Sophia Love ~ April 7, 2021

April 2, 2021

5:00 AM

It is the One.

Not only are you about to witness the miraculous, but you are about to simultaneously experience the miraculous. Together, as a single organism. Individually, in your unique fashion.

What approaches next in your Ascension journey is a bit of a ride. It is one that you’ve not taken before. Not while in form and not in conjunction with the planetary body on which you rest. There are not adequate descriptions to describe this. You will be inventing them once it is complete.

What may be helpful now is to discuss the fear element. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the new. Fear of change. These three elements – unknown, new and change – do not necessitate fear. They will be more successfully and satisfactorily met with anticipation.

The resulting world on which you will find yourself will be one of peace, harmonious interaction, receptivity and growth. These are attributes to be celebrated and you will, more than likely, quickly adjust. Just wait until you see your new world.

It will help you to navigate this moment with a sense of joy. Imagine a child in the days and weeks before Christmas. Regardless of what is happening at each moment, he or she remains in a good mood because of what is about to happen. Sometimes it is almost too much, and emotions get out of hand. Yet always there remains a knowing that in a matter of days – good things are coming.

This will be more than Christmas morning for you. This will be waking up to every  aspect of life upgraded.

Try to envision a sense of strength physically, purpose mentally, peace spiritually and bliss emotionally. There is a vibrancy, an aliveness and drive that accompanies the frequency shift you are undertaking. Everything will experience a sense of internal direction that is self-driven, rather than manipulated from someplace or someone else.

It makes sense that your bodies are reacting now, as well as the rest of you. As a whole, you are experiencing the shift. It is both gradual and sudden.

There is no way to declare the precise 3D moment in which it will occur. This will happen when all of you decide. This will happen in the perfect moment and according to divine timing.

What also may help is the knowing that there is not one person or one source that ultimately determines the “timing”. That source you seek or expect exists within the whole itself. It does not stand outside of the whole. It is the whole.

Although you may perceive what you call “divine intervention”, this too will depend on point of view and will occur in concert with the choice of the whole.

All sides work together for this Ascension. There is a reality beneath the headlines, where all of you are following the same script and knowing the final act. It is that reality which drives your life as played out now. The extreme focus on division, separation, good guys or bad guys is part of the show.

There are some excellent and experienced actors for this show. It creates a mesmerizing and convincing performance. What you’ll find shocking perhaps will be the lies that have been told. These include some major and world changing events.

There is no way to prepare for these. Their uncovering will expose the depths of this matrix of control in a way that would not otherwise be believed. What becomes more productive than anything else now, is a sense of unity.

Oneness is the end result of this shift as all facets of it only accelerate the process. What happens individually for you all now is a definition of oneness, but personally. There will be situations in your life that bring forth the necessity to see a loved one or at least a very close one in a new light.

This will occur, somehow, for each of you. Know that your interactions now, housemates now, situations now, and location now have been specifically chosen for this time. You are meant to be right where you are, with exactly who you are, for the coming shift.

“Meant” to be, not because an outside force or source decided it was so, but because you did. You will experience this shift, have chosen to experience this shift, in the most optimal fashion possible.

This means that you’ll achieve the greatest benefit from it. You chose and were chosen to be here for this. It is an honor and a massive undertaking for you to be. This will yield both intense participation and unequalled joy.

Some will call it a “reward”, and in a sense the word fits. It is an earned result and you’ll know the effort necessary intimately. You know it now. This evolution and Ascension are both happening now, and before you now.

It is not something to wait for. It is something to do. There is a state of mind that will speed up the process and it includes assistance, unity, awareness and acceptance. Oneness is inevitable and true. It already exists.

What you are actually doing is waking up to that fact. In this sense, even the more spiritually “enlightened” among you have yet to grasp it in fullness. As has been said before – all of you are in for a surprise. It is called “The Great Awakening” with good reason.

No one is left behind and there are truths beneath the fabric of your current reality that assure this is so. In whatever way possible to muster, conjure unity in your days. The broadcasting of that singular frequency will permeate the whole, and organically move you closer to the finish line.

It will be reached when you all get there together, and not a moment before. You will see, dear human, you will see. That is all.

Thank you.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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