Sundeelia: Reflections on Being a Walk-in, Part II ~ March 9, 2021

It’s been nearly three months since I officially took over “control” of the former vehicle of my Pleiadian sister, Tazjma Amariah Kumara, aka as “Eliza Ayres” to her readers.  It is an interesting experience to be a place-holder for one who has ascended, especially one such as my beloved sister, who is now a Lady of Light (7D) and a new mother.  My time here will be completed when the vehicle “dies” which may be for some time depending on how well I manage to integrate my higher frequency Pleiadian energies with that of the lower density Earth vehicle.

During the last couple of weeks, I have been reading the articles and correspondence of Rananda Kumara, aka David Spears, who also ascended in 2014.  After his ascension, Rananda continued to communicate messages through his walk-in, Cmdr. Zanna, an blended Ashtarian-Pleiadian being who even now continues to work aboard The White Winds.  These articles serve to delineate and define aspects of life in the higher dimensions to a much higher degree than has been presented by authors and channelers from an Earth-bound perspective.  The articles also help the reader gain a better perspective on the amount of co-operation that exists between humans from different star systems within this quadrant of Creation.  You can read related articles on Rananda’s own blog, here.

For instance, the Pleiadian fleet, which was primarily built with the assistance  of Ashtarian technology, was “financed” by the Lord of the Pleiades, Lord Adrigon.  Yes… contrary to disinformation being broadcast through various channels and so-called experts, there is a form of exchange used in the higher dimensions.  It is called “credits”.  Many lord and ladies of light also participate in various forms of commerce and trade.  Shocking, isn’t it?  Yet why should it be if you keep in mind the old adage, “As Above, So Below”.  Much of our ancient cultures were designed, seeded, built and trained by visitors from other worlds.  And Earth itself was seeded with life, plants and animals, by star cultures in the long distant past.

Lord Rananda… who is the son of Sananda Kumara and a soul aspect of Lord Kuthumi… works primarily aboard The Golden Phoenix, one of the largest Ashtarian motherships… a ship which is, by the way, much smaller than The White Winds. The Phoenix is still impressive, as if it were to land on Earth; its physical bulk would stretch from the Mississippi River to the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.  The White Winds would stretch from coast to coast, some three thousand miles and 47 decks deep.  Another mothership of the Ashtarian fleet, The New Jerusalem is also much smaller than The White Winds, but still an impressive vessel.  The overall commander of the Ashtarian fleet is Lord Ashtar, which is a title not a name of an individual.   Lord Ashtar and the Pleiadian commanders of the three Pleiadian motherships, as well as the rest of the GFL command, continue to cooperate and work towards aiding Gaia and life on earth through its next evolutionary phase.

The Ashtarian ships are smaller as the people of Ashtar live a more austere life than do the Pleiadians.  As a Venusian, Lord Rananda serves aboard the Golden Phoenix as he is mated to an Ashtarian Lady.  He also frequently visits The White Winds and his home planet of Venus.  Rananda’s made his first astral visits to The Golden Phoenix occurred well before he was told that he would be walking out and ascending at the end of the 26,000 year long evolutionary period that ended in 2012.

It is time for the people of Earth to get over their fear of the unknown space that lies beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.  Your planet and peoples have been watched over for millennia by the Forces of Light.  Yet what happens on Earth is largely determined by the human collective and we cannot interfere with the lessons that humanity is required to undergo.  The fact that the evolution of Earth’s people has been interfered with is now in the process of being revealed, primarily through channeled pieces and articles within the alternative news sources.  It is important to use discernment and to keep an open mind at this juncture as much that is being put forth is still disinformation designed to disempower the believer and receiver.

Long ago it was decided to allow humanity to undergo lessons that are considered as more severe than most 3D planets as it would enable humanity to eventually seek to free itself from the imaginary chains and controls in which it has found itself for the past 13 millennia or so… since the Fall of Atlantis.  To get to the place where one wishes to regain their own personal power and proclaim sovereignty, on Earth one must go through much trial and error.  Such is the way of the school that you, yourself, have created here during your various incarnations.  I will remind you that it is here, on Earth, that the fastest soul evolution can take place due to the very trials and tribulations of which I speak.  Likewise, the soul can fall into a cycle of devolution, a fall in frequency, due to choices made and followed, much like the fall of the one called Darth Vader as told in the movie series, “Star Wars”.  The Earth is one of those rare cross-roads where both paths are available.  Thus it is a very powerful school for training further Masters.

We, your galactic cousins, do not give up so easily and have persisted in directing loving energies towards your planet and learning patience as we have watched from afar the violence and fear perpetrated against each other in the name of various “gods” who do not deserve such an honor.  Some of these same named “gods” are actually beings who were cast down from the high heavens (the higher dimensions, 6D+) and have found themselves relegated to lower frequency planets within in certain star systems, primarily the Orion system within this galaxy.  You can call them “fallen angels” but we can tell you that they are NOT angelic in nature.  They are beings determined to conquer through fear and conquest.  Those who stand in their way are either destroyed or have to fight back.  We chose to fight and along with the Ashtarians and the Sirians, we won the Star Wars.  And due to that great victory, you now suffer as the dark enemy, variously known as the Sons of Belial, seek revenge upon anyone whom they deem as belonging to them, who dares to speak out in defiance, revealing the lies and methods by which they control the population of Earth.  You only need to look at your daily news, controlled media though it is, to see the latest target of their retaliatory methods… through so-called “suicides”, assassination of character and person, harassment by the I.R.S., a cabal-run entity; etc.

