April 1, 2021: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes… Are On the Way [videos] ~ April 1, 2021

Dan Scavino shared this with us. Use the link if the image is missing. It seems to be mostly the memes that are missing and I don’t know what changed or why they aren’t coming through.

Scavino: “Nothing can destroy a man with heart of a lion. Behind him is the army of patriots who know what is the right choice for a better tomorrow. Patriots stay united, the STORM is coming!”

Note: he said the storm is “coming”. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I hope you’re ready.

Fireball Puts on Rare Show for a Few in Oregon, Washington - But Not Coastline

If the White Hats (Space Force) shot down the Mossad satellite on March 25 in Project Odin that controls the lamestream media then the tide is going to turn. It’s no accident that the Ever Given issues have come to light and whether the world wants to wake up or not—the majority will be kicked out of bed and forced to pay attention. (obviously… that’s no meteor)

Scott Mowry’s interpretation of recent events on last night’s Miracles Intel Call confirms that Humanity is no longer bound by the cabal’s illicit Admiralty Law or Law of the Sea. The Law of the Land/Natural Law/Common Law are now in effect. That is critical and changes everything despite the lack of recognition by the masses.

I picked this up on Telegram here last night, for what it’s worth.

Our sources are indicating that a large amount of young people have been rescued from the EVERGREEN SHIP. The ship came from China. The Captain said, the computer system went black. And the ship went full speed into the bank. Translation: Spaceforce and the white hats took control and crashed it on purpose. A global warrant is now in place for all of Evergreens cargo ships. This is the first marker of the finality, Q said a year ago, “Define EVERGREEN”, “Watch The Water” and “When do you need a plumber”? The Navy Seals, Marines, and The Army Corps of Engineers are the Plumbers. The war is real. It will shock the world! Patriots are in control.

We can treat the above as possibly true and keep it as a dot to connect.

Gibraltar has been part of the Evergreen conversation (red castle/green castle) and this story below surfaced in February. I know it’s not “breaking news”. I bring information to the foreground for the purpose of connecting dots and to also keep new people apprised of what is unfolding so no need to point out that anything I include is from the past. These items are part of the ongoing conversations on various platforms and therefore, here—and relevant.

Gibraltar Flag Gifts, Stickers & Products - Named" Sticker by mpodger | Redbubble

After the first week of vaccination, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said, “This is now the worst loss of life of Gibraltarians in over 100 years. Even in war, we have never lost so many in such a short time.”

Elderly population suddenly dying off for unexplained reasons, and it’s no longer coded as covid-19

We lost almost no one to Covid. It was less dangerous than the flu. We’re losing them to the Covid vaccines—which was the goal all along. Now people are begging to be exterminated.

The masks are not only dangerous and causing many serious health complications, they are turning wearers into compliant, lonely automatons.

An elderly man in a mask nearly collided with my cart at the grocery store and I apologized and so did he. He then stopped momentarily to thank me “for the smile”. That’s pretty bad, folks, when someone is so starved for a smile.

The Human race is in dire straits with the globalist agenda in full view. Not only are the elderly dying off in droves, newborns—if they’re not assassinated hours after birth and discarded as unwanted and subsequently fodder for the Human flesh marketing biz—are having their gender called into question and put on hold.

In news from the asylum, the loonatic left is now claiming there’s no way to tell if a baby is born male or female. Some of the social media commentary following CNN’s preview of the NWO Transhuman Agenda is priceless. RussiaToday reports:

‘Beyond farce’: CNN states there’s ‘no consensus criteria’ to determine child’s sex at birth

CNN within 5 years: “It’s not possible to know a newborn’s species identity at birth. Otherkin may be assigned human at birth, but later identify as honey badgers, unicorns, or night elves’ https://t.co/jNt9DL9iey

— Geoffrey Miller (@primalpoly) March 31, 2021

Perhaps we could simply incubate a newborn in Kanga’s pocket and decide later if it’s male or female. Hey, it works for Joey. There are no other choices, regardless of how hard the psychopaths are trying to shape public opinion and insert 30 additional genders into the Human Race.

The lamestream news tells us we can expect future “plandemics”. Bird, Swine, Zika, etc…. none of those flew for them but they’ve got us now. The masses are willingly going along with the insanity and the tyranny and we can see the goose stepping right into the mouth of the beast. Lambs to the slaughter.

24 World Leaders Call for Global Treaty In Wake of Pandemic

This video pulls together a great deal of key information that just might show the snoozers what the truth is. It’s worthy of a share. It might be the last domino someone you know needed to open their eyes. It’s loaded with factual information and research would confirm it. How can they argue? Only the dead asleep could fail to open at least one eye. 56 minutes.


