested in testing this product for yourself you can click on the button below and accelerate your journey of physical ascension.
With love, Aurora Ray Lyran Commander Of The Galactic Federation

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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