Order of the Star ~ March 20, 2021

✨✨✨Divine Cosmic Light✨✨✨

The light of the new age has arrived. Everything from the tiniest grain of sand to the hugest galaxies are made of the light of creation, everything is connected by light. Light is the universal language of the cosmos and multidimensional self that goes beyond words and the logical mind. Light carry information. Light codes are encoded with sacred geometry, knowledge, messages and frequencies that your soul recognises and understands at a deep level. These codes expand your consciousness, raise your vibration and activate your dormant DNA, allowing you to integrate with all aspects of your divine essence and original blueprint to experience more oneness. ​Cosmic Light Codes are high vibration frequencies of light that emit codes and contain ancient knowledge. As these codes flood your system they re-activate your dormant (junk) DNA and re-awaken you to the larger truth of who you really are, remembering your cosmic origins and your spiritual gifts. They lift veils, dissolve and transmute disruptions (blocks) in your light field that had been preventing you from being your fullest expression of your divine-self. They activate and upgrade your hardware and software and cleanse your vibration of densities throughout all timelines, dimensions and realities, allowing you to SHINE AS YOU. They allow you to align more easily with the lighter vibrations we are moving into and assist others and the earth by stabilising the higher frequencies in your system and the whole universal system.

We are currently in the midst of a deep evolutionary ascension process. We are entering a new 26,000 year cycle of oneness and moving out of the denser vibrations of 3D separation consciousness. We are transitioning to a higher vibration of becoming one with our light-bodies and multidimensional selves once again. This ascension process is happening to many planets in our multiverse, but Earth is one of the pivotal ones. Because of this there is much off planet assistance and the benevolent forces of light support coming to earth at this time in the form of higher guidance. We are also experiencing great waves of high frequency light coming into our energy fields and the energy fields of earth that are upgrading our whole systems, activating and re-awakening us to remember our cosmic selves, cosmic origins and connection to the Universe.

These upgrades are preparing us from within for the new human to come online, as we will operate in a multidimensional way once again, living through our heart centres rather than through our old 3D ego mind led way of being. Many of you are already experiencing deep shifts of remembering your connection to source energy, of your hearts starting to lead you to what feels authentic and in alignment with our true-selves, that contributes to others and away from people, situations and jobs that no longer feel fulfilling on a soul level. We are being guided from within to drop our old internal baggage that no longer serves us, release old contracts, patterns, stories and beliefs of separation, struggle and survival and embrace our divine unity once again.

What does restore us is Cosmic light. Bringing back in the light from the Cosmos, the light from our Source, from Mother and Father God (if you will) restores us little by little. Divine Cosmic light so that our DNA and our light codes become reconstructed to their original Master level. It’s sort of like when you make a master record in order to produce vinyl records from the master record. The master record needs to be made from the Cosmic Light, Divine Light, its Original Light Source. Light codes are then brought in from Divine Mother and Divine Father that restores each person to an optimal physical, mental, spiritual and cosmic state of being. That Light is not somewhere “else”, not somewhere “beyond” our physical existence, nor is it simply a universal condition that existed in the distant past and is now out of reach. It shines within us right now as the very source of our being. In that Light, we are quite literally unified with the entire Universe. We always have been and always will be. You Are The Light.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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