March 8, 2021: On the Brink and All Systems Go [videos] ~ March 8, 2021

March 8, 2021: On the Brink and All Systems Go [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture March 8, 2021

Good morning; Monday morning. Today is my birthday and I’m giving away a free blog post. Okay, so they’re all free but still… it’s all I have to give. In 30 days Starship Earth: The Big Picture (originally 2012 The Big Picture) is having its 10 year birthday, too. Where does the time go?

Thanks to all the little treasures from the crew. I love them. Nuggets of truth are the best gifts, aren’t they? And crewman Sarahtonen sent us some memes which I will share like little sweets as the days progress.

We’re gonna have fun today. Check out these beautiful seniors on Tik-Tok. They’re not afraid. 15 seconds

Retirees REMOVE their masks. They’re not gonna take it anymore!A

I listened to a March 5 update from Charlie Ward with Nick Veniamin and he was beside himself with glee due to the trove of QFS (quantum financial system) information he’d been given and asked to digest. He said it was much more than he was expecting, and when he was finished absorbing it would find out how much of it he is permitted to share.

Charlie could hardly hold himself back, it’s so good. He also said he was voted as the messenger to deliver the news of the QFS details. As soon as he could he said he’d do a video update because there’s some mind-blowing stuff in there but I don’t see one yet for the public. You can listen to that short update here if you wish. Note that Charlie says Trump looks younger than he did 4 – 5 years ago. Hint-hint. It’s coming.

Charlie also discussed David Icke and his apparent disdain for Donald Trump. I felt that while David sacrificed everything over the years, was called mad as a hatter and got nothing but ridicule until just recently and was finally getting the recognition and appreciation he deserved, suddenly Trump came along and stole his thunder, in some respects. Overnight, all the awakened people in the world worship Trump—people Icke helped to wake up! I see the irony.

Trump has the connections to take this where David can’t, and it’s perhaps a bitter pill to swallow. Just my personal take on it. For me, David Icke will always be the “crazy diamond” and he is shining on and glinting brilliantly now that the shrouds are being ripped from the pillars of Truth.

In another video Charlie said the whole Covid hoax and everything associated with it is going to end abruptly at a certain point. In the end, Charlies says it’s going to be a mad, mad, mad, mad March and April will be very entertaining.

I lie awake at night wondering if people really are dying from the vaccines, hoping it’s not true, but Gene Decode and Charlie have both said it’s a war and there will be casualties.

Fertility warning: 34 cases of spontaneous miscarriage and stillbirth reported after experimental mRNA vaccines

Nurses are speaking up about what they’re seeing. I kick myself because yesterday our neighbour next door, a nurse, came over to exchange phone numbers and when I asked her if she’d like to come in she didn’t hesitate, came right in, no masks, and we spoke for 10 minutes or so face to face. Why didn’t I ask her what she thinks about the scamdemic??? A golden opportunity missed.

We have a short (6 min) audio from a Tucson radio station with a man married to a nurse and he has an interesting update on the situation at the hospital there with regard to illegal aliens and Covid. Note the terminology: “pure evil”.

Nurse Sounds Alarm, Busloads of COVID Illegals Pack Hospital ‘wall to wall’

Why get a vaccine? You have to wonder why anyone would. What does it change? Nothing. There has to be another reason for pushing it—and what might that be? Could it be the “conspiracy theorists” are correct? Or will Trump prove right and People will be able to comfortably go back to their old ways if they feel they’re protected? The problem is, they’re told there are umpteen variants of the virus requiring booster shots month after month. When does it end? When everyone’s dead?

From a real investigative journalist… Sharyl Attkisson. Keep in mind that the CDC changes their recommendations with the wind.

BREAKING: CDC recommendations for vaccinated people

The criminals will be prosecuted. They will most certainly pay for what they have done. Videos at the link.

What else are we watching? The clues. Trump’s remarks about Harry Reid have been resurrected; I assume for a reason since they’re from Dan Scavino.

And what do you think about this analysis? It certainly rings true for me. How often do we fall for these tactics from the media whores?

Major Patriot @MajorPatriot


Here’s how they play the game: Cuomo is flat out refusing to resign. That’s so this turns into a “controversy” as more of his sexual assault victims come forward to prolong the game.

This does two things: 1) takes the focus off of his murderous Nursing Home policy liability 2) and gets the public completely focused on him resigning rather than going to jail.

Texas governor Abbott is on a roll. There were times when we weren’t sure who side he was on, as was the case with many players, but he is working for the People now, and that’s all that matters.

Texas Gov. Announces “Operation Lone Star” to Secure Border Against Human and Drug Smuggling in Response to Biden’s Open Border Policies

Journalist Sara Carter spent days at the US/Mexico border and tells us the truth whereas Biden’s administration and the fake news have not. It’s not good, folks. Here’s the Sara Carter audio. 43 min.

Sara’s border trip exposes Biden’s lie‪s‬

We’re still watching a tug-of-war in the courts with respect to the election.

