March 15, 2021: Beware the Ides of March OR—Beware the Patriots! [videos]

It’s looking like the theme for today might be “betrayal”. That’s the way it’s shakin’ out.

Possible FF averted?

Police investigate after suspected explosive devices found near NC church, government building

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) March 14, 2021

If the reminders about the treachery in Rome in 44 BC aren’t chilling, the temperatures are. This March is the nippiest I can recall in the Valley of the Sun, falling 20 degrees F below normal. I’m still splitting juniper for fires to take the brrrrr! out of my bones. It should be 80 – 85 by now—consistently—not occasionally. We also have dark, moody skies and sprinkles to go with it—which we won’t complain about. Global warming. Yup.

Looks like Florida is the place to be, for many reasons.

Image credit: The Daily Mail

300,000 Bikers Show Up In Daytona With Surprise For Biden…

It’s odd that the Marines have been called out for their Tweets and it’s become a major bone of contention and a distraction? Normally the military are strictly a-political so this is curious indeed. What does it mean?

Sen. Cruz: US Military ‘Launching Political Attacks’ Against Tucker Carlson, Requests Meeting

Dave gets into that situation above in his Sunday update and has very interesting remarks.

The People are getting to their precipice. Case in point—Germany. What do you do when those who swore to serve and protect betray you?

This footage from Germany is showing people only will take so much.

— Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) March 15, 2021

Heaven forbid the People should express an opinion concerning the global “elites’” actions. Disgusting behaviour, eh? They love to shame us. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Whoa! This is 9 minutes you can’t afford to skip—and share! Link below.

The bad news about the vax; Not only is the vaccine people are rushing out to get based on the strain from one year ago, and not only does it fail to prevent you from getting any disease, it destroys your immune system. That is from a doctor in Belgium who makes the vaccines.

And what will happen when all these weak people are exposed to some contagion? They’ll either get sick, or they’ll die, and then the psychos will have a real pandemic on their hands. Bingo!

And people willingly went along: “compliance, not science”. They fell for it, despite our pleas to refrain because we know the New World Order’s depopulation agenda. They’ve wanted to vaccinate every Human for a long time. Covid is their excuse. Brilliant. Lethal.

We can’t save everyone. 9 min.

Watch that video from Lee Dawson here on Charlie Ward’s website. Share!

Dr. Vernon Coleman has another compelling video for us concerning the betrayal of Humanity within the medical field. Most of the People have no idea how corrupt the medical industrial complex is and how we suffer at the hands of quackery. He calls out Covid as a hoax and says no one will agree to debate him on it in public. The truth is suppressed and the unwitting public are uninformed and sick as a result. 16 min.


Just thought I’d throw this out there since my sources reported on it.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine adverse reactions
A weekly report covering adverse reactions to approved COVID-19 vaccines
85,360 adverse reactions :point_up_2:in one week. 😥 Just in the UK alone

UK Government Report.
Pfizer vaccine adverse reactions

Execution date: March 4, 2021

  • Blood disorders: 2,033
  • Cardiac disorders: 1,032
  • Congenital disorders: 3
  • Hearing disorders: 713
  • Endocrine disorders: 10
  • Eye disorders: 1,242 (12 blinds)
  • Gastrointestinal disorders: 9,360
  • General disorders: 26,391
  • Liver disorders: 17
  • Immune system disorders: 466
  • Infections: 1,863
  • Injuries: 393
  • Continued Investigations: 965
  • Metabolic disorders: 525
  • Muscle-tissue disorders: 11,565
  • Neoplasms: 20
  • Nervous System Disorders: 16,107
  • Associated with pregnancy: 29
  • Psychiatric disorders: 1,235
  • Renal / urinary disorder: 187
  • Syst. Reproductive: 338
  • Respiratory disorders: 3,575
  • Skin disorder: 6,042
  • Vascular disorders: 992
  • Dead: 212
  • Medical and Surgical Procedures: 45
    What’s disturbing is this is a weekly report:flushed:

And the latest…

The decision of governments to pause Astra shot deliveries could delay a goal of immunizing three-quarters of the population by as much as a month. London-based research firm Airfinity Ltd. said it could push back the timing by at least a couple of weeks and potentially longer — to September instead of August.

