Operation Evergreen Inside Details & The Off-World Contingent [videos] ~ April 6, 2021

Scott McKay has decided to reveal more of the intel he was given by a team or teams involved in the Evergreen events. It’s much bigger than you might think and these details provide valuable perspective. I think it will benefit us to listen to what he has to say.

Also discussed is the ethical aspect around information provided by certain White Hat groups—and there are many—who are engaged in various operations to protect Humanity and liberate the planet.

I think you will find this helps give us a more accurate picture of what is unfolding, how everything is connected, that there is indeed a war in progress, and the need for secrecy.

Civilians are not schooled in how these things go and are extremely impatient and reckless in their expectations of the intelligence they demand. As Q has said, “This is not a game.” This is war, folks. They’re trying to keep it low-key and not panic the entire world but the war is real. It’s a get down and dirty spiritual war. Wars aren’t over in one month. Not even one year when it’s a planetary war.

Scott has to use his discernment as to what he shows us and tells us. Images, facts, whatever it is and he’s done a good job. The same goes for Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward and anyone else who gets real intel from the White Hats literally involved in these liberation efforts so that they can share what we need to know.

Here is a recent update from Simon Parkes relevant to this update from Scott McKay.


Scott also alludes to a future threat (2025 – 2028) to those who get a Covid vaccine with respect to “SPARS”. Perhaps you saw mention of that in your travels on the Internet. I just saw it in the last two days and have not yet examined it as Alex Jones’ name was attached to it and I see very little credibility in that and write off much of what he says as sensational. However, I will be looking more closely.

In the mean time, we can’t stress it enough: DO NOT GET A VACCINATION. The Pfizer, Moderna, and Astra Zeneca vaccines are a trap, the intel is saying. We don’t know if something will be available soon enough to mitigate the potential loss of life if this threat is real. For now, we need to treat it as real. Will it be a “fictional emergency event” as the website below claims? Can we take that chance?


We know they plan these things well in advance and the Chinese and Canadian labs were involved in the development of bioweapons like COVID-19. Covid was to get everyone vaccinated. It may have simply been step two of the full agenda.

We can’t expect others to take care of us. We’ve had a major reality check these past 4+ years and it’s time we stood up and took responsibility for ourselves. Until the population of this planet is willing to step outside their comfort zone, to do things that are inconvenient, and stand up for their rights and show the psychopaths we’re not afraid and we’re not going along with their plans, they will continue to push and push and steal our rights like they always have. WE can end this. If we ALL work together in a unified way, we can really turn things around.

This news  just came in:

“NY POst and Jeruslem Post now reporting on arrests of Suez Canal Captain and crew“,  which relates to Scott’s update so I’ll leave you to it. It was a great hour of solid information in my opinion.

4.5.21 The Tipping Point on Revolution Radio

This video interview with a contactee is enlightening as disclosure gradually leaks out. James Gilliland and Elena Danaan. I found her story interesting and it will definitely clue people in to the reality on this planet.  ~ BP

Elena Danaan – As You Wish Talk Radio – Epic Must See…

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