March 23, 2021: Fire At Will, Commander [videos] ~ March 23, 2021

Looking at the Q drops for this day in 2019 in conjunction with the other recent clues we’ve had, it is looking like something BIG is about to go down. The Patriots may be primed to go into high gear and the media may be under fire.

Some have alluded to “April Fool’s Day” being appropos for socking it to the cabal but we don’t like to focus on dates because some people become fixated on them and when the expected fails to happen, they’re disillusioned and depressed.

Mar 23, 2019 8:06:10 PM EDT
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f09fda No. 5853545
The calm before the storm?
What happens when a blockade (threat) is dismantled & removed?
“You’ll find out.”
Children used as shields (manufactured crimes of perjury)?
you may start your attack run

In 2018 it was this breadcrumb…

Mar 23, 2018 1:14:06 PM EDT
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 000000 No. 461
Clock activated.

We like seeing 5:5.

Having said that, however, we know the Patriots frequently suggest something is about to happen and then it doesn’t because it wears down the enemy and as Q has said, gets them to expend all their ammunition. When they have nothing left—then the Earth Alliance strikes and the enemy flounders. So don’t hold your breath.

I hope something BIG will happen soon because the natives are restless. Many have reached their precipice and have lost their fingernails, to boot. Other patriots are just plum wore out but won’t give up.



The year is 3057. There are now over 5 trillion sealed indictments dating back centuries. 17 separate government agencies reported that they lost contact with Cyber-Durham and his team of blood-psychics after a cave-in buried them beneath the ruins of an ancient Russian civilization they had been tasked with investigating as part of their broader ongoing investigation.

The sentient biogel formerly known as Hannity reported that Cyber-Durham’s last words were…

“Two more weeks, and we should have this whole thing wrapped up.”

A lot more people may be waking up very soon. This video below which the crew recommended from Dr. Michael Salla might be representative of the 80 hours of “wake up” material the White Hats have prepared to stream non-stop to all televisions globally for 3 days via satellite to deliver the “bad news”. I wonder how much good news they will add to the mix.

Folks will hear a lot of things that are so shocking, so outside their realm of accepted reality they won’t believe them; good news must be the salve to help wounds heal. This video tells us what has been happening, who was responsible, their crimes, and their plans for Humanity in the near future. They will not be successful.

Were it not for our star families and the Light Beings fighting for us, we’d be “goners”, as we used to say. This is well done and it sounds as though Salla’s March 27 webinar will be excellent, as well. And free, as it should be.

Our “global reset” won’t be what the dark ones planned. The Earth Alliance turned it upside down—like the frowns we should be reversing.

This is a good video to share with certain people you know who are partially awake and researching. This is not about fear, but we must get the attention of the masses.

I agree that full disclosure is mandatory for Humanity to move forward. The time for coddling is over. Put the big boy pants on and grow up as a race or perish. We can’t always have babysitters looking out for us.

To allow us to continue when the masses are unaware they are/were prey and who the predators are is just wrong.

Short Film – Global Reset, Reptilian Overlords, Rise of the Resistance & Full Disclosure

Gene brings us a new update on the Netherlands DUMBs on B2T. Fascinating, as always. Video at Rick’s website at the link below.

Gene Decode! Netherlands Underground Bases. Part 1a. B2T Show Mar 22, 2021 (IS)

typical US/Mexico border fence where there is no wall

The mainstream press isn’t talking about it so I guess it’s up to us. The US/Mexico border situation should make a few Biden supporters question their sanity—and their vote.

I count six big coaches and a 3-SUV escort in this short clip below.

VIDEO: Texas Driver Captures Caravan of Buses Carrying Illegal Migrant Children to Dallas for Housing

Once again, Project Veritas is on the scene to deliver the truth. Kudos to James O’Keefe, photo-journalist and a convenient pilot. These would-be immigrants look like a rack of baked potatoes in those space blankets.

Project Veritas Obtains Never-Before-Seen Images Inside Texas Detention Facility … Illegal Immigrants are Cornered in Tight Spaces and Wrapped in Space Blankets on the Floor

This might help. Mexico must be sick of this BS by now.

Mexico once again blocking off its own southern border

Many people are now realizing America has been in the process of being destroyed from within for a long time. Here’s a blast from the past that may connect some dots.