More at the link in this Tweet.

BREAKING: “Germany joins about a dozen places, including Northern Italy, the Netherlands and Ireland, that have halted use of the product amid reports of serious blood clotting.”

— The HighWire (@HighWireTalk) March 15, 2021

Censorship of the Truth has been astonishing and still People believe the crap the MSM spews. When will they get it?

Unfortunately, it’s the people who believe they are educated and logical who cannot grasp the truth. They cannot accept they have been conned. I know. I live with one.

WATCH: Clay Travis, Glenn Greenwald Attack Big Tech-Mainstream Media Collusion

Children are currency, folks. Humanity must recognize this to stop it.

Hearing from “people”, thousands of children in these so-called immigration centers. But there were many more thousands of children who “started the journey”. Many people in these caravans have traded children for safe passage. When they could not afford the fees.

— John (@Johnheretohelp) March 15, 2021

It’s a fact that throughout history, children have been sacrificed to satanic “gods”. Nothing has changed. We have to change it. It has to stop.


— Lee 🇺🇸🦅🦁 (@Leerose1985) March 15, 2021

Children and the family unit are under attack. What kind of justice system condones this behaviour below? Since when are parents not permitted to make decisions for their children? You’d better wake the hell up, Canada. You couldn’t elect who you wanted and your “choices” in anything are dwindling rapidly.

Canada: Father Faces Arrest for Trying to Stop Doctors From Transitioning his Middle School Daughter to a Boy

Wouldn’t you know the dark ones would seize on an opportunity to claw back money from the People in their darkest hour? They’re unemployed, can’t pay their bills or put food on the table and low-lifes step up to confiscate their emergency funds. Unbelievable.

Congress Urged to Take “Immediate Action” to Stop Debt Collectors From Snatching Relief Checks

In news from the north forty, Justine Turdeau continues to outdo herself.

Justin Trudeau effectively bans air travel to and from Canada. China launches a new tourism campaign for Wuhan — not a mask in sight.

— Ezra Levant 🍁 (@ezralevant) March 14, 2021

Charming leadership in the Great White Gulag. The axe is going to fall and they can’t dodge it. The Canadian government took the cash and agreed to go along with the New World Order’s fake pandemic and Canada’s Fauci—Terry Tam—is flip-flopping on the “science”. No amount of double-talk will change their complicity or guilt. Off with their heads!

The fact that statements like this come up at all makes the whole scamdemic highly suspect, don’t you think? WE don’t think—we know.

Included in Trudeau’s statement is the claim that Conservative politicians cast doubt on science and experts by claiming that the pandemic isn’t real, and that people shouldn’t wear masks.

FACT CHECK: Trudeau falsely claimed Conservatives denied pandemic, opposed masks

Trudeau and tracking device = house arrest

After telling us kids are not spreaders and that no children have died of Covid alone, they’re reversing AGAIN!

Children are delicate and need optimal conditions for developing a healthy mind and body. Depriving them of oxygen and stunting their social growth causes irreparable harm and is unforgiveable.

Will the Canucks rebel? Do they have an opinion? Are they enjoying the show?

FUREY: Leave the kids alone

What do you think? Child abuse? 2 min. Video Player00:0002:19

Q said Israel will be last. And so it is.

Leaked Voter Info and Illegal Electioneering: Inside Netanyahu’s Election Day App

Signing off from the bridge. Steady on, space fans. A new world cometh and all of this will be rendered just a bad, bad dream.

Lots to look forward to this week. Like St. Paddy’s Day. We like little green men, right?  ~ BP

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