This next meme below resonates with me. While I haven’t had altercations with anyone other than one grocery store manager, I do feel that those who attack the maskless don’t do so out of fear. They just can’t stand to see anyone stand in their light and resist authority because they don’t have the courage to do it and are far more comfortable being a sheep. The cabal knew many Humans would behave this way; the sheep policing the sheep.

If it doesn’t show up here, this is what it says:

People aren’t actually bothered by you not wearing a mask. If it was such a big deal, they would just stay away from you. They are bothered that you’re disobedient. They are bothered that your strength shines a light on their weakness.

We recall an older video from the lounge at the airport gate where the tyrannical TSA came through and swabbed passenger’s water bottles for explosives while they waited to be called to board their plane. One or two people called the agents out and asked why they would do such a thing when travelers were forced to buy the water at the shops in the concourse after passing through security.

The other passengers told them to shut up and sit down; that it was for the safety of everyone. Mindless, brainwashed sheep. They weren’t afraid of explosives getting on the plane in someone’s water bottle; they were afraid of the ruckus the awakened were causing but too uncomfortable to stand up for their rights. It was outside their comfort zone. They preferred to be anaesthetized robotoids who respond to authority. Comply. Don’t question. Behave.

We are just now beginning to see more People waking up and standing up for themselves and—more importantly—each other. When an entire planeload of people exits the plane because the crew singled out one family and ejected them for not having a mask on their baby—that’s UNITY.

Humanity—TOGETHER—can fight this Goliath that is really just a holographic apparition. They are very few in number and cowardly. It is only the cabal’s legacy media who can pull the levers behind the curtain to make them appear to be much greater in number and more powerful than they are. They also make it appear that there are far more ANTIFA and BLM supporters than there actually are. It’s all an illusion.

They hire brainless minions to live on the Internet and publish lies to suck people in and bully them.

That was the whole point of Toto pulling the draperies aside to reveal to Dorothy and her party the “great and powerful Oz” was just one old man with some technology. A BULLY with a big ego. Don’t fall for it. Stand up for yourself and Humanity in general every day. It’s why we came.

What’s happening north of the 49th? Telegram link.

Drake In the News Is GREAT News For Canada!!!
Things Are Happening!
There are Many Things at Play:
His Owl Company Connections
He is Buddies with John Tory and that Bish Kathleen Wynn!
He is in the Pedo Award Club
And Is a See Eye Eh Assett!
aka Hit man!!!

Just ask John Tory, David Perry, Thomas Carrick, Jason Fraser
There is a Long List!!!
Even Ask Your MP!!!!
They ALL Know!!!

Time Stamp is Notable, too!
6:47 = 6:11 = Mirror = 9:11 = 911
Yes, Q is in Canada!!!!


This is LT’s update for March 31 from And We Know.

At this point, my friends, we’re waiting on the Divine Intervention Juan O’Savin (107) spoke of. When our Creator says it’s “go time” the Earth moves and the chess board changes.

If you listened to/watched the video we shared yesterday from Yellow Rose for Texas, you heard that we are in a “fake reality” in a closed system controlled by the dark ones. There has been a war raging outside our holographic world for a very long time and we hear the Light won.

Due to the nature of the (false) construct of “time”, what happens outside our fake reality is on a delay until we can see the effects. It’s complicated.

Rose goes into more details and it will sound outrageous to those who haven’t heard it before, but she has a large following of Starseeds who “just know” we are not where they led us to believe and we look forward to her updates to help us connect dots and drop the puzzle pieces into place so we can grasp “the big picture”. Our world is about to undergo a massive trance-formation.

The cabal’s version of the great reset is much different from the one the Earth Alliance has for us. We will be delivered out of the jaws of tyranny and satanism and into the Promised Land if what is coming lives up to prognostications. It may sound dramatic, but when one innerstands just where we are and how much our existence has been controlled, liberation will mean our new life is unrecognizable.

Gene is one of our best researchers and warriors and he brought us another update on Rick’s Blessed 2 Teach show yesterday. Watch and read more at the link below to see what the globalist NWO agenda was, versus what we can expect to unfold. I hope the glitter of gold and cryptocurrency doesn’t blind people to the cabal con.

Gene Decode! The Great Reset. B2T Show Mar 31, 2001 (IS)

That’s the show for today, and it’s as live as it’s going to get. I’m not a video person. That’s all I can say for the now. I don’t know what the future may hold.

Thank you for the extra dimension of interaction from the crew who are savvy time travellers and decoders in their own right. We have officially embarked into the next phase of “April” so we’ll see what kind of excitement awaits at Easter and beyond.  ~ BP

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