GAIA DAILY – Apr. 16-19 – TIME TO FLY ~ April 16, 2021

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Venus has moved over into her home sign of Taurus, offering us a chance to assimilate and digest the powerful shifts that have happened in 2021. Mercury and the Sun together in Aries is a completion energy of February’s Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury and the Sun are in square to Pluto at 26 degrees.This is bringing the pressure to cleanse all the old false personality constructs that have been keeping us in the loop of the past. Mars and Jupiter are also at 26 degrees of their signs. The Galactic Center is at 26 degrees Sagittarius. Mars is opposite of the Galactic Center, and Pluto is in semi-sextile to the Galactic Center, activating our bigger destiny.

All these planets at 26 degrees are making a ‘star’ pattern in the sky, inviting us to once again light up our lives. This epic Astrology is inviting us to activate into our full potential and greater destiny.

With two potent and positive Air trines to the Great Conjunction planets in Aquarius it’s time to make the leap. Saturn is in trine with the North Node in Gemini, and Jupiter is in trine with Mars in Gemini. Let’s get this party started. The way forward into the New Age is harmonized by our living Truth.

Mercury, Sun square Pluto, and interacting with the Galactic Center is breaking down all unresolved stories that are keeping us pinned to the past. These have to do with past lives where you go too attached to the role you were playing, because your spiritual mission was interrupted, as you were targeted as a lightworker, again and again.

This Astrology is telling us that we can fly and escape the lower matrix by dropping these old stories and coming fully into our true Soul Destiny, our purified, Christed Self, which is absolutely in alignment with the divine timeline. It is time to land home our greater mission and destiny, our bounty of spiritual wealth of gifts. Thy will is Thy destiny. source: Leah Whitehorse: Lua AstrologyttS1po3ehnsoreged ·  Sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn – When running into obstacles, there may be an inclination to try to force the issue. Don’t push so hard that you break! Know when to back off. Know what’s in your control and what isn’t. Sometimes we must lose the battle to win the war. Let go of power struggles that waste energy and sap your enthusiasm. Remember you’re in control of you. Under this influence, empowerment comes from seeing the tangible results of your influence in the world. Set a firm goal but be prepared to tackle fears and hurdles along the way. Certain pressures may force radical change but sometimes we need a push to let go. Shine a light on your shadows. Befriend the beast within. The truth of you is brilliant and bold. Stay strong. Degrees and Time Sun 26°Ar46′, Pluto 26°Cp46′ – 14:26 (BST) source: Painting – ‘Colwith Force’ by John Atkinson Grimshaw

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