March 10, 2021: Puppeteers Engaged [videos] ~ March 10, 2021

The intel team sent a heads up on this next one yesterday afternoon. Interestingly enough, Dave’s X22 Report a couple of days ago stated they were probably going to seek this outcome “soon”. OAN is reporting and we can expect some puppet shuffling.

Remember, the dark ones believe they have been successful in hijacking the election and regaining control. How they can think we believe the pathetic Hollywood theatrics is beyond me. I think they’re so desperate they’re daft. Some might say “certifiable”.

Former Bill Clinton adviser says Democrats moving to oust Biden

Dan Scavino Tweeted this amazing footage of a moose “walking on water”. “Watch the water”, Q said.

— Dan Scavino🇺🇸🦅 (@DanScavino) March 10, 2021

And then he posted this, lol.

He pressed the red button….

— Dan Scavino🇺🇸🦅 (@DanScavino) March 10, 2021

Have you noticed that the people who know what’s going on seem to be in really good mood?

For more assistance in making sense of the non-sense, tune in to the Miracles Intel Conference Call tonight at 7 Pacific, or listen to the archived version after the conclusion of the live call. Investigative journalist Scott Mowry connects all the dots and covers things it’s easy to miss as well as revealing the Q and Trump decodes as applicable.

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I found this note from George News interesting when I visited their website just now…

Dear community members.

There has been a major issue at the data center of our service provider which has resulted in a service outage. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and are working with our partners to solve this as fast as possible. Please follow the Twitter account for real time updates or send us a direct message on Facebook Messenger.

Thank you very much for your support.


Disclose TV on Gab shared this news from France.

NEW – OVH, one of Europe’s largest data center complexes, in France destroyed by fire, 3.6 million websites taken offline, no data is likely to be recoverable.

More here…

OVH Data Center in France Destroyed by Fire, All Staff Safe

This is interesting news from Mike Lindell. Coming soon to a device near you…

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Says He’s Launching Social Media Website After Twitter Ban

I listened to a really good discussion with Charlie Ward and Alexander Quinn last night you may want to hear. Incidentally, Charlie says something he learned about the med-beds is, if you’re mired down in 3D they won’t work for you. We have to be sporting a spritely 5D frequency to benefit from the technology so throw off the shackles of fear, doubt, anxiety and negativity and elevate your vibration as much as possible. I wonder if the vaccines reduce our frequency…

One way to increase our vibration is meditation. We can also acknowledge who we are, where we are, and take our power back. We need to control our thoughts. The crew recommends this article from Operation Disclosure. It is lengthy, so you may want to settle in with cup and take your time. I will have to take it in later.

There from here

If you like Gene Decode/Gene Co Sensei updates there is one for March 9 on Blessed to Teach at this link. 1:17:00

LT brings us his latest And We Know update for March 10. It’s interesting how the dogs are part of the narrative from time to time.

3.10.21: The EVIL EXPOSURE is at an ALL-TIME HIGH! Keep Praying!

In watching the insanity and news from the asylum we wonder just how far would they go. Did you know they’ve gone this far? It seems they won’t stop until genders are destroyed and everyone and everything is an “it”.

We can’t conclude today’s post without discussing the most imminent threat at the moment: the fallout from the fake pandemic. They had to get everyone vaccinated somehow, and putting everyone in fear and taking away their rights unless they comply is the way to do it.

Canada—you need help. Keep going!

MP Rempel Garner sponsors petition calling for a plan to end lockdowns

Legal challenge launched seeking end to government quarantine hotels

The good news is, we are gradually finding our way back to sanity here in the States. We don’t have a majority yet, but I believe it’s coming.

We all need to be WELL informed, folks, because the facts are that there is no scientific evidence from random clinical trials to prove that vaccines prevent disease. We have known this for decades but the propaganda machines work overtime to convince the public they are safe and effective at preventing disease. Unfortunately, like most things the globalists state, it’s the opposite of the truth. They have created so much pain, misery, and death with their toxic cocktails.

You know people are dying from some of the vaccines, right?

One Nurse Dead and Another One Injured as Austria Suspends AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Inoculations

Yes, the number of “cases” are going down, but NOT because of vaccines. If you don’t know what a “case” means, you cannot grasp the scamdemic.

Coronavirus Fact-Check #10: Why “new cases” are plummeting.

If you need to beef up on the facts, here’s some frank talk with Del Bigtree and friends about what is unfolding now. I think I shared this last week but the information obviously is still valid today.

Del has been on the scamdemic from very early on and sharing science, not fiction. You can visit the Highwire website for bite-sized chunks of the recent update or watch the entire episode here. 1 hr. 50 min.

I think that will suffice for now. Thank you to all who provide such stimulating and important information to ponder and digest and use creatively. The crew leaves great stuff in the comments every day.

Keep creating your and our future, folks.   ~ BP

The most accurate by far.

— Stacy Rae 🇺🇸 (@stacyhrae) March 10, 2021

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