Starship Earth: The Big Picture March 31, 2021 ~ March 31, 2021

While we decode and anticipate events thanks to the Q Military Intelligence Map, we’re wondering if Juan O’Savin’s prediction that Trump would be back by April 1 could have referred to this; which could mean Trump is back… sort of.

President Trump Launches New Website! –>

And today there’s this carrot to dangle in front of the patriots. What a great idea!

BREAKING: President Trump Announces He’s Thinking About Holding a Rally Soon “To Let Everybody Know There’s Hope in the Future”

DEAR DIARY… Acosta Wears T-Shirt Promoting HIMSELF While Receiving His CoVID Vaccine

Since we’re part of the alternative news, we have alternative views. What if…

What if… the needle doesn’t retract as we’re told it does for many of the “elite” in their publicized photo ops and actually administers a shot? What if… the cabal’s injections like this one were going to mean the demise of the entity? Some even surmise that vaccines will react negatively (and lethally) in the bodies of anyone where adrenochrome had a presence. There are theories that PCR tests are used for tracking people. What people? Us? or Them? Anything is possible. Acosta, like the real Biden, could be “shot”. Perhaps that was the message. It could be a “lethal injection”. Or he may have appeared in front of a firing squad.

There have been significant “predictions” about the month of April and Easter (bunnies) and it is indeed sounding like it may be “biblical”, as Q alluded. Charlie Ward told us after the madness of March, April would bring clarity.

Scott Mowry’s Wednesday email update gets into some of the recent developments in the preamble to the Miracles Intel Conference Call scheduled for 7 Pacific tonight where he says…




• The latest developments with the Ever Given cargo ship from the Evergreen Marine Ltd. shipping company, which has been hopelessly lodged in the Suez Canal for a week have taken yet another plot twist. The ship has been finally freed from its fateful condition in the canal and is now heading to the Great Biter Lake for inspection by the Egyptian government.

• What will the authorities find aboard the Ever Given? Will there be human trafficking victims uncovered in some of the Ever Given’s 20,000 shipping containers? Will this be the way the Earth Alliance begins to reveal the human trafficking networks to the world?

• In another HUGE DEVELOPMENT recently, back on Thursday, March 25, residents in Oregon and Washington states heard a series of loud explosions and observed a massive amount of space debris raining down through the sky. We now know the origin of this space debris and why it came down.

• And it all relates to what “Q” told us: “Israel will be last.”

• On Monday, March 29, President Trump launched a brand new Presidential website: Donald J. Trump – 45th President of the United States. As his triumphant comeback is nearly upon us.

• Rest assured, much is happening out of the public spotlight for now, however, there are A LOT of big plans by the Earth Alliance, the Patriots, the U.S. Military and President Trump to finally reveal to the people. Many believe that time is April 2021! AND THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

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I found the Yellow Rose for Texas video on Bitchute that Themtube deleted. It’s about time. You’re welcome.

When she says, “inside”, she means inside the construct where we are, currently. We’re not where most people believe we are. If you haven’t seen Rose’s old video “The Lie NASA Told”, it’s a must watch for historical background, and much more about the big con the controllers pulled to keep us ignorant captives. Rose says we are in “Universe D” or Server D. Crazy, I know. But just crazy enough to be true.

As Mike Dooley wrote many years ago in The Universe Talks (TUT) material, the Universe conspires in our favour, and not only the Universe. My hair stylist confessed yesterday she shares my website with her clients who might appreciate it, and also that she conspired to place me in the same room (like a large closet) with a like-minded lady for a couple of hours and what transpired was the most refreshing and delightful arrangement imaginable for isolated spiritual warriors. It was cathartic. Therapeutic.

(After we got rid of the frightened man in the mask) it was just the four of us, two awake stylists and their clients; myself, and Bente, an adorable Norwegian lady who converses like she’s been reading Starship Earth for years, and yes, she has followed Q from the start.

In between shampoos, rinses, and blowouts we compared news sources, commiserated over family and friends who don’t get it, shared our theories, our tugging to be here in the Southwest despite being born outside of the United States, and discussed the latest developments and when the BIG event might happen that will change it all.

The girls told us of a 99 year-old man they knew of who got Covid and survived. Both of them had it, as well, and said it wasn’t as bad as the flu.

One of our incredible stylists commented they felt naughty, just the four of us holed up without masks having such avant-garde conversations in the middle of Scottsdale while the rest of the world went by… in face diapers… sound asleep and compliant.

At the end we felt like old friends and on parting Bente gave me a bear hug and after a another with Michelle, the conspirator, I went off to finish my errands with an elevated frequency possibly resulting from a reminder that we’re not responsible for whether others wake up, or whether they leave this plane for whatever reason—but mostly for the reminder that there are far more of us than the enemy would like us to believe.

As luck would have it, this article popped in today. I’m sure a contingent of warriors need to hear this.

Destiny in the Making: Lightworkers Were Seeded Exactly for these Times!

Concerning the outrageous condition of “information” in these turbulent days, we have a new article at Corey’s Digs on a topic that we had best heed. One cannot hope to wring an ounce of truth or reality out of the Internet, print, broadcast, or any video platform if we fail to innerstand the degree of not only censorship, but prevalence of “fake news”, false information, skewed facts, lying by omission, and a barrage of propaganda in every corner of our lives.

Proper Etiquette for Agent Provocateurs

Pay extra attention tomorrow—April Fools Day. We know who the fools are. Question everything.

The Ever Given Suez shipping incident is just the tip of the iceberg.

Simon Parkes brought us this update.

Prince Andrew Could Be Called To US

If you listened to the update from Scott McKay on the Patriot Streetfighter channel I shared the other day, you heard that the military is suffering casualties in the war against the demons in the jungles of the world as they search for and free the children from the tunnels and DUMBs.

Scott’s intel also revealed that the two Navy hospital ships, the Mercy and the Comfort docked at Los Angeles and New York, respectively last year didn’t leave empty, as was suggested. They were FULL of children extracted from the tunnels there. This article on Zeta Talk also went into what was really happening in Washington, DC this year and why we saw the smoke leaking from the White House lawn in March.

Yes, Dave has been stating on his X22 Reports that the cabal installed the fences and the National Guard out of fear to protect themselves, but I have a theory. Dave always knows what’s going on and his reach is massive. He may have been contacted by the White Hats and asked not to tell all his subscribers the real reason for that scenario in DC. The time will come for full disclosure. In the interim, only a few of us know. Just a theory.

Here’s Dave’s most recent update from yesterday.

I have another quick update on class action lawsuits and that extremely effective way of dealing with the cabal conglomerates who scam the People. My other half joined a second class action; this one against the Dish Network for robo calls. We got a cheque for $4000 and it looked too big to be true so hubby did a little research and it appears to be authentic. Based on the number of spam calls placed, they valued each call at $800. We got 5 calls = $4K. Incredible. Can you imagine the total penalty ultimately paid by Dish???

There’s so much more I could share but Hump Day is waning and my “to do” list beckons loudly. Remember to check out the comments beneath each post for the great information the crew shares there.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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