There are usually a number of people who learn of these terrorist attacks well before they happen. Many try to warn others but the plots are often executed regardless. Some leakers or whistleblowers were incarcerated to keep them quiet; some were assassinated.

When U.S. Task Force Recommended Indictments On Obama, Clinton, & Bush 1 Day Before The Boston Bomb & Texas Missile Attacks => News Was Censored

If you’re “new” and just beginning your research to learn what has been happening on our planet, we urge you to watch this short video. It’s exceptional and was removed from YouTube for its honesty. I believe it will resonate with you.

We did get the predicted mass shooting we knew was coming to further the gun control/disarmament agenda of the New World Order. Colorado, again, on Monday. They’re now saying the shooter had ISIS connections.

Suspect identified in Colorado market shooting that left 10 dead

— Newsmax (@newsmax) March 23, 2021

And there’s this in the news from Israel. As usual, the media is telling the world who is going to win the election. Last time they did that it didn’t go well.

Benjamin Netanyahu “is definitely going to win, he is going to get the most votes handily, the question is whether he is going to be able to form that coalition.” The mayor of Shiloh, Israel David Rubin explains the Israeli election. @RachelRollarTV

— Newsmax (@newsmax) March 23, 2021

Netherlands in the news again… Qincidence?

Speaking of elections, we have a discussion with Charlie Ward and Wim Visscher on “How They Stole the Dutch Elections Last Week”. Watch here at Charlie’s website.

And now for our Kung Flu updates. Is this nasal spray a better way to control and kill “the plague” and the scamdemic? Sounds good, but do we trust what’s in it? Are there un-named ingredients, like nanobots or something like the ingredients some speculate are in the vaccines—i.e. Morgellons? If it is as described, then it might be great for those who fear getting the over-hyped influenza.

Israel, New Zealand OK sale of virus killing nasal spray

It’s a shell game, folks. After every flu season the numbers drop off. They timed it perfectly. After ONE YEAR you would think people would realize we’ve all been exposed to it and we’re still here whether we masked up, stayed home, used social distancing, or refused to wear a mask or do any of that so… it’s the friggin’ flu. Get over it and get back to living your life. This is stupid.

The cabal’s “fact checkers” are working hard to prevent the truth from getting out. Anything counter to their narrative is labeled “false” and they have their cronies censor it. We have our own fact checkers. We know the truth about vaccines and we let everyone know. The source of this info is an email newsletter from ICAN for March 23. The following is an exerpt. ICAN = Informed Consent Action Network


“ICAN achieved another victory in its ongoing campaign to ensure the government does not spread false information about vaccines. Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services posted a graphic and accompanying message on its public Facebook page.

The text falsely stated that “on the journey to FDA approval, each COVID-19 vaccine had to pass through the same thresholds of research & testing as every other vaccine.”

It went on to include additional, incorrect information: “all three of the approved COVID-19 vaccines were proven to be safe and 100% effective in preventing hospitalization and death in the clinical trials.”

ICAN, through its attorneys, wrote to the Director and to the Chief Deputy of Health of MDHHS demanding they remove the false graphics and messaging regarding COVID-19 vaccines. They quickly complied within 48 hours and removed the relevant false messaging.”

Let’s face it, folks—WE ARE the “clinical trials”. It’s experimental, and we’re part of the experiment. They already have their hypotheses concerning the outcome and we hear it confirmed every day. People hospitalized. People dying.

Here’s Dave’s comprehensive overview of key items of note in his most recent daily X22 Report.

For those who enjoy Allison Coe’s quantum hypnotherapy sessions, she has a client with quite the stories to tell via her Higher Self.

The “Magic” is returning. “Logic” destroyed this planet. (Audio only)

James Gilliland on As You Wish Talk Radio has important updates for us with respect to what is unfolding on the planet, the timing, the supermoon energies, etc. so we know what to watch for as this has effects on us. He tells us of another whistleblower Stephen Chow who was killed after he did a revelatory session and said too much.

I think that’s a wrap. Be sure to peruse the comments for the gems the crew leaves there every day.

Prepare to exit March Madness and enter the Truth Zone in April when a lot of information and clarity is said to be planned.  ~ BP

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