April 10, 2021: Saturday Night at the Movies [videos] ~ April 10, 2021


NOTE: You may wish to read this post in reverse as the fun part is at the top and the dark material at the bottom. It’s your feature presentation for Saturday Night at the Movies.

Back to the original opening paragraph…

I didn’t know where to begin today so I’m sticking Chris Sky on top. Canada, pay attention. Shame on Longos. Obviously not all of us have the personality or chutzpah to do this, but he did it to make a point and to show the fascists we’re not all going to take their crap. Point taken.

On the other side of the coin we have British Columbia’s esteemed Dr. Bonnie Henry, who is firmly in the cabal’s back pocket. If I’m not mistaken she graduated from the Fauci School of Medical Misinformation.

Here are the gobsmacking statistics from Canada about the deaths they claim were due to Covid, but which probably were due to the usual flus, heart attacks, cancer, respiratory ailments, diabetes, obesity, etc. It’s not a pandemic. Actually look at the figures below and get over it, get out and live your lives, people. Stop letting your government deceive you or you will cease to be the True North Strong and Free.

“Shirleylee Shields  Apr 9, 2021 9:40:09 AMAfter one full year…British Columbia 
The population is 5,153,039 
Deaths 1449
Chance of survival 99.97%

The population is 4,436,258 
Deaths 1980 
Chance of survival 99.96%

The population is 1,178,832
Death 430
Chance of survival 99.96%

The population is 1,380,935 
Deaths 917 
Chance of survival 99.93%

In Ontario 
The population is 14,755,211 
Deaths is 7308 
Chance of survival 99.95%

In Quebec 
The population is 8,575,944 
Deaths 10645 
Chance of survival 99.88%

New Brunswick 
The population is 782,078 
Deaths 30 
Chance of survival 99.996%

Prince Edward Island 
The population is 159,819 
Death 0 
Chance of survival 100%

Nova Scotia 
The population is 979,449 
Deaths 66 
Chance of survival 99.993%

Newfoundland and Labrador 
The population is 520,438
Deaths 6 
Chance of survival 99.999%

Northwest Territories 
The population is 45,136 
Death 0
Chance of survival 100%

The population is 42,192 
Death 1
Chance of survival 99.998%

The population is 39,407 
Deaths 4
Chance of survival 99.99%

In Canada, we have a population of 38,048,738 and the virus took 22852 lives so we have a 99.94% chance of surviving it! In
In 2020 the world population was 7.8 billion and the virus took 2,788,800 lives so the survival rate is 99.965%

I have so many things I’d like to say right now. People get out and live your life because one day it’s going to end and then you’re going to be devastated you decided to waste 18 months of the little time you have.
( copied and pasted )”

She’s baaaack… the estranged wife of Justine. It’s Sophie Trudeau, playing her role. She says the Liberal Party is committed. I say they should be committed. They’re looney.

The globalists stick together.  The WE Charity isn’t limited to Canada and it appears the Pelosi crime syndicate is implicated in something untoward. Quite the family affair. Two brothers started it, they hired several members of the Trudeau family, and now the Pelosi family by way of Gavin Newsom is getting in on the action. Sounds like straight up money laundering, to me.

Nonprofit involved with 1,400 California schools being investigated by Canadian parliamentary committee

Simon Parkes provides perspective on the Ukraine situation.

Main Stream Media not sure how to play out the lies to audiences in regard to Ukraine situation.

Biden puppet handlers hate Putin. The Trump team respect Putin.

Pentagon not taking any instructions from Harris or Pelosi.


This anti-constitutional guy is at it again, suggesting the average gun owner has any bearing on the crimes committed by illegal aliens, gang members, and thugs who know how to get guns on the black market. It’s time to boycott Levis. Go Wrangler!

Levi Strauss CEO Bergh: ‘When it Comes to Gun Control, Gun Violence Is Ripping This Country Apart’

Here in Arizona, it looks like Gov. Doug Ducey wants to keep his job. He spoke the truth; nothing the Biden administration does will likely do anything to curb the mass shootings—which is what the lunatic left claimit’s about. We know they have a long-standing order to disarm Americans—not the CIA’s paid assassins (who commit the mass shootings). The New World Order’s thugs know the American people will use their guns on them if no other option is open to them.

Arizona Governor Signs Bill Protecting State From Federal Gun Control Laws

Yes, I said the CIA is behind the mass shootings. That’s not all they were behind. Watch this video about 9/11 but don’t delay or it may be removed.

“The CIA is behind most if not all of the terror attacks inside America.”  ~ Ted Gunderson, Chief of LA FBI

You will have to be logged into your YouTube account to watch. 8 min.


See? Pre-planned event. Years before. So long before the US $20 bill shows the event if you fold it in a specific way.

Planned—like Covid, and the killer vaccines.

If you didn’t listen to that exceptional video I shared yesterday with David Icke, you should hear what he has to say. Just because people survive the vaccine today with little or no negative side effects doesn’t mean there won’t be any. David tells us some are reporting dramatic changes in behaviour in people who took the jab. Personality changes.

The totalitarian tip-toe is stampeding through New Zealand. Don’t they hear the roar?

Elon Musk is turning out to be a little shit-disturber. I’m learning the story in reverse, but it is interesting.

The story is here… and contains a link to the original cartoon from Ben Garrison. Elon is good at trolling, and it appears his Starlink system is replacing the Mossad satellites the Earth Alliance shot down.

Elon Musk took a swipe at Bill Gates and Microsoft Zune with an edited version of an anti-vaccination cartoon

It seems the deep state’s comms have been severrly interrupted. More at the link. Link to post.

Qtah, [09.04.21 20:19]
[ Album ]
Damn near every service [they] use to communicate through backchannels is down. 👀

Del Bigtree brings us a Highwire update suggesting the Vaccine Passports in America may be “dead in the water”.


I’m glad a lot more people are aware of the agenda now.

Qotta love those seventeens.

Prince Philip’s Funeral Set for April 17, Will Be ‘Much Reduced in Scale with No Public Access’

Emergence is coming.

2021 is the Year of the Cicada: After 17 years, Millions of Large Cicada Brood Will Emerge Aboveground Throughout the High Country

The global swamp is draining.

195 arrested in vast international human trafficking sweep

I haven’t watch this yet; it just came up on Telegram as highly disturbing. Published today on YT, so watch before it’s taken down. It’s already under the age restriction so you’ll have to sign in to watch.

Cannibalism, Dutroux- The Dire Truth – Abused Children, Tormented Souls

Sorry to leave you with something like that. I should have said to read the post in reverse with Chris Sky to finish it off. Ciao for now.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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