March 16, 2021: Urgent Update for Tense Times for the Human Race [videos] ~ March 16, 2021

Please read the urgent critical information below, folks.

So much solid information is coming out it’s hard to decide what to watch, read, or listen to first. It’s getting wilder as we hear the sensational news about the border, the plague, what’s happening in the courts in America and now more riots and burning in some cities.

The Covid crisis is its own Everest as we all do our best to navigate the treacherous political plandemic.

While some people are frustrated and can’t put their faith in anyone, many of us see the big picture and are pleased with the way it’s rolling out. We know the White Hats and the Q Team and US military and Earth Alliance have this under control. We understand it has to be this way and don’t need proof every day.

Thank goodness the crew keeps the comms going with their own research and analysis because the volume of details to absorb is colossal. If you don’t check out the comments beneath each post, we recommend you at least scan to see what might interest you.

URGENT: Critical Update

Please listen to this 3 minute update from Simon Parkes and have a look at his other updates, as well. Good grief, this is serious.

Here is a related update on Simon’s blog we all need to be aware of.

For Those Pressured Into Taking The Vaccine…

We can see why prayers are required at this time.

I had sit-down time with videos late yesterday afternoon and got the longer version of the Geert Vanden Bossche Belgian virologist take on the Covid-19 vaccines. He is adamant about several things.

ONE: the middle of a pandemic is NOT the time to be vaccinating hoards of people because it is mutating every 10 hours and interferes with our own antibodies.

TWO: The mRNA vaccines will cancel our greatest asset and protection—our “innate immune system”. That will mean we have no future immunity.

THREE: the vaccine as it stands at this moment in time, if administered to millions of people, will wreak havoc and many will die because we will have no defense.

Read the article at Natural News and watch the video included there which is the interview with the scientist. Del Bigtree also works his usual visual magic and explains precisely what Dr. Bossche is telling us in lay terms.

Top vaccine scientist warns the world: HALT all covid-19 vaccinations immediately, or “uncontrollable monster” will be unleashed

After you’ve done that, you would benefit from listening to David Icke explain the “M” part of mRNA as being a “messenger” component that is re-writing DNA and will prevent our bodies from functioning properly, putting us at tremendous risk of illness and losing our Human physical functionality. It’s so clear as he explains it. This video is at David

When This Cult-Owned Liar Tells You To ‘Get Vaccinated’ You Know You Should Not

After you’ve taken in the above, I think you can see that traditional vaccines—particularly untested ones—are a very bad idea. They say the carnage is irreversible. Obviously death is, in most cases and now with suicides in the mix. Dark days.

I’m hoping this is all part of the “scare event”. Sharing this information might protect more people if they can open their minds. Let’s hope. If it isn’t, then it might just be a case of “survival of the fittest”. Spiritually, mentally, and physically.

It’s clear there’s a whole lotta lying goin’ on about “vaccines”; or more accurately put, DNA hacks. There’s nothing therapeutic about the Covid-19 vaccines that we can see. Time will tell just how much damage they did to the Human Race.

If Hydroxychloroquine is not only an effective treatment for the Kung Flu and is also preventive, why not use that as a “vaccine”? It sounded like that was Trump’s plan. Is HCQ the “therapeutic” Trump arranged to have manufactured at lightning speed? Was it Russia that produced it? Trump referenced Johnson & Johnson. No one needed to die at the hands of Big Pharma and the psychopaths, but how do you free a planet from the clutches of Satan without anyone dying? So many questions.

Danish Woman Who Died From Blood Clot After AstraZeneca Shot Had ‘Unusual Symptoms’, Agency Says

Italy poised to prosecute AstraZeneca for deadly coronavirus vaccines

We hear the “police” in the Netherlands and Germany are brutalizing people who fail to comply with the tyrannical Covid restrictions.

Even in Texas where Governor Abbott lifted the mask mandates and opened up the state 100 per cent, some establishments are still trying to force people to wear masks. The brainwashing and tyranny is over the top.

Thanks to our boots-on-the-ground war correspondent in Deutschland for the heads up. The video below is hard to watch. It helps to know, however, that the deep state understands the military and police cannot be used to exert physical force over the People for very long. We’ve seen instances in several countries where the police took off their helmets and marched alongside the People.

For that reason the New World Order hires mercenaries with no compunction for hurting Human Beings. You’ve perhaps heard the names Erik Prince, Blackwater and Academi. These “soldiers” are not from within our communities so have no ties to the locals. They’re the deep state’s army; loyal only to them. They will do whatever they’re told for their hefty paycheques.

Dan Scavino posted an interesting rendition of his earlier fighter jet video. When the jet is in it’s resting position at the beginning of the video, it almost looks like a Nazi bell.

Changing tack, we have the latest from LT at And We Know.

3.16.21: The DEEP DARKNESS is slowing being EXPOSED! PRAY!

As Dave’s X22 Reports have said these are military operations; TRDJ concurs, as do the Zetas who feature a very interesting article at Zeta Talk at the link below. Wow. Who is in those tunnels beneath DC? You thought you knew? Maybe we were wrong. Are all the crazy things going on just distractions from this to avoid panic? Is that why the capitol lawns were smokin’?




Did anyone see this video from John Durham? I totally missed it from March 4. All I heard was that some folks thought he was a spectre; a fantasy. He’s not a funny guy, and that’s a good thing.

After all this intense news I had to go for some comic relief. No telling how old this photo is. We hear the royals have been dealt with.

Prince Phillip looks fantastic and stronger than ever!

— John Barron (@barronjohn1946) March 16, 2021

Signing off for now, my friends. We heard it would be Mental March, or March Madness. Hang in, hang on, and stay strong. We will come through this.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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