March 26, 2021: Shining Light on the Lies [videos] ~ March 26, 2021

No preamble.

Dan Scavino posted a video of Trump awarding 25 medals of honour to “our White Hats”. Make of that what you will.

— Dan Scavino🇺🇸🦅 (@DanScavino) March 26, 2021

Georgia is a battleground state concerning the Presidential Election.

Georgia’s restrictive new voting law hit with legal challenge

Is it a coincidence that state (along with Alabama) was hit with a powerful tornado last night? Irregular warfare?

There have been other interesting things in the skies recently. MrMBB reports.

It was witnessed in 15 states and TWO countries spanning 800 miles moving at 45,000 mph!!

General Flynn is on the offensive.

Michael Flynn Hits CNN with $75 Million Defamation Suit

When WE say it, we’re conspiracy theorists and are ignored. When Biden says it, everyone listens… and shares.

Twitter (
Caleb Hull

We know. We’ve been telling you this for years but were called conspiracy theorists.

HOLYYYYY this Biden response to gun control is INSANE. He straight-up just said rolling out gun control is “all about timing” when a shooting happens.

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) March 25, 2021

Maybe it’s time to revisit Sandy Hook? These people are stupid. Sandy Hoax woke up a lot of people. Critical thinkers, that is. The brainwashed, emotional ones said we were horrible people for suggesting anyone would do such a thing. “Children died!”, they cried. They fell for it just as Humanity has been falling for all their terrorist events for decades.

From day one it was a lie. It took place at a school with no kids in it that had been closed for some time and was slated for demolition. On video we watched a parade of people walk in a circular route into and out of a building, over and over. There was nothing real about it but the media worked their typical magic and used it to trick the world into believing the “drill” was real. Some time later, a government official confirmed no one died.

Last I heard the New World Order paid off every mortgage for homeowners in Sandy Hook and zeroed them out as a bribe. No one in that town would talk to anyone about what happened. Very suspicious, don’t you think?

That’s what the controllers do; they buy greedy people’s silence. Or threaten them. Or they pay the ultimate price if they talk. They sold out America for a couple of hundred thousand dollars or less. I wonder how well they sleep knowing they betrayed Humanity.

That was about gun control, too. Once you know their playbook…

And you might have realized that many shootings take place in Colorado. Remember Columbine High School?

How about the Batman Theatre Massacre in Aurora?

Sandy Hook “shooter” Adam Lanza


James Holmes, “shooter”, Batman Theatre Massacre, Aurora Colorado

Why do most shooters look so similar in their mug shots?

Former Navy SEAL Michael Jaco addresses those issues and more in this video.

What’s going on in Colorado! Mind control? MK Ultra? CIA in Denver? The truth is coming for them.

I keep forgetting to share this video of the millions of Humans waking up and protesting against the tyranny across the planet. Last weekend was a big one. Article and videos at the link.

Weekend protests all over the world

We have additional perspective on the Evergreen line “Ever Given” container ship situation. It’s a White Hat op.

3,964 Dead 162,610 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines”
March 25, 2021

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) March 25, 2021

I have come to the conclusion that we don’t need to worry about the vaccines. Many of the issues I’ve mulled over in my own mind came up in a conversation with Nicholas Veniamin and Alan Fountain in the video below.

Have a listen and perhaps you will find sense in it.

I believe the information put out about what the vaccines will do to us is part of the “scare event” Q spoke of. Just as the thousands of dead bodies and people dropping in the streets in China did not ring true a year ago, the quoted vaccine deaths do not, either.

If the Patriots really are in control, they would have prevented a strategy to infect the Human race with foreign material that would ultimately kill millions of people. This operation is about saving Humanity.

I believe the White Hats are perfectly capable of putting out just as much “propaganda” and fake news as the cabal. The end justifies the means.

Perhaps you listened to the interview with General McInerney that we shared yesterday. I didn’t listen. I don’t need to be awakened and my time is limited.

If you are concerned with what General McInerney said the other day about vaccines and Trump, I can assure you it is all optics to confuse the deepstate. Generals do not speak this way, they are only strategic!

Here’s an important conversation for thinking and awakened people. I find Alan’s train of thought almost identical to my own.

Alan Fountain Says “Military is ‘Q’ 100%” with Nicholas Veniamin

For added perspective, you may find value in this excerpt from Juan Q Seven on Telegram.

They] are fighting to live.
[They] will pay whoever, whatever amount, to win & keep the rights to control us & print money.

[They] are errogant & think they can win. [Their] “help” in this movement is disguised to gather intel. Who pushed arrest date predictions the most, giving Fake News ammunition against Q? To those that know what Fake News says is bad for us, must be good for us, What accounts did the Fake News steer you to as a result? (Define herding) Why did ‘nothing’ happen on those arrest prediction dates? “Moves & countermoves.”

Do you think CIA assets are installed into this movement? “All assets deployed.”

When money [They] control is nothing more than numbers in a computer / account that can easily be manipulated, their resources are vast & used in all areas of information warfare.

Some of your most favorite large [independent media] accounts will just disappear one day when [Their] funds are dried up. Some accounts are here all day every day, like they’re on the clock. Pushing the same ol’ content & gathering a large following in the process. Keeping your eyes fixated on them & them alone. “Look here, not there. If the information isn’t coming from us / vetted by us, don’t trust it.”


