Carta Astral 222 ~ March 16, 2021

Another wave of incoming cosmic radiation (plasma) with new codes to integrate with a much higher frequency. The truth is, I don’t know from what exact moment it’s kicking in because it’s been so much, and so often, that’s why we’re literally feeling like we’re losing control of the situation and our physical body. Apart from February being intense, this last weekend ′′ we got the volume up “.

By getting a higher vibration (as if it were a higher note on the musical scale), our physical body is doing what it considers necessary to stay ′′ anchored ′′ in the density of three-dimensional reality and that’s why many of you are gaining weight around the Solar Plexus (up and down the belly button). The body, to balance itself (just as our temperature regulates) self places heavier (more dense) molecules to dampen a bit the effect of photons (cosmic radiation) passing through it.

The photons we received at the highest speed adhere to the electrons of our atoms and move them increasing the friction between them, generating heat and expanding the turn of our chakras. I explain the weight because it’s a collective phenomenon of this process that is becoming more and more common. The body ′′ protects itself ′′ from losing all its density by accumulating weight.

This also happens because paranormal experiences, such as astral travel, can cause us a lot of fear at the subconscious level and guarding density in the physical body unconsciously protect ourselves from this happening. In addition to this, having a slight hormonal imbalance from the readjustment of our glands to a greater amount of electromagnetic energy, our metabolism is out of control a little bit, but do not hurry, they will lose the weight they gain as a protection system in these months of so much intensity. 🦋🔥

In addition to weight gain (some might be losing weight too, but they’re the ones who already had more density), they may also be feeling that they lack ′′ gravity “, floating or that their body disconnects by parts and reconnects , let’s say they feel an arm is either numb, numb or unresponsive, or a leg or the whole right or left side of the body. This happens because that part of the body that you feel like ′′ rag ′′ is still on the previous frequency, that feeling is passed on to count the highest frequency appropriate the space (is integrated) among the atoms that make it up.

They may also have temporary failure in circulation, bruises (cardinals) unexplainedly appear, hands become red longer when they squeeze something, their veins look more clearly etc. Although there’s nothing to worry about, they’re very likely to fear something serious is happening to them because they’ve never felt anything like this before, or experienced anything like that.

This wave of Cosmic Radiation (and the effect of everything we’ve received the last few days) is warming so deeply into the physical body that they may even get to feel ′′ growth pains ′′ in the body that they feel in the bones as if everything is ′′ stretching “. It is also very likely that headache escalates or that they feel they ′′ go crazy ′′ because regardless of the physical symptoms they might be feeling, what is very evident on a collective level is that we are experiencing a transformation so deep that it feels like we are leaving our physical body behind, then feeling like we are getting used to a new one consciously.

We don’t understand how, but we know that the physical body we have is no longer the same, it seems that this new body was sent alone (because our conscience is slightly displaced) and we may come to think that we are ′′ dying “, but in reality only we’re turning into Light (on a higher frequency wave, as if we went from Re on the musical scale to Re acute). 🧚♀️🔥

These past 5 days, the strongest impact received the stomach so they’ve most likely had gastritis, stomach ache, indigestion, nausea, vomit, stomach scrambled, acidity and reflux. And on the other hand also the left side of the body resented it more than the right one because the codes we received this time (the ′′ codes ′′ are information in the form of frequency) are on the frequency of unconditional love and it’s like we’ve received a download of compassion, empathy and love for others. Those who had symptoms or sensations on the left side received an update on their feminine energy that most likely caused them emotional hypersensitivity, crying attacks and the need to be protected or cared for. 🤗

If I insist so much on staying hydrated, it’s because the physical body uses a lot of water to perform all its functions, during this process and dehydration can cause other symptoms such as head pain , dry eyes, headache and dizziness that they could avoid or at least not feel so intensely if they stay well hydrated. Keep in mind that our physical body is using its resources to adapt to this new vibration frequency, that may subtract resources from our immune system and weaken it a little (take this into account to understand what we are now living global with the visitor ′′ unstoppable ′′ if we were not adapting to these frequencies the scenario would be completely different 😉), strengthen your immune system with good feed, water, rest, exercise (who can) and sunshine (vitamin C and Zinc also help, but if plan to take any supplement first consult with a doctor).

Honor your own process and the needs of your physical body by connecting with it, this is not just a spiritual process, the spiritual part is actually the result of the physical process we are experiencing, although increasing our frequency consciously makes it very easy. It’s much simpler than it looks, it’s about reaching a vibratory frequency that’s compatible with the medium we live in now. We can all cross this bridge (no choice or special practices we should perform), as long as we remember our true essence and choose unconditional love and love to others over fear and division. 🌎🔥🪐

~ Alicia ~ 💖💜

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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  1. WILL we LOSE said weight….I USED TO have 8 pack wash board abs….NOW they are covered up with flab. WILL it go away, or are we gonna end up a bunch of flabby monkeys?

    Also, SLEEPING is difficult, and the pulse seems to want to stay a bit up.

    ARE we going to get ANYTHING good out of this? I’ve had these symptoms since 2010.


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