Friday April 9, 2021 – New Astrological Year 2021/New Moon in Aries – Part 1 ~ April 10, 202

Hello Wise Owl -Are you ready for the veils to be revealed? That’s what we have for New Astrological Year 2021, which begins Sunday, April 11, 2021, at 10:30 pm Eastern time.
New astrological years begin with the New Moon in Aries, every year. This is when the Sun and the Moon conjunct in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.
Because there are 30 degrees in each sign, there are 30 “themes” that a New Moon in Aries can have. These themes are specific to each of the 30 degrees in the form of picture, known in astrology as the Sabian symbols. They are ancient.
This theme within the Sabian symbols of Aries is the primary directive for the entire astrological year. There is a process for the building of themes. The theme is repeated over and over again throughout the year, building with each New Moon and undergoing changes according to the time of year. The cycles of the New Moon each month “develop” or “grow” a theme through the prevailing energetics of seasonal time.
When you count “time” from New Moon to the next New Moon, what is evident is how a “natural” force is operating on a different set of time, through which there are times to act and times to allow the growth force to act.The New Moon in Aries is the time of the “growth cycle” when we plant – when we reaffirm our intentions and loyalties, when we engage a new track for exploration, when we shine or polish a goal or dream as a rededication, when we identify and support what it is important to us, and when we set in place anything we would want to see during the year.If something is not “imprinted” or “planted” during this Aries cycle (and sometimes during the Taurus cycle), it is a lost cause. If there isn’t anything planted during the “planting season” there is nothing to grow (in the electromagnetics of natural astrology).If you have an agenda, a “natural” process that would support your world view, this is something we would want to know about. We have an agenda. It’s called Second Renaissance. It is the rise of human sovereignty and actualization.And it is the fall of human slavery.So when we plant the intention of the rise of human sovereignty, in our minds, thought about throughout the month, we give our commitment to it and our commitment to God.We say that we no longer will abide the slavery – in all of its forms.This is what is going to happen over the next year. The Sabian symbol that describes the theme for this year is about corruption, lies, deception, trickery, greed, thievery, and genocide coming down AND THEY DO NOT KNOW IT.The Sabian symbol is “a woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable, but veiled, load.”In this symbol, the woman believes she is getting away with something. It is plain enough to anyone looking at her that she is hiding something. She is deluded. There are no rules for her. She does not hide in dark clothing where she might be able to get away with something, but not in pastels.This makes those on the wrong side of Second Renaissance careless. They go in to overdrive. Then mistakes happen. The wheel comes off. Arrogance allows it.The people of the world (who have not seen what it is that we are really dealing with here) will see the truth if they are in range to cognitively process.The nature of this symbol, as the primary theme for the astrological year, suggests that many, many people will understand this and a Wave of Liberty launches. In droves, the base level of the prevailing control system takes heavy damage from the Wave of Liberty. This will crack the foundation of their matrix; sovereignty, slowly at first, will draw people in its attraction.There is much more about these themes that we will look at, but here are a couple of things that come with this New Moon in Aries. The Earth, which is opposite the Sun and Moon, is discharging the Sabian symbol of “a chanticleer’s voce heralds the rising Sun with exuberant tones.” Pretty good for a new world to emerge.And Venus, which is close to the New Moon by 4 degrees, is discharging “through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.” It is the imagination of the fellowship of humanity that restores what was lost. It is whatever we want, as a collective.We want sovereignty. Those of us who have gone through the end of the old world and are prepared to trailblaze a new way, are ready. Despite the odds that SEEM to face us at this time — right now at the beginning of this — is not the way it will be at the end of this year.The veils that have shrouded humanity now reveal what was always there in the first place:“Security and the freedom that you are looking for comes from one place, and one place only. It comes from your conscious alignment with the Source that is within you.” – Abraham HicksPrepare to set your sights for this year. I will be back with the remainder of the Sabian symbols this month, alternative views of the primary symbol, the division of the vax, 8 Reed in the tzolkin, the geopolitics of US and Russia and their respective charts, and 1988 Conjunction of Saturn and Uranus (that signaled what was planned for 2021 because we are in the Third Quarter or Last Quarter of what was set in place back then) with the other parts of this report tomorrow.I think the emergence of a new world is a perfect place for a Wings Around the World meditation and/or your own intentions on Sunday at 10:30 pm Eastern or anytime thereafter during this entire cycle. More on this tomorrow.Sovereignty’s Attraction. What do you think? “It comes from your conscious alignment with the Source that is within you.”Much love-LPS – The “Inhabited Island” is still open to take what you do not want to carry into the new world. That happens until 10:29 pm Eastern on Sunday — the minute before the New Moon.
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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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