Much of our work upon Earth has been done by individuals who have chosen to send a portion of their high dimensional consciousness to either incarnate or to “walk-in” and exist as an Earth human among other humans.  By doing so, we have been systematically anchoring more Christ Consciousness upon your planet through the centuries.  The one called Jesus by the Christian Church, who was actually called Yeshua ben Joshua, was one teacher among many chosen to come to Earth.  As has been done with every other spiritual movement upon the planet, the teachings of Yeshua and his followers was distorted, edited and designed as a system by which to control the inherently spiritual nature of the people of Earth.

Yeshua ascended, reblended with his Higher Self and returned Home, where he continues His work under His real name, Sananda Kumara.  He is the son of Sanat Kumara, the now retired former Logos of Earth, and co-Regent of Venus along with his Divine Complement, Lady Venus.  Note that Sananda is not the son of Lady Venus.  Divine Complements, known on Earth as Twin Flames, do NOT normally mate in the higher dimensions.  Sananda is also NOT a Commander in the Fleet.  Venus does not have a fleet, only shuttle craft that carry passengers between the star ships and the planet.  Sananda serves the Office of the Christ as a Cosmic Being and takes part in many Light Councils, as well as powerful light workings that take place on a regular basis.

Rananda Kumara, who went by the name, “David Spears”, while embodied is the son of Sananda, the grandson of Sanat Kumara and the great-grandson of the present Lord Krishna, spiritual leader of Sirius A.  Rananda is mated to Lady Isobel, an Ashtarian lady, who is related to Lord Ashtar.  So you see, the great star systems and planets that are involved with the ascension of planet Earth are also inter-related in many ways, through family ties, commerce and our ongoing commitment to your planet.

Many of our people are currently incarnated upon the planet as so-called star seeds and galactic (in some cases intergalactic) volunteers.  While these beings physical vehicles sleep and refresh at night, many of the volunteers attend galactic schools held onboard The White Winds, The Golden Phoenix and other motherships.  Volunteers are also taught in the various etheric retreats located around the planet in the etheric realm, depending on their particular calling and dominant life ray.

As of 1989, twelve Cosmic Rays were grounded upon Earth.  A former friend of mine and several companions witnessed the arrival of the Solar Lords who anchored the rays.  So… the chakra system now compromises of 12 rays, but depending on your soul’s evolution, not all of the rays beyond the well-known seven, are yet available to humanity.

As humanity undergoes its collective evolution, the planet is also undergoing and outstripping that of humanity.  The great Being that embodies the planet, known as Gaia, once gave leave for the laggard souls of the destroyed planet Marduk to incarnate upon her, for she is well known for her great compassion and love of her children.  Due to this act of compassion, the evolution of humanity was interfered with, by the incarnated laggards, who in turn, attracted other interlopers.  The history of this interference is well documented although not well known by most humans who struggle to support their families.  The “system” designed by the dark forces has been designed to perpetrate the myth of scarcity and to keep the general population under control by systematic lies and manipulation.  That same system is now in the process of crumbling beneath the weight of its own lies as the frequency levels of the planet no longer support the darkness and its intricate institutions.  Every day now it seems there is yet another revelation of the dark motives, deeds, plans and manipulations perpetrated against the masses of humanity through many dark centuries.  More revelations are yet to come, yet it is wiser to send forth forgiveness, for in truth, these dark beings despise themselves more fully than they despise and loath humanity.  They are jealous of the divinity that they are aware of which exists within every human being who is a light-bearer.  The Light exists as a promise within your own heart center.

Be aware that not all who walk upon this planet are in truth human.  There are some, once light-bearers whose flames have diminished and all but disappeared short of death.  For these ones have betrayed the Light and have gone to the Dark side… It will be a long time before their galactic families will see those beings reblended with their Higher Selves and returned safely Home.  We mourn for all the lost souls who are enticed by their lack of discernment during these dangerous and wondrous times of transition from one age to another.  It is a time of opportunity for those souls who have long lived in darkened planets like the lower density worlds located in the Belt of Orion, those worlds long subjugated by the Belials and their fellow negatively polarized races.  These souls can now step free and declare their allegiance to the Light, as Earth is a Way Station where both evolution and devolution takes place.  As some souls fall into darkness, others will walk into the light and so begin an upward transit in their soul development and evolution.  It depends on moment to moment decisions and the intent to be ever wary of the allurements and traps set by the dark forces.  Learn to shield one during these latter days by using the Shield of Archangel Michael.  You can call on His legions at any time, night or day, when you feel threatened.

The truth will be known and shared as it comes forth.  Meanwhile, read what is available and test the spirits, for ascension is all about self-mastery.  Your free will is honored.  You must ask for assistance before we can step forth to help, and even then, we work within the boundaries of Universal Law.  We follow the Law of One and give our devotion to Mother Father God.

I bid you farewell for now as this vehicle in which a mere portion of my conscious resides is recovering from a viral illness and is very weak.  She requires much rest while part of my consciousness is visiting the sacred Violet Flame Retreat located above Cuba and the majority of “me” is actively working on board The White Winds, under the Command of our leader, Lord Adrigon and other commanders of the GFL fleet.

Many blessings from my people to yours go forth and I greet those among you who are, in fact, our kin.  I hope my words will stir the beginning embers of remembrance within your heart and minds.


I AM Commander Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe

All rights reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

Videos and recordings of this message are NOT authorized.  Google translate is now available on the blog for the convenience of our English as a second language friends overseas.  My love to all!

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