Like I said. The Truth Movement isn’t new. It’s existed since the birth of the internet & that information is known, has been published & can be found at your fingertips by you yourself. Do not rely on others as your only source of information, not even me. Trump ‘n’ company WON this war. “You’re watching a movie.” No need to panic & act as if, if we don’t hurry & get certain info out & interpret certain drops correctly, that Trump will lose. That’s kooky talk. God won. Enjoy the movie & watch whatever scenes are of interest to you.

As we approach our ten year anniversary of sharing the “news” I would certainly love to relax my “addiction” to gathering the news every day. I have a (new) house that needs attention. I am confident that the White Hats have everything under control and the masses will awaken and we can get past this insanity. Humanity has already been saved. I am enjoying the show, but it’s getting old. You?

Here’s an exclusive article from Corey’s Digs about the appalling treatment of passengers by the abusive airline industry who now seem to be staffed by people who think they’re gods and decide who has rights and who does not. Why do people continue to fly? Starve them. Stop flying. We don’t need them.

EXCLUSIVE: Delta Airlines and TSA Target & Intimidate a Passenger Without Cause

If you liked that chat with insider Jessie Czebotar about the Illuminati family you might enjoy this one about the Nephilim. 2 hr. 30 min.

These people never give up. I got mail from Planned Parenthood today with a membership card and a bumper sticker and their slogan on the back of the envelope is “I stand with Planned Parenthood”. They want money to fight in court to preserve their exceptionally lucrative business and fight policies that hamper their inhumane practices.

I’d love to give them something. A piece of my mind. These disgusting butchers claim to be providing “health care” and use taxpayer dollars to do it. We thank Trump for taking steps to defund Planned Parenthood. They actually sell parts of the babies they execute for huge sums of money to companies who use them for… we don’t even want to know what. It’s crimes against Humanity.

The video below is a result of conversations with PP staff done undercover by concerned journalist David Daleiden. Since he published his evidence he has been dragged through the mud and prosecuted by the dark cabal. I’ve received requests for support by the organization representing him in court, the Thomas More Society. Below is one video that is hardly lunch conversation but these people are not your average Human.

Additional incriminating information is posted below the video on Youtube which states that the feticide normally used to terminate the life of the fetus is not being used in all cases by these facilities—which means the baby is extracted alive. Babies feel pain! They are harvesting organs and fetal tissue from live babies to sell. This disgusting practice has to stop. Lock them up!

Planned Parenthood OC Changes Abortions to Harvest Intact Fetuses for Local Company’s Sales

Is Canada locked into the lockdowns? It’s not looking good at the moment and the libtard government voted to extend them. Unbelieveable.

House of Commons rejects motion calling for plan to end lockdowns

There used to be some good people in the government. As Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer managed the unification of the Canadian Armed Forces and served as an Ontario Member of Parliament—the youngest ever elected and he proved to be an extraordinary man thereafter.

He wrote multiple books in which he exposed the New World Order’s grip on Canada and the world and the potential threats. If that wasn’t brave enough, he is on record several times for telling the world about the presence and influence of extraterrestrials—including on Russian television. Russia Today covered it—but I don’t see anything from the CBC, CTV, or the other Canadian propaganda networks. They’re in lock step with the NWO controllers. The Toronto Star did, however.

Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Defense Minister for Canada, author, speaker

At roughly 90 years of age, Paul did his stint at the Citizen Disclosure Hearing at the Press Club in Washington, DC along with a score of other witnesses to the alien agenda, and also did a number of independent speaking engagements and independent news interviews to get the truth out and promote his books. Surprisingly, he survived. They left him alone.

Canadians not aware of Paul’s tireless efforts when he could have been snoozing on the porch of his Muskoka cottage might want to listen to what he has to say. It’s far better information than you’ll get from your government-approved sources.

Trump knows all about the ETs. Disclosure is coming.

President Donald Trump, member of Maitre race – for illustrative purposes only, not an actual event

For some, the revelation of the Extraterrestrials/Extradimensionals will be frightening, but what should be the most disturbing is the news of the Human trafficking and the reasons for it.

You may have heard of a big weekend in Las Vegas where Juan O’Savin (107) and others gathered for a screening of a movie. It was called , Sound of Freedom and addressed the child sex trafficking and predatory habits of the creatures who have been running the world. There’s a trailer below.

Yes, it is dark subject matter, and this truth can no longer fly under the radar of Humanity. We must ensure ALL are informed and recognize what has been happening for eons and we must stop it.

The time for coddling the Human race has come to an end. We have to grow up and face the truth about our reality, who we are, our enemies, and how close we came to extinction. Once that is done, we can move forward into our Golden Age—but we have to do it together, on a level playing field. WWG1WGA.

I’m going to leave you with this absurd super-short video. It’s a mad, mad, world and March Madness is nearly over. Next on the agenda—clarity and truth. Rebirth and resurrection? Use the link below to view the video.

Coming soon for restaurant diners?

Oh, but this just came up and I had to share. LOL

And it’s on. The videos of shoppers wrestling over toilet paper and the punny jokes about the shit show are all over social media.

Can it get any better? Crazy times, my friends. Hang in there. Mica’s giving me the stink eye.  ~ BP

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