THE ORACLE REPORT ~ March 13, 2021

Saturday, March 13, 2021
Hello Wise Owls!

I did a brief look at today’s New Moon and wanted to comment on a few things that I think are important.

Happy New Moon!

Much love-

  Pisces 2021 New Moon
Saturday, March 13, 2021
5:20 am ET/ 02:20 PT 24 P
isces – “an inhabited island” Balsamic Cycle (second of two this year)
Tzolkin: 4 Night “PREPARE TO INFUSE”

We come to the Great End of the Old World with the last cycle of the 2020 Astrological Year. We remember that Balsamic is both a part of endings and a part of beginnings. It is important to understand the difference.

So we live in a different sort of reality when it is a Pisces cycle. This is somewhat removed from the rest of the year. The spiritual impact of the energy is in full effect to release the past and prepare for alignment with a new year – a new growing cycle for us.

There is only one thing to do with the closing of 2020. It involves release from trauma. We leave it. It does not carry with us. We can leave it with this cycle and never return. And then we will be in perfect position for the Astrological Year 2021 on April 11, the first full year of 2R – our goal.

NEW MOON: “AN INHABITED ISLAND” (24 Pisces) There are many different ways to understand this symbol. In terms of this time and place, the inhabited island is a place where we can leave all of the baggage, all of the fears, all of the old ideas, all of the old beliefs, and all that we do not want to carry with us into 2R. We jettison them there and then sail away.

Why not?

In a way, the inhabited island is the old world of the empire. It is crowded, over inflated, and raked from fears. Why do we want any part of that? It is a representation of the things we no longer claim. Turn anything you want to leave behind there – all of it – in the “Fall Away Island.”

There is a whole new world emerging, so we will want to sail away from that island and be on the way to a better place at the end of the cycle.

EARTH: “MARY AND HER WHITE LAMB” (24 Virgo) Both of the Sabian symbols with “lamb” are present in the New Moon chart. The other is for Neptune, 21 Pisces, “a little white lamb, a child, and a servant.” This is the sacrificial lamb. This looks like Biden will be out (either this cycle or next). Only two months after the inauguration and he is already out. They are running amok. Remember this is an unfolding for the sovereignty of human consciousness. It is not going to happen in one night. It will go rather quickly than we think it will, relatively. This is a place where We The People take up our rights and take down the system. This happens.

MERCURY: “AN ANCIENT POTTERY BOWL FILLED WITH FRESH VIOLETS” (27 Aquarius) When you see violet or purple colors (usually in nature, not always), there will be a message with it. What was going on at the time? What were you thinking about? Try to notice what was going on so that you can attend to the wisdom. This is also present with “white” as well.

VENUS: “A TABLE SET FOR A EVENING MEAL” (20 Pisces) AND NEPTUNE: “A LITTLE WHITE LAMB, A CHILD, AND A CHINESE SERVANT” (21 Pisces) What is on your table? This is what you wish? This is a front-load of what you would want to see in your world and in the world over the next year. Venus and Neptune conjunct the New Moon is a very, very special thing. We go into a dream (Neptune) and come out with somebody for everybody (Venus). It is now for us to set up the table. Time to create from visions.

MARS: “WORKMEN DRILLING FOR OIL” (06 Gemini) The situations in Syria and the Middle East are the old world globalists still playing their game and could reach into bigger view.

SATURN: “A POPULARITY THAT PROVES TO BE FLEETING” (10 Aquarius) Fleets prove popularity.

CHIRON: “A WOMAN’S HAT WITH STREAMERS BLOWN BY THE EAST WIND” (08 Aries) Our mind’s eye will be hypnotic as we see what is blown in this cycle.

URANUS: “A CHRISTMAS TREE DECORED” (09 Taurus) This is a symbol of bringing people together (Resonance Principle) in alignment with what is right for themselves.

“PREPARE TO INFUSE” As we are leaving the old behind (it can happen in an instant), what we are doing is preparing the biggest new year of our life. Really. What we can infuse into this cycle will go a long way into the future. It is that big. This is the time to load in whatever you want. In a spiritual way, this is far more than we can believe. It directs us on our course over the next year. Wise owls, this is the cycle where we prepare to infuse the new year next month. Leave the rest and open for the best!

ASPECTS OF THE NEW MOON Venus and Neptune conjunct the New Moon New Moon sextile Pluto New Moon square the Nodes Mercury sextile the Galactic Center Mars trine Saturn Chiron sextile Mars Chiron sextile Saturn Saturn square Uranus  
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By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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