BREAKING: Antrim County Clerk and Material Witness, Sheryl Guy, DISMISSES Election Fraud Case…Judge Overrules Her Decision…Reinstates Case

As for the other big case…

BREAKING: SCOTUS Rules on Trump & Lin Wood’s Final Case…

From the freaky files, we have this little gem. Optical illusion. Uh-huh. Do you believe them? Video at the link.

Photos appear to show a giant ship hovering over the water off the English coast

Dave’s X22 Report from Sunday is right on, as always. We can see that Trump has tremendous influence over the American voters now and when he sics them on a dirty politician, they go after them like junkyard dogs. Their reputation will be savaged and the replacement candidate will be supported 100 per cent and elected to office. Trump’s endorsement works like a charm and the People can see that they really do have the power to effect change in their nation; lawfully, and peacefully.

I just spoke to my step-mother in Canada and she was unable to spend her birthday with her daughter and family because Toronto is locked down. I feel guilty about being able to go out for dinner on the patio tonight.

Canada is in the grip of the gulag and people have to wake up. What will happen when the QFS “revelations” in the States reach them? Perhaps the CBC, CTV, Global, etc. will keep it a secret, lol. A lot of Canadians don’t believe anything unless they hear it on the mainstream news.

You can visit Dr. Mercola’s website to see more concerning the following post from Rocco Galati at this link. Plenty of great info there about Covid, etc., if you’re not aware of Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Pfizer demands that governments sign over government assets, bank reserves, military installations, etc , from governments to indemnify Pfizer in the event of lawsuits from from vaccine injury. I tried posting link but twitter blocks it as “harmful”. Go to Mercola website.

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) March 8, 2021

Here’s LT’s latest update video from And We Know.

3.8.21: Only at the MOMENT of DESTRUCTION will PEOPLE FIND the WILL to CHANGE! PRAY!

We got sad news today from Laura Walker in her latest Oracle Report, and support her healing. I couldn’t get this to show up on her website, so I’m pasting in its entirety here. We always revere her wisdom and I will miss her voice but this report in text form will suffice. What a trooper—and what a great birthday present! Love you, Laura.

Hello Wise Owls –

One month ago, today, I had a stroke.  This is an amazement to me because there was some time when I did not think I would be able to communicate with anyone!  I am so grateful to be back with the parliament at my own keyboard (speech is coming around).

There are things I want to talk about that apply now, as we enter the Balsamic Moon phase.  This has to do with Second Renaissance and what it is about.

On Tuesday, we will enter the Balsamic Moon phase of this cycle, which is also the one that is leads us into the Pisces New Moon.  Balsamic Moon phase of the incoming to the New Moon in Pisces is the last of the zodiac, the last of the Year of 2020, the End of the Old World.

It really is the beginning.  The future embraces us.

Balsamic is the time that Spirit fuels our souls.  Angels are nearby to inspire if we are attentive and receptive.  It their time to be influential in the field.  This the time to be most in a semi-meditative state of the whole month.  Balsamic is powerful and produces strong effects.  Transformation comes from the desire to change.

Above all, Balsamic phase asks us to release the past.  It invites it.  That is what is needed now in Second Renaissance.

The Pisces New Moon begins on Saturday, March 13, 2021, at 5:19 am Eastern time.  The New Moon in Pisces is conjunct Venus and Neptune.  They are all together.  Oh, boy!  Who remembers why Venus and Neptune are my favorite planetary pairs?  They create the stuff of the imagination and bring it to life!

(Here is how to find out your own “planetary pair” that rules your chart:  Look at your Sun sign and Ascendant sign and figure out what planet rules them.  These are your planetary pairs.  When those make a conjunction, you move into a new “cycle” of your chart.  More on this another time.)

It is cosmic that Venus and Neptune are conjunct with the New Moon of Pisces at the end of Year 2020.  This is the PERFECT TIME for this, as it sets up into the Astrological Year 2021 (in April).  We get the pair that produces with Spirit, and then make it so.

Venus is said to be “exalted” in Pisces, which is Neptune’s home sign.  Venus and Neptune are dreamy.  They access the feminine spiritual world that is a part of Pisces.  This is the last house of the zodiac and is total alignment with Spirit.  This is not only creativity about the fine arts of imagination; this is the about the way we live our lives.

How we live our lives in SECOND RENAISSANCE.

From here out, this is my mission.

Go to God and Then Walk Here

If we were with God, and were in that “space,” what would you take away from that?  You would have been in Divine Intervention.  What of that experience would you want in the world?  Now slowly picture yourself walking this way – toward physical reality.  Slowly.

The whole field changes.  You will find yourself in a much different world as you keep walking because of your jumping to the end and walking it backwards will have changed everything.

We go to the end and walk it back.  We go to God and walk it back.

The bridge between the old world and new world will be much easier if we do this.  We will continue to discuss what is involved with this.

What Is It That Needs to Be in Second Renaissance?

