March 30, 2021: The Madness is Not Yet Over [videos] ~ March 30, 2021

Can you tell there’s a war on? The headlines and information coming out are crazy. There’s a lot of truth, a lot of lies, angst, hints of war, threats, fear, violence, chemtrailing, dates and countdowns, military posturing and strategy and evil forces trying to best us…

The dark is attempting to lock down Humans, push us to the extreme, corral us, shut us up and prevent us from breathing and most of the world doesn’t see much wrong with that. They comply and even attack others who don’t “follow the rules”.

Despite wearing a mask and getting vaccinated, the programmed ones still feel the need to harass and harangue those of us who trust our immune systems and don’t change the way we live because of a flu virus with a 99 per cent recovery rate.

There is also discussion of who is to be trusted and who isn’t. Now we’re hearing that a sex trafficking victim ID’d Charlie Ward on a particular plane she was trafficked on. Charlie has told us he was born into one of those “religious cult” families, and was in the system and saw and heard things so it’s not surprising he may have been seen. We’ve also heard tell he’s MI6. We’ll have to see. In the mean time, he appears to be doing good work for us. Charlie and his family reside in Spain; hence this update.


This bit of news just came through on Telegram. I would say there are questions as to the validity of the character and work of both Craig “Sawman” Sawyer and reporter Timothy Charles Holmseth. Both have been said to be either disinfo or a front for the Human Trafficking organizations. There was blatant “friction” between Holmseth and Agent Margaritaville and we find him most trustworthy in this cause so… you decide.

We knew the Evergreen event was a trigger and that much would follow. Link to this Telegram.

Hillary Clinton’s former security chief Craig Sawyer (Veterans For Child Rescue Inc., CIA, Deep State) has a hit out on reporter Timothy Charles Holmseth because he stumbled onto Jeffrey Epstein’s child-trafficking operation, which led back to The Finders Cult, the Ukrainian Embassy and a worldwide trafficking operation of cargo ships and Evergreen (Hillary’s code name) shipping containers. Holmseth is a reporter for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, which turned over actionable intelligence to the U.S. Military through Joint Special Operations Command.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with British video blogger Nicholas Veniamin, Gene Decode says the Evergreen ship that jack-knifed in Suez Canal has more than 20,000 containers on its deck, “And there’s things in those containers that’s going to shock the world.” The speculation is that the “things” are children, who are being trafficked. Here’s more from THE_HIGH_COMMAND.

So you see, the disinfo is rampant as someone on Telegram put out assurance that there are no children in those Ever Given containers. That’s the nature of the information war.

However, Scott McKay was the recipient of some intel from those involved in the Evergreen operation and he enlightened us in the following video. Beginning around the 20 minute mark.

3.29.21 Patriot Streetfighter POST ELECTION UPDATE #67: Suez Canal – Evergreen White Operation

For some time there has been talk of Human flesh in the food chain. This is new to me, however.

“Chinese-made infant flesh capsules” seized…

We never know what we’ll hear next. Watch the short video at this link.

Michael Jaco brought us a mind-blowing interview with Bishop Larry Gaiters and it’s well worth the time. The Bishop does phenomenal research and the etymology and history he shares are not commonly known or shared. No one connects dots like this warrior.

Spiritual warrior Bishop Larry Gaiters unleashes on lies and deceptions and unveils the truth.

A friend sent a link to a new video from Yellow Rose for Texas and it’s already been deleted by Youtube. Shucks. If she uses another platform hopefully we’ll get to hear what she has to say.

Here’s the latest from And We Know.

I have an appointment and must rush off so I’ll check in later.   ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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