THE ORACLE REPORT ~ April 15, 2021

Hello Wise Owl-

Are you seeing what I am seeing?

We are a little over three days into Second Renaissance and what do we have? We have Johnson & Johnson and the nwo’s Doctor Nuremberg being called out in the mainstream media.

Why now? As I said, a “natural” force alongside with the Astrology of the Cycles is operating according to the Sabian symbols (and the change in consciousness) and is producing the “unveiling of deceit.”

What has been hiding underneath the veils? “A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable, but veiled, load.” The truth is unburdening her. People are already catching on. Wildfire has begun.

This brings another question regarding the position of Uranus at the New Astrological Year/New Moon in Aries. The Sabian symbol is “a Red Cross nurse.” This implies crisis, chaos, and of course war — but what if it is help? What if it is assistance? I think we are seeing white hats, or now former black hats that have separate from the nwo, beginning to influence things. We may have moved into nwo global “divide and conquer.”

And Uranus, with it shocks and surprises, is going to make this very interesting.

Geopolitically, this will not go as the nwo expects. If this is correct, they are far beyond broken — more so than what they are pulling on the rest of the world. There is no honor among thieves, and this is their downfall.

This would mean power vacuums are occurring. Sense and sensibility can open up the field. This aligns with what is right (2R).

The nwo/Freemasonic plan to have the US and Russia come down to war will not go as planned. In 1988, the plan for this was begun with the fall of the Soviet Union. Russia’s economy was brought back and so was its military to bring about a final end of superpowers.

This year, we are in the Third Quarter or Last Quarter of the conjunction of Saturn-Uranus the nwo used to instigate this in 1988. The nwo thinks they can implement changes this year that will complete the whole cycle between Saturn and Uranus.

In mythology, Uranus was Saturn’s father. For the Illuminati, this is Saturn, their favorite, dominating his father. It is personal to them. Their god overcomes its father – a huge symbolic ritual of overtaking power.

Here’s the thing: the US and Russia (established on December 25, 1991, 7:32 pm local, Moscow) are complements. The US has multiple planets in Cancer with Russia opposing with planets in Capricorn. It is similar to two halves to a whole.

Moreover, Russia’s Sun is exactly opposite the US’s Venus (and Jupiter). Not good for war.

In fact, this is the precise reason why the US and Russia should be the best of friends. And that will happen.

In the US, here are some dates through October that are highlighted for events:

April 30/May 1 (potential for nwo aggression)

July 28/29 (destiny in effect)

August 4-9 (something comes out)

September 1 – October 7 (loss, surprise)

October 6 (something repeats)

October 9 (communications, rhetoric)

October 13 (world sees something)

That is all for today. In 2R, I think every day will be a new day!

When you think about it, in a way, we have Venus with us every day, so with that we will aim for beauty. It is everywhere.

Much love-


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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