You are already in Second Renaissance, and most of you know what you are working on or are getting on to that or are reorganizing.  Everyone has situations in the life that are in their astrology chart or that has been a part of us for a long time.  This is not necessary a time of do over (or is it).  It is the rebirth into new form.

Some have made their children part of 2R; others are working on things that they do well, the entirety of you, something that heals, writing, music, art, science, technology, teaching the ancient ways, building buildings, new ways to do all aspects of society, beauty, teaching – the list goes on and on.

These are guided from our what we love to do.  It is “not quit your job and do another,” or maybe it is that.  It means to define what you are working for and do not give up.

What Are You Doing…in Your Life?

The magnificence of Second Renaissance is the severe, almost all-elimination of archontic energies.  This happened.  This is something I have wanted to discuss for some time.  We will come to back to soon this very soon.

We can now operate with collaborations with Spirit because there is so much of a reduction in their forces.  Now we bring things forward.  The field has been cleared, and we are able to take back our sovereignty.  It is just illusion that keeps us from seeing the Fall of the Archons.  There are petty tyrants attached to people but will eventually fade out.  There are more of them now than there will be a year from now.

So, the question is what are you doing?  And about that, in your life?  You know the answer to this.  What do you need to do?  What need to change?  If it a big issue of your life, that is ok.  It means identifying and beginning a plan.  This is your life.

How about deserve-ability?

The Resonance Principle – like attracts like – is in full operation.  Things are crumbling down are a result of this.  Old world views will be front and center over the next astrological year.  People will see this.

In all regards to dealing with 2R, stop, align, and engage.  That’s a recipe.  Stop the behavior.  Align with Spiritual purpose.  Engage a different idea or thought or whatever.  The answer will always be there.

Trauma – The Old World System

Trauma is what keeps us in fear.  It is “across the fear.”  The Old World created a society enslaves by fears, as if there was anything else going on here.  Enslaved, we became the soul who could gaze out from beyond.

In the Old World, we had gauges to determine our success within the system.  All decisions were to be in service to fear.  This includes our actions and all about “work.”  Everyone knew what to do be successful.

Now, 2R is on track.  Culture will not be like it is used to be.  That means that some who are first off the gates will be bringing in this culture.  It is an organic, individual process happening at a sovereignty level.

This is a big deal.

This means trauma is gone.

The large archons are gone.

The small archons are going wild.

Saying connected to it is – your own self harm?

Can you let it go to be in 2R?

Why might life be without it?

What would you bring forward?

When we move from the World of Trauma to the World of 2R, we are in a different reality.

If we look around, in the malaise of the world that is crumbling, we see beyond it.  We know why people think the world is ending.  We know people want a leader.  There is one leader – God.  It is now our job to Be It.  To just be who we are, naturally, all the time.

And this is what this Balsamic Moon phase is about.  It is our ability to break from the old, to be released from the trauma of the past, to recover who we are, to fight for freedom, and to become whole.  This is just all of that, and we will continue our mission forever.

Why was I the one who spoke with the Mahavidyas – about Sophia, 2020 in 2015, and Second Renaissance?  Why was I the one “knocked out” as we just started 2R and brought back with messages?  I do not know.  I know it is good.  It is so good that we are going to sit back in awe about what happened.  And all is well.

Until next time, much, much, much love.


Randy Maugans is always on the fringe of critical thinking. Ponder this.

If there was a CENTER FOR MIND CONTROL, what would be your response?
So, why is it that there is a
and people think it’s benevolent?

— Randy Maugans (@RandyMaugans) March 8, 2021

Good one, eh? When we think about it, the globalists have spent hundreds of years dispensing disease, watching the carnage, slapping each other on the back for their successes, and spending taxpayer dollars on R&D to bring us more designer diseases that will either keep the masses terrified of a new boogeyman, or securely ensconced in the medical industrial complex, growing destitute to pay hospitals to kill them slowly. Sorry for the morbid outlook but it’s the truth.

Thankfully, the med-beds will reverse the damage, but it will take time. Those of us with minor aches, pains, and health challenges will have to wait our turn. There are severely traumatized and debilitated people (children) who need humane rehabilitation immediately.

BTW, we are frustrated as to why a dishwasher we wanted to replace our decrepit one is months into backorders, and I wondered if perhaps Bosch has throttled the dishwasher manufacturing to help with the production of med-beds or some other suppressed technology to release to the public. German engineering is top drawer and if that were the scenario in play I wouldn’t mind waiting and dealing with semi-clean dishes, but perhaps it’s simply an offshoot of the Covid economic slowdown.

One day soon, marvelous announcements will take the sting out of the many resentments we have and the pain we’ve endured as Humanity is lifted up and evil is buried and left in the Pit.

We are definitely seeing the absurd side of the approaching precipice with the Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head nonsense, and Diamond & Silk join in. It helps us laugh at a time when it may be difficult. Where, indeed, do we draw the line? Video at the link.

MUST SEE: Diamond and Silk Go Off, Call For Oreos, Pianos, and Zebras to be Cancelled

Gotta run. Stuff to do. Take care, all.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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